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Power Play USA Hockey Level 3 CEP Clinic Brian Johnson.

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1 Power Play USA Hockey Level 3 CEP Clinic Brian Johnson

2 Concepts “Out Support” the penalty killers  Create numerical advantages on any loose puck and at the point of attack Move the puck and move yourself away from pressure  Create time and space for better decisions  Force the penalty killers to move and adjust

3 Concepts Shots require a screen  The goal of our power play attack is to have a realistic opportunity to create a screen on each shot  The player must be willing to screen the goalie and pay the price (take away the eyes)  90% of goals involve a screen

4 Concepts Isolate and attack the seams of a defense  The goal is to get the puck to the prime scoring area through the “seams” of the box  When a seam is opened, threaten by taking “open ice”

5 Concepts Be patient and poised  Avoid forcing play possessing the puck puts pressure on the penalty killers  Force the killers to continually adjust every adjustment produces a potential breakdown

6 Concepts Mental toughness and discipline are crucial  Prepare to match the work ethic and intensity of the penalty killers  Be committed to the tactics, concepts and systems we choose to use

7 Concepts A good power play serves as an enforcement tool, as a means of intimidation and as a deterrent  If the opposing team is afraid to take a penalty, the game has changed in our favor  Teams can’t afford to take dumb penalties against a good power play

8 Concepts Stay with your forehand  All passes should be made from the forehand  Be in position to catch all passes on the forehand  Consider how you position players so that each one is on the forehand side with the possibility of a one-timer

9 Overload – D to D Shoot F1 give-n-go w/ F2 F2 moves outside & to D1 D1 quickly to D2 D2 shoots while F1 tip & screen

10 Overload – D Slide & Shoot F1 & F2 give-n-go F2 moves outside and to D1 D1 slides and shoots with F1 tip & screen


12 Umbrella – Walkout F1 & F2 give-n-go F2 moves outside to D1 D1 slides & passes back to F2 F2 passes down to F1 (where F2 started), who walks out.


14 Umbrella - Seam F1 & F2 give-n-go F2 moves outside and to D1 who slides and passes to D2 D2 continues to slide and passes back to F2 coming off the wall F2 walks and shoots


16 Umbrella – Quick Hit D1 @ top of umbrella moves puck to F1 F1 to F2 F2 gives a quick pass to F3 for the shot F2 and D2 look for rebounds


18 Umbrella - Backdoor Same as the “Quick Hit” through F2 F2 now passes to D2 on the backdoor. F3 has to be ready for tip from a poke check by the goalie


20 Box & 1 – 5 on 3 X in the middle needs to slide high and low in the slot Bottom right should be a LH shot Bottom left should be a RH shot D can collapse down


22 Breakout Objective is to attack on the rush with 4 players Dean Blais, head coach 2010 USA National Jr. Team


24 Practice Stations  Learn it and repeat it 5 on 0  Build confidence 5 on 3 Crazy  Killers can go anywhere 5 on 4 – one puck  5 on 4 both ends – ice & other end plays

25 Questions???

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