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Emotional empowerment Neutralize and express emotions 1.

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2 Emotional empowerment Neutralize and express emotions 1

3 Emotional empowerment The expression/repression theory Every time you do not express an emotion, it is being repressed Emotions need to be felt by the body, processed by the body and then flow in their natural way and exit the body When this doesn’t occur, emotions are stored in our subconscious minds 2

4 Stored emotions At some stage in your life, you may have not dealt with emotions That emotion got stored in your subconscious mind and in adulthood it re emerges Actually it re emerges throughout your life in various forms, i.e emotional eating, stress, worries etc.. Techniques such as NLP (The letting go of limiting beliefs script, the letting go of emotional baggage script, the altering your view script and EFT can all be used to release those stored emotions) 3

5 Express emotions naturally Vent: Swear, cry ect… YES! Its okay! Do not react mindlessly Expressing your emotions in an empowered away Assertively But do not repress them 4

6 Compassionate acceptance Accepting things the way they are This is about seeing things the way they are- not being in denial But this is about looking at it from a non –judgemental view This is the basis of EFT Everything starts with acceptance In order to change what you can change- You must first accept what is 5

7 Stress/fear/distrust/worry Stress can be relieved using EFT However if used only on the surface, the underlying root cause will remain and the stress will be recurring EFT can provide an immediate short term relief for stress But it is much more effective to go straight to the root cause EFT can assist you do that All stress have a root cause that is fears and worry Fears and worry can also originate from a lack of trust 6

8 Worrying versus caring There is a difference between worrying and caring Worrying is an attempt to expert control over the future by thinking about it Caring is doing something to support the wellbeing of somebody Worrying isn’t caring You cannot go on holiday and worry about your plants not being watered, worrying won’t stop your plants from dying. Caring for your plants is organizing someone to water them while you are on holiday Worrying keeps you trapped and paralysed and stops you from acting from an empowered place. Worrying can also make you act from a place of fear and intimidation rather from a place of inspiration and power. 7

9 Overcoming fears and worrying What are you benefitting from maintaining that fear and worrying? Is this secondary gain true or imagined? 8

10 Overcoming fears and worries Technique 1 Fears are incomplete views of what is occurring. It is your perception Identify the fear- What am I actually worried about or afraid of? Bring the fear to balance by asking yourself “ What would be the drawbacks of this fear not occurring? “ Then walk through the fear (Meaning, imagine it not happening and experiencing those drawbacks) 9

11 Overcoming fears and worries Technique 2 Identify the fear Identify the beliefs system behind the fear Do the defining moment exercise, the letting go of limiting belief exercise and tapping 10

12 A lot of fears and stress also comes from distrust When you do not trust your body, you protect yourself with excessive weight, you obsess and stress about diets, scales and calories EFT and NLP time Line Go back to the very first event, when you learnt that you cannot be trusted 11

13 Envy, jealousy, intimidation, rejection and inferiority Notice how you only feel rejected by those who you value You only feel rejected by people you value more than you value yourself You value somebody more than yourself when you have put that person on a pedestal and have developed an infatuation for that person’s qualities Envy, jealousy, intimidation and feeling inferior works the same way- but are slightly different Envy is wanting to have a trait that another person have and you don’t- This is perception of course Jealousy is a combination of envy and resentment Intimidation is a combination of envy and low power 12

14 Rejection When you like someone and at the same time has put that person on a pedestal because you have an infatuation on that person’s qualities You value that person’s opinion of you more than you value your own opinion of yourself What they say matters more than what you say 13

15 Reminder In order to overcome and let go of anything you must first look at how you are benefitting from that problem And spend some time really examining if its worth it and whether the benefit is real or imagined 14

16 How to overcome rejection List the qualities that you see in the person Look for ways in which you have yourself displayed those same qualities until you own those qualities yourself You cannot see what is outside of your if it isn’t already within you. You can also bring the infatuation for those qualities to balance by asking yourself “What are the drawbacks of having those qualities and what are the benefits of not having those qualities” Until the infatuation is balanced 15

17 Envy Envy is about comparing yourself to others and focussing on what they have that you don’t How to overcome envy? Look at what the person have Look at ways in which you also have those things perhaps in a different shape or form Keep doing this until you feel gratitude Gratitude is a balanced emotion, it is the perfect balance between wanting and having 16

18 Jealousy This is when you have identify both extremes in a person. I.E there are traits that you resent in this person and other traits that you have an infatuation for Overall you dislike this person (That’s the difference between feeling rejected whereby you liked the person) but you see traits in that person that you have an infatuation on You can bring the resentment to balance by asking yourself what are the benefits of having those traits, what are the drawbacks of not having those traits You can also bring the infatuation to balance 17

19 Intimidation You can be intimidated by somebody that you value or somebody that you dislike Either way, you feel intimidated because you have given away your power to that person How to reclaim your power? By setting empowered boundaries By saying no when you mean no By walking away if your boundaries are not respected Visualisation techniques can assist you- You can visualise yourself feel empowered and imagine the scenario as you want it to go. 18

20 Sexuality This is another big area where women do not express themselves Many women do not express their sexuality or do not feel comfortable with their own sexualities Often passed on from mother to daughter Often due to social and culture Many women do not feel comfortable in their feminine bodies This can cause a lot of frustrations and stress on the body Frustration and stress on the body affects wellbeing and can cause weight gain 19

21 Sexuality Techniques such as NLP and tapping can be used to resolve limiting beliefs around sexuality Things like guilt and shame can be resolved with NLP and Tapping 20

22 Experts in the field Sexuality Olivia Bryant Spirituality Pip Mackay Dr John Demartini 21

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