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Week-7 SELF-EMPOWERMENT.  There is no such thing as an unproductive person only unproductive strategies and emotional states.

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2  There is no such thing as an unproductive person only unproductive strategies and emotional states

3 Empowerment  IT’S A FEELING!

4 Empowerment  Empowering beliefs  Productive emotional states  Productive unconscious strategies  Being at cause and taking 100% responsibility for your life

5 Limiting beliefs  Beliefs that do not empower us to take action

6 Limiting beliefs  Limiting beliefs do not serve us on some level but the do on another level  There are benefits (secondary gains) of holding on to limiting beliefs

7 Limiting beliefs  Before letting go of limiting beliefs, decide for yourself whether the benefits of holding on to those beliefs outweigh the gains of letting go

8 Limiting beliefs  Identify a limiting belief that you currently have

9 Limiting beliefs  How is/has this belief served you in the past?  Is this belief still serving you right now?

10 Limiting beliefs  How is this belief limiting you right now?

11 Limiting beliefs  If you were to let it go, what belief would you adopt instead?

12 Limiting beliefs  What will be the costs of adopting this new belief?

13 Limiting beliefs  What will be the benefits of adopting this new belief… Imagine…

14 What does your answer from the previous questions tell you about your willingness to let go or hold on to that limiting belief?

15 From limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs  Defining moments (Week-3 tasks, task- 1)  NLP Script from week-3 master class for confronting beliefs  Hypnotic script from week-4 master class

16 New adopted beliefs need to be reinforced and strengthened. Repetition, by constantly telling yourself that it is true Once you believe it is true and focus on it, your unconscious mind will actively look for proof that it is true

17 Unproductive versus productive emotional states  Only you can determine whether an emotional state has a liberating or an undermining effect on you

18 Examples of unproductive emotional states  Jealousy  Anger  Guilt  Frustration  Worries  Depression

19 If we constantly experience unproductive emotion…  We must have a secondary gain associated with that unproductive emotion

20 Identify an unproductive emotional state

21 How do you know that this emotional state is unproductive?  Is this emotional state always unproductive or it depends on the context or situation?  Under what circumstances could that emotional state pay off?

22 What are you gaining out of constantly experiencing that emotional state?

23 Under the circumstances where that emotional state is unproductive, what emotional state would be more productive that you wish you could experience instead?

24 What will it mean to you to be able to experience that emotional state under those circumstances?

25 What are the costs of experiencing that productive emotional state?  Are these costs real or a perception?

26 What do your answers from the previous questions tell you about your willingness to let go or hold on to these emotions?

27 From unproductive to productive emotional states  Anchor – feel and access any emotional states at any time  Acknowledge mini me and Listen to your inner cheerleader! Awaken her!  NLP Script from week-3 Master class  Hypnotic script from week-4 Master class (At beginning of class)  Change your old strategy and install a new strategy…

28 Unproductive strategies  Unproductive strategies can be broken in two types 1) Strategies that result in unproductive emotional states I.E. You have a strategy for feeling frustrated 1) Strategies that result in unwanted outcomes I.E. You have a strategy for binging

29 Strategies  A series of events (Internal and external) that occurs in a specific order that consistently produce the same outcome

30 Pick an unproductive emotional states or an undesired outcome

31 How do you know it is time to… What is the trigger?  Is it something you see? hear? Smell? Tell yourself? Feel?

32 What happens next?  What to you tell yourself or feel or imagine/picture or hear or smell or taste next?

33 What happens that tell you that its time to stop?

34 To change strategy  Remove any link of the chain

35 Install a new strategy

36 What emotional state/outcome did you want to achieve?

37 Remember a time when you have been in that emotional state or achieve that outcome

38 What was your strategy for achieving the emotional state or outcome?

39 At Cause or At Effect

40 At effect  Being at effect means that a set of factors are causing you to have the outcome that you are getting  Example: Being the victim, being the rescuer, not exercising because…

41 At Cause  You are at cause when you are causing the results/outcome that you are getting

42 Being at cause is taking 100% responsibility

43 There are payoffs of being at cause Being at effect makes us victims of our own circumstances and hence we feel powerless to act and therefore do not take action

44 The benefits of being at effect  The more you are at effect the more powerful you are and more success you will experience

45 Identify an area of your life where you are currently at cause

46 How could you be at effect in that area of your life?

47 The power of focus  The circumstances are the same whether you are at cause or at effect…  The difference between being at cause or at effect is whether you are focussing on the limitation of your circumstances or focusing on what you can do to change that circumstance.

48 Be at effect- Take responsibility for everything  Perception is projection  How people perceive you is caused by a combination of what you have projected to them and their own map of life

49 At Effect- affirmation  What people do, what happens around me does not affect how I feel, I am in charge or my feelings and take 100% responsibility for them

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