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Beliefs, traditions and superstitions connected with marriage.

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1 Beliefs, traditions and superstitions connected with marriage

2 Wedding traditions -Engagement An engagement or betrothal is a promise to marry, and also the period of time between proposal and marriage – which may be lengthy or trivial. During this period, a couple is said to be betrothed, affianced, engaged to be married, or simply engaged. Future bridesand grooms may be called the betrothed, a wife-to- be or husband-to-be, fiancé or fiancé, respectively (from the French wordfiancer). The duration of the courtship varies vastly.

3 According to custom, all of the wedding guests gather before the marriage ceremony in the bride's house where the close family and the patriarchs of the both families administer blessing for the soon-to-be married couple. Next, the wedding procession continues its way to the church. The wedding limo is stopped before so called „gates” prepared by the neighbours and friends of the young couple. When the limo stops, the best man exist the car and tries to bargain the gatekeepers with vodka to let the limo pass. However, this custom is not that popular as it was before. Before crossing the doorstep of the church the couple is greeted by the priest who then leads them to the altar. BEFORE THE MARRIAGE

4 Wedding beliefs and superstitions The bridegroom can see the wedding dress of his chosen one only during the ceremony. If it happens earlier or, what is worse, he helps to choose his beloved one her dress it is said that they will not go together. A bride also should not try her wedding dress too soon, but only if it is really a necessity e.g. for the fitting.

5 - When we will see pidgeons or magpies during the wedding ceremony – it means the young couple will lead happy and successful life. We should not look for ravens, though. - When the weather outside is sunny and warm it means a lot of luck for the newly weds. Even a drizzle is seen as the God’s blessing. However, the downpour, thunderstorm, crows and raven are considered as bringing bad luck. -The newly weds are not allowed to go back home when on their way to the church. If they forget to take something it is far more safer to send best man, friend or woman to fetch the desired object. Too long journey to the church is also seen as the bad omen.

6 -Church’s treshhold should be crossed with right leg first. Bride cannot turn around to check her veil during the ceremony as it is seen as the prediction of the misfortune. The person who must check and take of dress and veil is bridesmaid.

7 - We should not forget to bring the wedding rings. It is also a good idea to watch them carefully so they not fall to the floor. However, if it happens none of the spouses should pick them up. Only priest, one of the witnesses or the beadle. -There is a superstition which says that when the newly wed wife stumbles when crossing the doorstep of the wedding reception parlour a disaster will happen. In order to avoid it the husband must carry his wife over the treshold.

8 -Extremely important moment of the wedding reception is the first dance of the newly weds. It seems worthwile to take a dance course before the wedding reception. Why? People believe that when the young couple is having some problems during their first dance they will have the problems in their future life as well. - Let’s say it honestly – when exchanging wedding oaths you are stressed. When a mistake happends – you mispelled the word, or forgot a word – don’t worry. It means you will have a lot of luck.

9 1. The first dance of the young couple is extremely important moment of the wedding reception. 2. Church’s treshold should be crossed with the left leg first. 3. During the wedding day, if the weather is sunny it means a good luck for the young couple. 4.When the limo with the young couple inside is stopped before one of the gates, the best man must bargain with the gatekeepers with vodka.



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