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10 QUALITIES TO ACHIEVE GOALS Extract from Born to Succeed Colin Turner.

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1 10 QUALITIES TO ACHIEVE GOALS Extract from Born to Succeed Colin Turner

2 BUILD CONFIDENCE  Practice being happy & begin with smiling  Visualize that you are a positive person  Each time say: “I am confident”  Accept all your negative feelings as a challenge  Believe in yourself actively not passively (Confidence comes from belief)

3 OVERCOME FRUSTRATION  Begin everything with enthusiasm – Stop before it becomes frustration – Return to it with renewed enthusiasm  Become involved in a new goal  Concentration on one thought at a time, one action at a time, one goal at a time

4 COMPASSION & UNDERSTANDING  Forgive yourself and others. (don’t be judgmental)  Be agreeable with others (don’t argue, try to understand)  Compliment others. Express, don’t impress (express builds a bridge, impress builds a gulf)  Make others feel important  Love your neighbors as yourself

5 COMMUNICTION & RAPPORT SKILS  Seek first to understand before you make yourself understood  Your listeners won’t care what you say until they know that you care  How you think and feel determines how you communicate with others  The way you perceive and see your world is not through the same lens that other people will review world

6 DEVELOP A MAJOR ABSORBING OBSESSION…& … PERSISTENCE  If you are totally absorbed with what you really want to achieve the world will make a path for you  Only through persistence will you become what you want – “There is always a way – my persistence will find it”  Winston Churchill’s success motto “Never give up, never, never give up”

7 WINNING ATTITUDE  Do not “expect the worst and hope for the best” – Always affirm “I expect the best and get it”  Always look to create a win-win situation with others – Project yourself as a winner who creates other winners too  Project a positive self-image of you being an enthusiastic person

8 ACCEPT 100% RESPONSIBILITY  Always remember “you are the person responsible for how you feel” (it is not the circumstances or conditions that is the problem)  Don’t look to blame someone or something for whatever has happened or happening (blame looks backward while responsibility looks forward  When negative emotion rises up discard it by saying “I am responsible for the way I feel”

9 GATHER THE COURAGE TO DO WHAT IT TAKES  The best way to build courage is to encourage your self with “You can do it”  Do not listen to people who discourage you (courage is doing what you are afraid to do and there can be no courage unless you are scared)  The willingness to do creates the courage to do – so “Just do it”

10 DEVELOP A HAPPY STATE OF MIND  Happiness involves having the courage to live the life you choose for yourself. So choose what you want, begin it  Happiness can be increased simply by sharing it with others  Practice smiling in front of the mirror every day for at least 30 seconds  Get your internal world how you want it and your external world will be as you want


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