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Install the Yammer Mobile App Windows Phone 8AndroidiOS.

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5 Install the Yammer Mobile App Windows Phone 8AndroidiOS



8 Set up your profile and notifications Join 3 groups of interest to you Post your first update “Like” a post you find interesting or valuable Download the mobile app. Get started with Yammer Tip! Visit for resources to use!

9 Home Feed 1 Be sure to select the right group when posting. Choose from Top, All, & Following.

10 Inbox 2 Create a message See read & unread messages

11 Groups - Join this group! 3 Post to just this group here. Join / leave here.

12 Your Profile Page 4 See your conversations & content. Bio & profile.




16 Activity Time Go to the Getting Started with Yammer group in the SPC 2014 Yammer Network. I T ’ S Y AMMER T IME

17 17 Notes Collaborate on agendas, take meeting notes, work together at the same time +Follow a Note to receive notifications of recent changes. Edit a Note to add your comments, ideas and questions. If you are a Group Admin, you can mark a note as official to lock changes. Add related content for quick access between other Files, Notes or Links.

18 Use Notes to collaborate on content Up to 12 people can edit a Note simultaneously and in real-time. See others’ edits highlighted in different colors. Notes are auto saved; Followers will receive a notification when a Note is published. Use Rich Text formatting. Invite more people to collaborate.


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23 Activity Time Go to the Getting Started with Yammer group in the SPC 2014 Yammer Network. I T ’ S Y AMMER T IME



26 Use Announcements for company-wide messaging Follow up on big news by sharing a Note with additional details Share key updates with All Company to keep your employees “in the know” Join Groups to follow the conversations and work taking place across teams Spend 20 mins/week scanning your Feed to stay abreast of activity Businesses today are required to move fast to keep up with the ever changing needs of consumers. This can be a challenge if there’s lack of visibility into what’s happening across and outside of the organization.

27 The majority of employees are disengaged and feel as though their input doesn’t matter. It’s essential to enable your employees to have a voice and show that you are listening. Take note of Likes and Replies to your posts Encourage employees to Reply to your posts with questions and feedback Ask an open-ended question Host a YamJam

28 Leaders and teams today are dispersed across geographies and departmental silos. It’s important to stay on top of what your fellow executives are doing and make sure leadership is in alignment. Create a Leadership Group Share regular reports and engage in discussion around these documents Encourage other leaders to Post updates on strategies and goals

29 Feedback is powerful. Employees are encouraged by the feedback and reinforcement they receive from others, especially managers and executives. Post a Praise for a job well done Like a post you find interesting or valuable

30 Use Case Round Robin We are going to break up into 4 groups to focus on HR, IT, Marketing, and Executive Communications. I T ’ S Y AMMER T IME


32 An engine that mobilizes and empowers, gives people what they need, speeds up your business and helps you make better decisions A marketing, broadcast or one-way communications channel A community is NOT… A community is… “Striking the sweet spot between the interests and needs of the community and the interests and needs of the organization is critical to the long term success of business communities.” - Rachel Happe, The Community Roundtable

33 No need to be too formal! This is the opportunity for you to quickly engage with your teams and get a snapshot of what is happening on the front-line Keep most posts shorter than traditional communications - the idea is to engage and start discussions Ask questions! Don't be afraid to show your personality. Tips for engaging with colleagues

34 What is a Yammer Event?

35 Get your team involved #Follow-up-Friday No Email Day Team YamJam #YamWin Yammer Lunch & Learn

36 Pre-event Schedule a 1-2 hour block (think global) Leaders + a few experienced moderators Use a group that you’ll reuse (org- focus, not event-focus) Create an event in your team group, pre-announce topics Prepare “seed” questions and/or polls Prepare an FAQ for fast answers to expected questions During event Set expectations about leader responses (they can’t respond to everyone) Be prepared for disruptions, guide them back on topic (#offtopic…) Leaders: Intro your topic, using the agreed #tag Be informal, be human Be inviting – ask questions Moderators #tag conversations with relevant topics for easy review Post polls for feedback

37 And remember … Lead by example and pull employees into your network with engaging communications Engage with your members – the simplest interactions can make a big difference It’s a journey to value – help everyone understand what that value is, why they should embark on the journey and how they will get there

38 So, what’s next?

39 See you at the 2 Social booth & 3 Social tables at Asks the Experts WED @6:15! Session RoomTime A responsive organization stays ahead of the competitionSPC104Delphino 4001MON 2:00 Trek Bikes: pedaling past complex collaboration problems in the enterprise SPC386Delphino 4005MON 2:00 Microsoft's vision and roadmap for Enterprise SocialSPC282Delphino 4005MON 3:45 Microsoft: Our Enterprise Social Journey SPC280Lido 3001MON 3:45 Nationwide: Building a World-Renowned Intranet with SP 2013 & Yammer SPC311Murano 3204TUE 9:00 Real-world, best practices for making enterprise social successful SPC239Delphino 4005TUE 9:00 Make your SharePoint portal social in 1-2-3! SCP378Palazzo M, NTUE 9:00 Overview of Yammer app development SPC332Palazzo O, PTUE 9:00 Yammer External Networks: Engaging Customers and Partners SPC248Murano 3204TUE 10:45 Cargill: Real-world challenges and value in introducing enterprise social SPC295Delphino 4001TUE 10:45 Integrating Yammer and SharePoint using.NET SPC380Palazzo O, PTUE 1:45 Work like a network: The power of Enterprise Social SPC112Marcello 4401TUE 3:15 Best practices for breaking down organizational barriers using Yammer SPC264Delphino 4005TUE 3:15 Overview of configuring Yammer SSO & Directory Sync SPC368Titian 2201TUE 3:15 Successful team collaboration with Yammer & SharePoint SPC247Delphino 4005TUE 5:00 Driving enterprise social from the bottom up SPC266Delphino 4005WED 9:00 Developing socially connected apps with Yammer, SharePoint and OpenGraph SPC371Palazzo O, PWED 9:00 Giving voice to frontline workers via enterprise social SPC263Delphino 4005WED 10:45 Yammer mining - dig in and "listen" to what your big *social* data is saying SPC3991Murano 3204WED 1:45 How to become a Yammer Power User in 75 minutes SPC275Delphino 4005WED 5:00 Knowledge Management with SharePoint and Yammer SPC246Delphino 4005THU 9:00 Measuring Business Value with Yammer SPC392Delphino 4005THU 10:30 #WorkLikeANetwork


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