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Agenda The benefits of using Yammer are real 83% of Yammer users feel better connected with their team 25% boost in productivity in social organizations.

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2 Agenda





7 The benefits of using Yammer are real 83% of Yammer users feel better connected with their team 25% boost in productivity in social organizations 20% rise in supplier & partner satisfaction 67% of new employees get up to speed faster 78% of Yammer users communicate more effectively 41% Of users are more prone to share feedback via Yammer 50% of users can locate relevant information and people faster 80% of users are more informed with what is happening 40% greater ROI when using Yammer and SharePoint together Sources: IBM Global CIO Study, 2011 - Yammer User Survey, 2010 - McKinsey, The Social Economy, July 2012 - Gallup Consulting “Employee Engagement, What’s Your Engagement Ratio?” 2008 - Yammer User Surveys, 2010 and 2013 Improve team alignment - Collaborate across geos and functions - Manage projects and events - Drive competitive intelligence Increase employee engagement - Identify expertise - Accelerate learning, development & onboarding - Share best practices Continue to evolve - Innovate faster - Adapt and respond to change - Build a unified culture


9 The Social Organization: How to Use Social Media… Gartner Research

10 Four Components of a Successful ESN Clarity of vision Your organization can explain how ESN helps them do their job better Sponsorship & Participation Executives and key contributors are committed to driving adoption Integration The right sources of business data are connected to your Enterprise Social solution Community Management A proactive, analytics-based approach is applied to engaging users

11 Executive Engagement – Why? Top reasons why employees want their leadership to participate on Yammer: Validation of using Yammer Connection and culture Humanize leaders Recognition from leadership Transparency Direct communication

12 Executive Engagement – Why? To p reasons why leadership should want to participate on Yammer: Employees want you to! Research shows leadership is key to success Improve your reputation, humanize yourself Social is becoming expected leadership behavior Boost employee morale Get a pulse check on your organization Foster a culture of openness and sharing. “Social CEOs lead companies with higher reputational status” Socializing your CEO Weber Shandwick, 2009

13 What are other executives saying?

14 14 What are other executives saying? Yammer “has solicited a degree of honesty and openness… It's been, I think, the biggest change in Telstra in terms of breaking down all 10 layers of management… I'm not Mr. Thodey, I'm David Thodey." David Thodey CEO, Telstra Steve Carley CEO, Red Robin


16 Stay Engaged with Colleagues

17 Use Announcements for company-wide messaging Follow up on big news by sharing a Note with additional details Share key updates with All Company to keep your employees “in the know” Join Groups to follow the conversations and work taking place across teams Spend 20 mins/week scanning your Feed to stay abreast of activity Businesses today are required to move fast to keep up with the ever changing needs of consumers. This can be a challenge if there’s lack of visibility into what’s happening across and outside of the organization.

18 The majority of employees are disengaged and feel as though their input doesn’t matter. It’s essential to enable your employees to have a voice and show that you are listening. Take note of Likes and Replies to your posts Encourage employees to Reply to your posts with questions and feedback Ask an open-ended question Host a YamJam

19 Leaders and teams today are dispersed across geographies and departmental silos. It’s important to stay on top of what your fellow executives are doing and make sure leadership is in alignment. Create a Leadership Group Share regular reports and engage in discussion around these documents Encourage other leaders to Post updates on strategies and goals

20 Feedback is powerful. Employees are encouraged by the feedback and reinforcement they receive from others, especially managers and executives. Post a Praise for a job well done Like a post you find interesting or valuable


22 Set up your profile and notifications Join 3 groups of interest to you Post your first update “Like” a post you find interesting or valuable Download the mobile app. Get going today! Tip! Step through the Getting Started Guide for Executives to get up and running

23 And remember… Lead by example and pull employees into your network with engaging communications Engage with your members – the simplest interactions can make a big difference It’s a journey to value – help everyone understand what that value is, why they should embark on the journey and how they will get there


25 Accessing Yammer Access Yammer from your mobile device when you’re on the go.

26 Adjust notifications Optimum notification settings for new users 2. Click Notifications 1. Select Edit Profile Messages where you are @mentioned

27 Make Yammer relevant to you Follow Key People Search for your direct reports in the search bar You don't need to follow everyone Members will not receive a notification if you "un-follow" them Join Groups Search and join groups that interest you so that they appear in your Following Feed

28 No need to be too formal! This is the opportunity for you to quickly engage with your teams and get a snapshot of what is happening on the front-line Keep most posts shorter than traditional communications - the idea is to engage and start discussions Ask questions! Don't be afraid to show your personality. Quick tips for engaging with colleagues


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