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Romans. Summary Chapters 1-11 Theology = Its all about GRACE Chapters 12-16 Application = Its all about LOVE.

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1 Romans

2 Summary Chapters 1-11 Theology = Its all about GRACE Chapters 12-16 Application = Its all about LOVE

3 Chapter 1 Paul – Apostle, Sent by Jesus, Who was sent by God - To the Saints Grace to you. I thank God for your faith I long to see you & share our mutual faith The Gospel has great power! Godlessness and Wickedness have consequences

4 Chapter 1 Knowledge concerning God is available to all, but many suppress it Men are without excuse We cannot find fulfillment apart from God When we turn from God, He will turn us over to our sinful desires People reject God and become filled with evil

5 Chapter 2 Judge not! Sin is Sin! Grace is Grace! Law and conscience lead to repentance God is storing up His wrath for sin Actions are a reflection of the heart! What is Sin? Defiance of God! God wants our hearts, not compliance

6 Chapter 3 Jews were entrusted with the Word But didn’t Israel mess it up? Those darn Jews … We are just as bad All are under sin & keep on falling short Yet, salvation is available to all Jesus had to die so that justice is served The Law -> repentance -> faith in Christ

7 Chapter 4 Even Abraham was justified by faith If we could earn it, God would owe us Rejoice in His Glory AND in suffering While we were powerless, … Jesus knew we were evil He continues to intercede for us

8 Chapter 5 Sin entered the world through Adam, but our own sin condemns us “The gift” came through Jesus. We are declared righteous by grace alone The law identified sin God’s goal is that grace might reign

9 Chapter 6 Liberty from legalism and from sin Baptism is our identification with Jesus Regeneration = the implanting of spiritual life in a believer Sanctification = The progressive process of transformation to holiness and purity

10 Sanctification Attitudes Reckon We have to claim the truth that sin no longer has mastery over us. To reckon, you must know it an believe it! Yield To present your body to God As an instrument of righteousness Serve We are now slaves to obedience

11 Chapter 7 Jesus married a widow (Dead to sin) In order that we might bear fruit to God The Law is holy, but it reveals sin We still struggle with our sin nature

12 Spirit Nature vs. Sin Nature Why do we still struggle with our sin nature? Sins of commission and omission

13 Liberty What is another word for Liberty? Freedom What are we free from? What are we freed to?

14 Life Through the Spirit By The Spirit, the believer can overcome the bondage to sin No condemnation for those in Christ The Law couldn’t lead to freedom He fulfilled the law so that we are not condemned

15 Life According to the Spirit The mind controlled by … Sin is death Spirit is (eternal) life & (immediate) peace Set your mind on Spiritual things and ignore your sin nature The unsaved do not have The Spirit, but you do.

16 Fear vs. Sonship Slavery to sin led to FEAR It was replaced by Sonship Why emphasize that we are heirs? What about the suffering? It doesn’t compare in magnitude or duration to the glory yet to come We should anxiously await His return

17 Hope in what is yet to come We can live confidently in His promise, but our Hope is in things yet to come When we don’t know what to pray, The Spirit intercedes Passages about predestination? The question isn’t which is true, but why are they in there?

18 More than Conquerors God for us (not U.S.) This is at a personal level. Satan will accuse us, but will not prevail! God sacrificed His Son Wouldn’t you love to find out that your defense attorney is the judge?

19 Who will separate us? Nothing can separate us from His love Instead, we are more than conquerors Because the outcome has already been established We can live with assurance!

20 Chapter 9 Paul was anguished because of Israel’s rejection of Christ But the Jews had many privileges Why did Paul (& God) place special emphasis on Israel? Not all Israel is real Israel

21 Children of the Promise What makes one a child of the promise? Being Chosen by God Believing in Him Paul gave many examples where God showed some preference

22 Election Why do we struggle with election? Nobody can earn mercy Asking if God is just (fair) is like asking if the dirt is dirty

23 God’s Justice Wrong View Law of Fairness God

24 God’s Justice Wrong View Law of Fairness God Correct View God Justice

25 God’s Patience & Israel’s Stone God shows patience toward the unsaved In order that we might see His glory Israel failed in their pursuit of righteousness because they tried to do it under their own power Who is their equivalent today?

26 Chapter 10 Israel had a zeal to please God But they tried to do it on their own power Faith => Righteousness What must we do? Confess – acknowledge that Jesus is God Believe – that God raised Him from the dead The world needs to hear about His Love

27 Chapter 11 God has not rejected Israel. He reveals His remnant in every generation. Their table (blessings) became their snare They did not fall beyond recovery Now the gentiles have salvation And when the Jews return to Him, God will be glorified

28 God’s Sovereign Choice God put aside Israel and proclaimed righteousness by faith to all mankind God temporarily put aside Israel in order to show grace to the Gentiles By that same grace, Israel will be restored And God will be glorified

29 And Now … … the rest of the story Now that we understand sin, forgiveness, and God’s ultimate plan of grace … We should be grateful, AND what else? Theology = Grace; Application = Love

30 Chapter 12 In light of His grace we should offer our bodies as a living sacrifice Not acting like the world, but constantly praying, studying His Word & being renewed Your gifts are activated by faith Your actions flow out of love

31 Love between believers Hate Evil. Cling to Good. Share with those in need; Show hospitality Bless those who persecute you Rejoice and Mourn with believers Do the right thing. Don’t seek revenge Live in harmony with one another Hang out with everyone; Lose the ‘tude.

32 Gifts Our gifts are: A ccepted as a gift of Grace A ctivated by Faith and A cted upon in Service by Love

33 Romans 13 Submit to authorities, because: Give them what you owe: Taxes, Respect, Honor, LOVE Love is the fulfillment of the law Formula: Love others. Clothe yourself with Christ. Don’t seek desires of the flesh. Get off your butt and start loving because Jesus’ return is near.

34 Chapter 14 Paul wrote that Christians should: not despise or condemn others not hinder the conduct of other Christians minister to others In essentials unity, in opinions liberty, in all things love

35 Chapter 15 The “Strong” should bear up the infirmities of the weak and put them first We must follow Jesus’ example of selflessness And strive for unity because it glorifies God May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace as you trust in Him You are fully equipped, so Go & Do I hope to come see you soon

36 Chapter 16 Personal notes: Paul mentioned 26 people by name and praises their hard work “in Christ” Warning: Watch out for false teachers and the divisive (You know the truth) Paul’s wish is that we be “wise about that which is good and naïve about evil” Jesus will crush Satan soon To God be the Glory

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