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Weddings Chinese traditional wedding ceremony.

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3 Weddings

4 Chinese traditional wedding ceremony

5 Western wedding ceremony


7 "To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part".

8 Play a game How many words do you remember in the following picture?

9 groom bride best man blossom wedding ceremony wedding reception farewell

10 groom bride best man blossom wedding ceremony wedding reception farewell maid

11 f) a man who is about to get married or has just got married wedding reception best man ceremony blossom bride groom Guess and match a)a male friend of the groom who helps him during the wedding ceremony b) a party to celebrate the marriage ceremony of two people c) a small flower on a tree or plant d) a woman who is about to get married or has just got married e) customs performed on important social or religious occasions

12 Read the text carefully and try to remember as much information as you can!

13 What to do: What not to do: I can go without an invitation. I oughtnt to go to the ceremony without asking first. I can attend the reception after the ceremony. I ought to put money into the box at the entrance of the reception. I dont have to contribute a lot of money. I cant drink alcohol at the wedding reception. Indonesian women dont have to cover their heads. Indonesian Weddings can ought to oughtnt to dont have to cant can dont have to

14 Indonesian Weddings

15 Listen and read

16 Greek Weddings before the wedding ceremony during the wedding ceremony after the wedding ceremony The groom has to ask the brides father for his daughters hand in marriage. The best man should help put crowns made of flowers the heads of the couple. A long silk ribbon has to link the crowns to symbolise a happy and long life for the couple. The guests can attend a wedding reception. The party can last through the night. Guests can throw dishes on the floor and put money to the brides dress for good luck. has to should has to can

17 Greek Weddings

18 Listen and read

19 Decide which ones are true(T) and which ones are false(F). 1. Indonesian families only invite people they have known for a long time. 2. The reception is before the wedding. 3. Guests usually give money as a present 4. In Greek culture, the bridegroom has to ask for the brides hand in marriage. 5. The bride and bridegrooms wedding crowns are made of gold. 6. A piece of ribbon links the wedding crowns together. F F T T F T

20 Language points Receive an invitation Ought to do Attend the reception Dont have to do Wear traditional clothes At the entrance to the reception Contribute a lot of money

21 Language points even if,. Even if you failed in the exam, you shouldnt give up,. Even if you said so, you forget it now.,. Even if she isnt his mother, she is kind to him.

22 can / cant ought to / ought not to have to / dont have to the preparations for the wedding, the ceremony, the reception, what to do & what not to do for the guests Discussion Talk about the Chinese wedding customs You may talk about …


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