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Ten Tunes to Play Life Social Etiquette Public Seminar.

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1 Ten Tunes to Play Life Social Etiquette Public Seminar

2 Define Life……..

3 One Tool to Play Life Right..

4 Define Trial…. Trying to take something away from somebody else Reflected in competition Where results are often sharply focused Where freedom may be lost Where money may be taken away When the world starts coming after you

5 Destroying Attitude Patterns Denial Fail or resist to see WHAT IS Making initial assumption Fail to test for truth or accuracy Inertia Paralysis caused by fear Deceptive masking Wear a mask & forgetting your real needs

6 Right or Happy No good time, no better time It is Right Now

7 Life Ten Tunes to Play It Right 1.You either get it, or you do not 2.You Create your own experience 3.People do what works 4.You cannot change what you do not acknowledge 5.Life rewards action 6.There is no reality only perception 7.Life is managed, it is not cured 8.We teach people how to treat us 9.There is power in forgiveness 10.You have to name it before you can claim it

8 Tune One: You either get it, or you do not Strategy Become one of those who gets it Break the code of human nature find out what makes people tick Learn why you and other people do what they do, and do not do what they do not.

9 What is “IT”….. Code of life Is it relationship? Is it self-management? Is it career competition? Is it emotional life?

10 To Get “IT” Be prepared with necessary information Be prepared with required skills Pay attention Make adjustment Do not miss the time Will to learn to make better choices

11 To Get “IT” recognize the EDGE Existing 1.Instinctual 2.Involuntary 3.Reactive self preservation 4.Primary goal from one day to another Living 1.Exercise of certain learned skills 2.Attitude 3.Abilities

12 To Get “IT” Keep a Primary Goal Have a quality of experience Keep unique and rewarding experience Skills needed are “Understanding” & “Controlling” Make it “Happen” the way you “Want” Learn “Why” & “How” you do what you do Do not “Do” what they do not “Do”

13 “knowledge” if you want to Get “IT” Knowledge gives you an incredible edge Knowledge makes you the one to control Knowledge makes you “The One” every ones “Follow” Knowledge makes you enjoy special peace of mind Knowledge makes you confident Knowledge makes you know the buttons Knowledge makes you predict Knowledge is POWER

14 Hardest Part of Knowledge In learning something new, is unlearning the old way of doing it……. You must be careful and discriminate about where and from whom you accept input….. Know the fact, but do Know the Ropes…… Get the Map, Plan and Time Table if you want to Know….

15 Your Life Strategy & Involving People Overcome their resistances & excuses Get them to accept your view of the world HOW? Let them find similarities between you and your values and their own Find similar things, both of you can deal in with

16 Tune Two: You create your own experience Strategy Acknowledge and accept accountability for your life Understand your role in creating the results that are your life Learn how to choose better so you have best

17 You are Accountable…. If you are successful or unsuccessful If your relationships are on the rocks If you are happy or sad If life is fair or unfair

18 If you do not accept accountability Misdiagnose every problem Mistreat and things won’t get better You cannot find a link between your problem and yourself

19 To be Accountable…Ask Yourself What is the life circumstance that I do not like? What did I do to arrange the situation so that it happened in the way that it happened? What did I do to make the result possible? Did I trust foolishly? Did I miss important warning signs? Did I fail to be clear about what I wanted? Did I choose the wrong person? Did I choose the wrong place? Did I have the wrong reason? Did I fail to take needed action? Did I fail to require enough of myself? Did I need to start certain new behaviors?

20 You are a Victim……… You are not a Victim………..

21 I Own the Problem…….. The Problem is in ME

22 I am a Victim…..Because What happened to me as a child

23 Difference Between Child & Adult Child Does not have the knowledge Does not have the power to choose Reacts Powerless Cannot choose the source Adult Has the knowledge Has the power to choose Acts Powerful Can choose the source

24 How to Create your own Experience? When you Play, you Pay……

25 When you Choose? When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences When you choose the thoughts, you choose the consequences When you choose the thoughts, you choose the physiology

26 Choose BehaviorResultsExperience

27 Self Physiological Programming Mental Programming Low/High-self esteem Low/High-self confident Behavioral Programming Anger-Peaceful Bitterness-Sweetness

28 Real World Choices… You Choose…. Where to be How to act What to say What to do Whom to be with What to concentrate on What to believe When to go along When to resist Whom to trust Whom to avoid

29 Tune Three: People do what works Strategy Identify the payoffs that drive your behavior and that of others Control the payoffs to control life

30 Tune Four: You cannot change what you do not acknowledge Strategy Get real with yourself about life and everybody in it Be truthful about what is not working in your life Stop making excuses and start making results

31 Tune Five: Life rewards action Strategy Make careful decisions and then pull the trigger Learn that the world could not care less about thoughts without actions

32 Tune Six: There is no reality; only perception Strategy Identify the filters through which you view the world Acknowledge your history without being controlled by it

33 Tune Seven: Life is managed, it is not cured Strategy Learn to take charge of your life and hold on This is a long ride You are the driver every single day

34 Tune Eight: We teach people how to treat us Strategy Own, rather than complain about, how people treat you Learn to renegotiate your relationships to have what you want

35 Tune Nine: There is power in Forgiveness Strategy Open your eyes to what anger and resentment are doing to you Take your power back from those who have hurt you

36 Tune Ten: You have to name it before you can claim it Strategy Get clear about what you want and take your turn

37 Thank You

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