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院校名称:太原科技大学 演示者姓名: 潘 洁 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班 《新视野大学英语 视听说教程》 Book 2 Unit 3 Every Jack has his Jill!

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Presentation on theme: "院校名称:太原科技大学 演示者姓名: 潘 洁 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班 《新视野大学英语 视听说教程》 Book 2 Unit 3 Every Jack has his Jill!"— Presentation transcript:

1 院校名称:太原科技大学 演示者姓名: 潘 洁 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班 《新视野大学英语 视听说教程》 Book 2 Unit 3 Every Jack has his Jill!

2  Unit overview  Introduction  Teaching objectives  Teaching plan  Demo class Unit 3 Every Jack has his Jill! 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

3 Unit Overview  Teaching Objects: freshmen, non-English majors  Teaching Material: New Horizon College English: Viewing, Listening and Speaking, Book 2, Unit 3 Introduction 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

4 Each unit consists of:  Lead-in  Listening  Speaking  Further Listening and Speaking Unit Overview

5  to learn about romantic love  to learn to comfort people and express worries in English  to talk about love and marriage Teaching Objectives 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

6 Unit Overview Time allotment : 1. Check-up (5 mins); 2. Lead-in (10 mins); 3. Listening (20 mins); 4. Viewing & Speaking out (30 mins); 5. Viewing & Discussing (30-35 mins) ; 6. Assignment (2 mins). Teaching Plan 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

7 Demo Class 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班 Unit 3 Every Jack has his Jill!

8 It comes from a nursery rhyme (poems or songs for young children). The sentence means “Everybody will eventually find someone to be his/her romantic partner”. 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

9 I. Lead-in We’re married! 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

10 I. Lead-in wedding best man/ groomsman wedding ring bride/groom minister bouquet wedding dress/gown Brainstorming maid of honor/ bridesmaid ceremony [bu'kei] wedding vows (结婚誓言) 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

11 Ⅱ. Listening ★ engage ★ toast ★ certificate to promise to marry Word Tips to wish success, happiness, etc. to sb. by drinking wine a document providing the truth of something 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

12 Ⅱ. Listening 1 6 5 3 4 2 7  The minister greeted the guests.  The bride and the groom exchanged vows.  The minister signed the certificate.  The minister declared the couple husband and wife.  The minister prayed for the couple.  The minister talked about the meaning of marriage.  The reception was over. Listen to the passage and arrange the following events in the order they happened. The first event has already been given. 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

13  Listen to the passage again and complete the statements. Ⅱ. Listening 1. When we got, an announcement was published in the newspaper. 2. The announcement includes the names of the, the and their parents. 3. About a month before the wedding, we sent out to relatives and friends. 4. The bride threw her to the unmarried women after the wedding. 5. When the reception was over, the minister signed the. engaged bridegroom wedding invitations wedding certificate bride bouquet 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

14 Ⅲ. Viewing & Speaking out Watch the following video clip, and figure out the meaning of : Ⅰ. be made for each other Ⅱ. There’re lots more fish in the sea. 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

15 Ⅲ. Viewing & Speaking out 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

16 Ⅲ. Viewing & Speaking out Ⅰ. be made for each other Ⅱ. There’re lots more fish in the sea. be perfect for each other There’re other choices. It’s often used to comfort a person who has lost a girlfriend or boyfriend. 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

17 Ⅲ. Viewing & Speaking out Useful Expressions for Comforting People I don’t know what to say to comfort you, but try to cheer up! I don’t know how to put it, but cheer up! Take my word for it: This is not the end of the world. Believe me, you’ll soon get over it. There’s lots more fish in the sea… There’s plenty of fish in the sea (out there). There’re plenty of good girls in the world. …you’ll find your perfect match! You’ll find a good match sooner or later. You’ll find an ideal girl in the end. 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

18 Pair Work Ⅲ. Viewing & Speaking out Create a dialogue with your partner according to the given situation. A finds B very upset. B says he just broke up with his girlfriend Susan, because she wants to get married but he wants to have a career first. A tries to comfort B. 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

19 Ⅳ. Viewing and Discussing What we don’t know about marriage? In this video, Jenna McCarthy shares her research on how marriages really work. 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

20 Ⅳ. Viewing and Discussing Questions (Group Work): According to the video, how do marriages really work? What do you think contributes to a happy marriage? 外研社 全国高等学校大学英语教学研修班

21 V. Assignment At the end of her speech, the speaker says “I plan to work extra hard to not win an Oscar …” In what ways does winning an Oscar influence a marriage?

22 Thank you! Hold your hand, until death do us part.

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