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Strategy 2012 Karolinska Institutet 2010 - 2012 1June 2010Strategy 2012.

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1 Strategy 2012 Karolinska Institutet 2010 - 2012 1June 2010Strategy 2012

2 Two central questions  How will the strategy affect my activities?  How can a department, for example, contribute to the various measures that are presented in the strategy? 2June 2010Strategy 2012

3 VISION AND MISSION 3June 2010Strategy 2012

4 Vision  Karolinska Institutet shall be one of the world’s leading medical universities Mission  The mission of Karolinska Institutet is to improve people’s health through research and education 4June 2010Strategy 2012

5 VALUES 5June 2010Strategy 2012

6 Values 6 Introduction Karolinska Institutet operates in an area in which fundamental values have a profound effect. An ethical and humanist conviction is therefore an ever-present consideration for all personnel. Society has a right to pose very stringent requirements on the work carried out at KI. June 2010Strategy 2012

7  The work carried out at KI shall be characterised by high quality and an ethical approach 7 Values June 2010Strategy 2012

8  KI shall defend the independence of research 8 Values (continuation) June 2010Strategy 2012

9  Education and research at KI shall interact in a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience 9 Values (continuation) June 2010Strategy 2012

10  Education and research at KI shall be characterised by a sincere responsibility for society and thus contribute to sustainable development both within and beyond Sweden’s borders 10 Values (continuation) June 2010Strategy 2012

11  The work carried out at KI shall be characterised by confidence in the initiative, creativity, independence and expertise of its personnel and students. KI shall support personnel and students in developing these properties. 11June 2010 Values (continuation) Strategy 2012

12 KI shall provide an environment for work and study that is characterised by  Sound leadership  Participation and i nvolvement  Transparency  Equality and diversity  Concern for both the internal and the external environment 12June 2010 Values (continuation) Strategy 2012

13 SEVEN CHALLENGES 13June 2010Strategy 2012

14 Conduct medical research of high quality in an international perspective 14 Challenge 1 June 2010Strategy 2012

15  Give high priority to high-quality research that generates new knowledge within biological science and the life sciences, and within the mechanisms of disease and public health. Such research can lead to better health care and medical care.  Reinforce the research profile of KI by - investments in the formation of centres of translational research, - granting ear-marked resources to prominent professors, - strategic recruitment of world-leading professors, - development of the research infrastructure at KI. 15 Challenge 1 - Course of action June 2010Strategy 2012

16  Improve the prospects of recruiting and financing young scientists, principally during the post-doc and research assistant phases of their careers.  Use the results of the external assessment of research quality at KI (ERA 2010) as a basis for strategic considerations.  Develop the Swedish Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab) to become a world-class laboratory for large-scale research in the biological sciences, in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and Uppsala University. 16 Challenge 1 - Course of action, (continuation) June 2010Strategy 2012

17 17 Shorten the period between research result and practical application June 2010Strategy 2012 Challenge 2

18  Develop the innovation system to become a long-term, sustainable and self-financing system for the transfer of research results to commercial application.  Shorten the period between discovery and practical clinical application by creating better systems for measuring the benefit of new methods of treatment and new pharmaceuticals within the health and medical care system.  Develop the art of entrepreneurship and the innovative capacity of scientists, teaching personnel and students. 18June 2010Strategy 2012 Challenge 2 - Course of action

19 Apply quality assurance in education and promote learning 19June 2010 Challenge 3 Strategy 2012

20  Review and modify the courses and programmes offered by Karolinska Institutet such that an increased proportion of the education is given at the advanced level in fields that correspond to KI’s profile of high-quality research.  Reward educational environments that provide high-quality education by relating the resources granted to a number of predefined criteria.  Reward skill and engagement in teaching by a focused application of KI’s incentive and career-development system, adapted to suit teaching activities. 20June 2010 Challenge 3 - Course of action Strategy 2012

21  Reinforce the position of education by considering the needs of education when recruiting personnel.  Reinforce on-site training by establishing several new clinical adjunct and joint employment positions, and by increasing the academic and educational expertise of clinical supervisors. 21June 2010 Challenge 3 - Course of action, (continuation) Strategy 2012

22 Strengthen education at doctoral level to compete with increasing global competition 22June 2010 Challenge 4 Strategy 2012

23  Stimulate and develop doctoral education in a translational setting: training is to be designed such that it stimulates the transfer of knowledge and issues between patient-based and experimental research.  Develop the educational theory of doctoral education conducted in courses, programmes and research schools, and the theory of supervision; and work to implement goal-directed methods within doctoral education.  Ensure the quality of training at doctoral level that is provided for clinical personnel. 23June 2010Strategy 2012 Challenge 4 - Course of action

24 Strengthen leadership in order to achieve efficient operations and competitive environments 24June 2010Strategy 2012 Challenge 5

25  Develop a strategic supply of leaders by identifying potential leaders at an early stage, followed by preparing and developing such personnel for leadership.  Improve and develop the quality of leadership by creating clear objectives for leadership within KI and by developing a system for regular follow-up and assessment. Good examples of leadership are to be continuously recognized.  Improve the flow of communication such that comprehensive objectives and processes of change are adopted throughout KI’s operations. Provide support for leaders at all levels in their role as communicative leader, such that personnel become involved and develop a sense of participation. 25June 2010Strategy 2012 Challenge 5 - Course of action

26 Improve the conditions for core activities by more efficient administrative support 26June 2010Strategy 2012 Challenge 6

27  Increase the attractiveness of tasks in administration by clarifying mandates and increasing expertise.  Reinforce collaboration between central and local administration.  Make administrative processes more efficient and more uniform by giving priority to work to improve such processes.  Develop the infrastructure for information management within KI. 27June 2010Strategy 2012 Challenge 6 - Course of action

28 Improve integration between health care, research and education 28June 2010Strategy 2012 Challenge 7

29  Formulate a joint strategy between Karolinska Institutet and the Stockholm County Council for the development of health care, education and research, and implement this strategy.  Clarify tasks within the academic health and medical care system for the fields of activity: providing care, research and education.  Develop an appropriate organisation, incitement structure and leadership for the health and medical care system, clinical research and work-based education. 29June 2010Strategy 2012 Challenge 7 - Course of action

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