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Sharadashram Vidyamandir. Vision 2015 Ten Year (2004-2014) Perspective Plan.

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1 Sharadashram Vidyamandir

2 Vision 2015 Ten Year (2004-2014) Perspective Plan

3 Vision 2015 Ten Year Perspective Plan To maintain the quality of offerings to the students in a rapidly changing world, SVM is proactive. Vision 2015 lays down the strategy for SVM to meet demands of the society in a changing environment.

4 Vision 2015 Salient Features Vision, Mission and Goal Present Activities Challenges Action Plan Program Time Table Financial Burden

5 The Vision Awaken and nourish the potentials of the students. Develop them into capable and successful citizens of our nation. Focus them on self-development as well as nation building.

6 The Mission Build our students’ intellectual foundation through excellent primary and secondary education so that they can choose rewarding careers. Equip our students to be preferred recruits by any institution for higher education or employment. Make our technical and professional courses a preferred option for students from any institution.

7 The Goal SVM should achieve leadership position amongst its peers in providing excellent and quality education Back to Salient Features

8 Present Activities Ambit of Present Activities K-10 (Kindergarten to 10th Standard) Marathi Medium English Medium Jr. Colleges Commerce Science – Vocational Minimum Competency in Vocational Courses (MCVC) Technical courses in ITC (Industrial & Training Centre) Back to Salient Features

9 Challenges Changing pattern of admissions Changing pattern of education Other factors Back to Salient Features

10 Action Plan Operational Changes Improvements Career Development Courses Other Issues Back to Salient Features

11 Action Plan (continued) - Operational changes Admission pattern Teaching of science and mathematics in English Switch over to co-education Conduct KG classes in two shifts

12 Action Plan (continued) - Improvements Improve basic infrastructure (through additional investments) Further improve standard of education Further improve professional skills of teachers Give equal importance to extra- curricular activities Optimize fees wherever possible

13 Action Plan (continued) - Career Development Courses Drop obsolete courses Introduce new courses Academic Professional Technical Organize certain courses under new wing “SVM Professional Career Development Institute”

14 Action Plan (continued) - Other Issues Increase parents’ participation Participation in neighbourhood activities Construction of new buildings Providing a playground Introduce other sports and sports- related activities Back to Salient Features

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