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International Relations (3) Introduction to UN 2009. 9. 15 김 병 구

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1 International Relations (3) Introduction to UN 2009. 9. 15 김 병 구

2 Why UN was created? The First World War (1914 - 1918) –End of Hapsburg, Ottoman, Romanov empires –Bolshevik Revolution, birth of communism –League of Nations, Geneva –Reasons for failure The Second World War (1939 - 1945) –The war to end all wars –UN created (1946): The Allied Forces under US lead –192 Member States –Permanent seat in Security Council with veto power P5: US, USSR, UK, FRA, CPR

3 UN Missions Regional disputes –Peace Keeping Force dispatch –Korean War (1950-1953): the first UN PKF Economic developments –Support Least Developed Country, poverty –Millennium Development Goals –World Bank, IMF long term financing International regulations, standards –Global issues: aerospace, maritime, nuclear, health –Safety/operations/quality standards

4 UN Organizations UN headquarters –New York, Geneva, Vienna, Nairobi Reporting to UNSG –GA, SC, ECOSOG, Int’l Justice, etc. Special organizations –WHO, IAEA, UNESCO, IMF, etc. Statute, Member States UNSC Board Members (15) –Election of SG, highest decision body

5 UN Secretaries-General 1946-52 Trigve Lie NOR 1953-61 Dag Hammarskjold SWE 1961-71 U Thant BUR 1972-81 Kurt Waldheim AUS 1982-91 Javier Perez PER 1992-96 Boutros Boutros-Ghali EGY 1997-06 Kofi Annan GHA 2007- Ban Ki-moon ROK

6 Dag Hammarskjold

7 UN Secretaries-General Ban Ki Moon speech –Earth Day for UN, March 28, 2009

8 UN Budget & Finances Base rate –Proportional to GDP US 25%, JPN 19%, GER 11%,…ROK 2.1% –Adjusted every 3 years Regular budget –Staff salary, overhead, baseload missions –Discretion of the Secretariat Extra-budgetary contribution –Donor specifies missions, recipient Voluntary contribution

9 UN Reform Proposals Simplified organizations –Needs to meet the changing demands Delivering-as-One –Integrated UN offices in the region Pilot country demonstration projects –Asia: BGL, LA: URG, AF: TAN, EU: ALB Reforming the Security Council –Expanding permanent P5 –JPN, GER, BRA, INA

10 Functional categories –P1 - P5 : professional, > BS/BA degrees –GS1 - GS6 : admin supports –Temporary : Intern, JPO Official languages(6) –English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic –Formal meetings/publications : all 6 lang. simul. Trans. –Working level meetings, reports : English only Qualifications –Language + professional knowledge + experience –Global open mind : curiosity, positive thinking, fairness Korean staffs in UN UN Staffs

11 Global Mind Curiosity –Diverse culture, history, customs –Multiple languages (English +) Positive thinking –Ask ‘why not?’ Fairness –Trans-national, racial, religions –Common interest over personal bias

12 Globalization and Global Mind Importance of communication –Conversations, listening, confidence building –Speaking, reading, writing Global mind at KYU –Global Communication Center (E, C, J) –Essential to international competitiveness –My level of global mind ???

13 Homework What is the best Korean international competitiveness? What is the KYU international competitiveness?

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