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Current Problems in the Middle East Conflicts and Wars Cultural Issues Lesson #7.

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1 Current Problems in the Middle East Conflicts and Wars Cultural Issues Lesson #7

2 What was happening in Iran in 1980s?

3 THREE EVENTS in IRAN, 1979 1.Shah overthrown 2.Islamic Revolution 3.American Hostages

4 The Shah of Iran Dictator of Iran up to 1979 Iran was modernizing But… HE WAS A DICTATOR! Conservative Religious people did not like the fast modern changes

5 The Shah of Iran Why we liked him Ruthless dictator Killed protestors Created instability Pro-Western Wanted to modernize Friendly to USA More into gender equity Why we didn’t like him

6 The Islamic Revolution in Iran January, 1979 Shah overthrown by a combination of two groups 1.Conservatives, who hated the modernization 2.Modernists, who hated his dictatorial ways Two weeks later, Ayatollah became supreme leader

7 American Hostage Crisis USA refused to recognize the revolution Iranian students stormed the US embassy 52 Americans captured – held hostage 444 Days All diplomatic ties were cut off by new Iranian government Americans were LIVID

8 The New Iran, post 1979 Became an Islamic dictatorship Women must be covered click

9 Meanwhile… in Iraq…

10 Iraq also had a shift in leadership General Saddam Hussein Military coup 1979 New government ran by dictator Saddam Enormously powerful Repressive Immediately attacked Iran

11 Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988 Iraq invaded Iran REASONS: 1.Saddam saw Iran in chaos 2.Arabs vs. Persians 3.Control oil 4.Control Gulf

12 American Role AMERICAN GOALS: Openly support Iraq Keep the new dictatorships fighting Secretly support Iran – Iran-Contra sale of weapons War ended 1989 No clear winner 1 million Iranian deaths Iraq lost billions of $$

13 Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait 1990 – new war, new enemy Iraq suddenly invaded Kuwait Reasons: Kuwait was stealing oil from Iraq Kuwait was land that should be Iraq Kuwait was not supportive enough in Iran-Iraq War Kuwait drove down price of oil – Hurt Iraqi economy click

14 Know as “The Gulf War” (1989-1990) Iraq invaded Kuwait Kuwait asked for our help Saudi Arabia asked for our protection US demanded Iraq get out Iraq refused USA took a hard line against Iraq – Al Qaida disgusted that USA was “invading” region

15 Describe the picture What you think Saddam is trying to show is happening? What actually is happening

16 American Response Operation Desert Shield 500,000 Americans sent to Saudi Arabia (to protect those Saudi oil fields, and prepare invasion of Iraq) 37 nation coalition Demand: get out of Kuwait

17 Operation Desert Shield (1989-1990) US built coalition of nations (support) US shifted 500,000 troops to Saudi Arabia – To protect oil Islamists angered by American meddling

18 Operation Desert Storm American invasion of Kuwait Reasons: – Iraq was HORRIBLE to Kuwaitis – Iraq could control oil market if it owned Kuwait Expectation: months of horrible fighting, American deaths

19 American victory Almost no American casualties Iraqi army surrendered to anyone Iraq was humiliated Islamists hated that Americans didn’t leave Gen Norman Schwarzkopf

20 New problem: TERRORISM 1990s: Things seemed to be all calm Then… 9-11 American was back at war 1.Al Qaeda in Afghanistan 2.Saddam in Iraq AMERICANS WERE ANGRY AT MIDDLE EAST

21 New War: Global War on Terror GOALS 1.Find terrorists 2.Deny terrorists funds 3.Destroy terrorist networks (GWOT)

22 Two wars 1.Afghanistan (2001-present) – Goal: Find those responsible for 9-11 – Dismantle terrorist groups responsible for 9-11 – Help create stability in Middle East 2. Iraq (2003-2012) – Eliminate terrorist support structure – Remove Saddam Hussein – Help create a stable, lawful Iraqi government

23 NEW GENERATION OF WAR America fights back GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR 1.Operation Enduring Freedom 2.Operation Iraqi Freedom

24 Operation Iraqi Freedom Saddam was supporting terrorists Saddam may have been creating WMD Tons of chemical weapons disappeared Invasion into Iraq 2003 Saddam was to be replaced with a democratic government Goal: remove Saddam Replace him with a democratic government

25 Purpose in Iraq Remove Saddam Hussein He had been supporting terrorists He was building forces back up after Iraq War

26 Success in Iraq Problem: recreate a democratic government First election in 2005 – formed new government – Women voted – Protected “real” elections First real election in January 2010

27 Purpose in Afghanistan Remove Al Qaeda terrorists Taliban government fought our efforts New goal: remove Taliban government US Troops to leave in 2014

28 Other Modern Issues in the Middle East

29 Rack and stack Choose the most pressing three issues Explain which you chose each of the three Create a solution to each of the three issues

30 Arab-Israeli Crisis

31 Israel is always on the defensive Terrorist strikes Threats from neighboring countries USA sends Billions of $$ to help keep the peace

32 Oil

33 USA totally dependent on oil for all industry, factories, electricity, heating, and, yes, for gas in the car Most oil comes from the Middle East Middle East could dictate price of oil just by decreasing supply

34 Extremists (Islamists)

35 Extremists Religious leaders sometimes encourage extreme behavior Mobs often chant “death to America!” With enough $$ and power, another 9-11 could happen We are still THERE, in need of oil from their home turf

36 Disparity of Wealth

37 A few people live VERY well Most people live in Third-world poverty and filth Most people lack any real education Is there hope for future for the poor?

38 Disparity of Education

39 Disparity of education Education is the key to progress Only the most wealthy get a decent education Most of the poor can’t afford education, and can’t afford to lose farm hands Will they ever get a chance? How?

40 Iranian Nuclear program

41 A nuclear Iran Iran is still an official enemy of USA They are trying to build a nuclear weapon They HATE Israel more than US Should be try to stop them? How?

42 Instability (civil wars)

43 Instability - wars Current threat: ISIS Wars cause more poverty and inequality Wars can benefit some people Wars breed hatred Wars create refugees

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