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MENU. depigmentating treatment effective against melanic blemishes.

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2 depigmentating treatment effective against melanic blemishes

3 MENU Melanogenesis is the combined process of physical, biochemical and morphologic skin factors to protect itself against the action of solar radiations. Melanin synthesis is produced as follows: MELANIN SYNTHESIS DOPAQUINONE DOPA TYROSINE Tyrosinase (Cu) Oxidation Cyclation EUMELANINS PHEOMELANINS DOPA DOPAQUINONE dermamelan Prior to treatment

4 MENU effective depigmentation method against stains of melanic origin Dermamelan method is a topical depigmentation treatment. It is a long term treatment that includes a consultation treatment and the corresponding home maintenance. Short term action: gets rid of the superficial hyperpigmentation, through a chemical exfoliation. Long term action: Reversible and no cytotoxic inhibition of the melanogenesis  control and progressive elimination of the melasma manifestations. It is the number 1 depigmentation treatment in the world. Compatible with any skin phototype. dermamelan Prior to treatment

5 MENU Degreasing solution 1 treatment session + home maintenance Effective depigmentation treatment against stains of melanic origin dermamelan mask dermamelan treatment dermamelan Prior to treatment

6 MENU dermamelan mask Jar of 10 gr. Mask with active depigmentants. Intensive and integral method against stains of melanic origin of any nature. Recommendations of use: Leave for the recommended time according the skin phototype. Phototypes I and II: 8 hours Phototypes III and IV: 10 hours Phototypes V and VI: 12 hours dermamelan Pack composition professional use Degreasing solution Clean and degrease the skin to ensure a better absorption of the treatment depigmentation substances. It should be applied in a cabin. flask of 10 ml.

7 MENU dermamelan treatment Jar of 30 gr. Maintenance cream with active depigmentants. Complements the depigmentation process initiated during the visit. Recommendations of use: Apply dermamelan treatment maintenance cream using the 3,2,1 method. 1st 15 days: 3 applications. Morning/midday/night 15 days thereafter: 2 applications Morning/night From 2 nd month onwards: 1 application. Night (*) During the 1 st Phase of the home treatment, avoid exposition to heat sources or direct light. Home use Daily use cream that provides the necessary nutrition and hydration. hydra vital factor k Tube of 50 ml. dermamelan Pack composition

8 MENU Phase prior to dermamelan treatment Medical record(anamnesis) All the relevant data will be collected such as, habits, personal or technical (skin type, lesion types, associated problems) and any factors related to the disorder. Personalized diagnosis In order to adapt the application protocol based on the needs of each patient. Fill out the informed consent form Involving the patient on the treatment process, and also at the same time invite them to continue with thehome treatment (fundamental protocol ). Photographic register Guaranteing an objetive assessment of the evolution of results Control visits It is important to carry out control visits with an adapted periodicity based on the particular needs of each case. dermamelan Prior to treatment

9 MENU CARRY OUT A SKIN ANALISIS THROUGH WOOD LIGHT Wood light is a light beam emitted by a mercury lamp.  Epidermis melasma : it stands out with the light (dark fluorescence).  dermal melasma : faint/ poor fluorescence.  Mixed melasma : Certain areas are highlighted but not others.  Unapparent melasma: Disappears with the light (V o VI). dermamelan Prior to treatment

10 MENU Dermamelan treatment protocol Remove make-up and tone up with hydra milk cleanser and hydratonic. Phase 2: desengrasar Apply with a gauze the exfoliating solution, rubbing the forehead, cheeks and central areas on the face. Phase 1: preparation dermamelan Treatment protocol

11 MENU Dermamelan treatment protocol Protect with mesolips protector the sensitive areas that must not be in contact with the mask. Phase 4: treat Apply dermamelan mask with a glove or with a spatula using larger amounts in the more affected areas. Leave it to work during the recommended time based on the skin phototype. The exposition time must be between 8 and 12 hours (according professional opinion). Once the exposition is over, wash off with abundant water. Phase 3: protect dermamelan Treatment protocol

12 MENU Dermamelan treatment protocol Recommendations of use: Apply dermamelan treatment maintenance cream using the 3,2,1 method. 1st 15 days: 3 applications. Morning/midday/night 15 days thereafter: 2 applications Morning/night From 2 nd month onwards: 1 application. Night (*) During the 1st Phase of the home treatment, avoid exposition to heat sources or direct light. Phase 5: progressive inhibition dermamelan Treatment protocol

13 MENU Dermamelan treatment protocol Apply the hydra-vital factor k cream indicated to return softness and elasticity. Phase 6: prescribe Apply moisturising sun protection, several times a day based on the luminic exposition. dermamelan Treatment protocol

14 MENU Changes in the skin during the treatment Oedema / Eritema The may be one of the manifestations of the treatment. They are transitory. peeling Correspond to the expected evolution after this treatment and based on the skin sensitivity and can remain for a few days. Ardor / Escozor According to the skin sensitivity, they may present during the home treatment and usually disappears once the moisturising product is fully absorbed. Feeling of tightness This feeling can be mitigated through the systematic application of products that provide and ideal moisturising level. dermamelan

15 MENU Precautions and contraindications Solar erythema (avoid the exposition to radiation UV the previous 15 days). Pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dermatological diseases, allergic individuals to any formulation component. Treatments with isotretinoine, antibiotics, hydroquinone. Bacterial, viral, mycotic o herpes infection. It is not advisable to combine it with other chemical exfoliation and/or depilation techniques. The mask exposition time, will be subject to a professional criteria based on phototype, and skin characteristics and conditions. In order to extend the results over time, it is essential to complete the home treatment cycle. dermamelan

16 MENU Coadjuvant treatment products for cabin treatment in subsequent sessions. Cosmetic line with high vitamin C concentration. Contents of pack: Energy C serum Energy C crystal fiber mask Energy C intensive cream dermamelan

17 MENU Coadjuvant treatment products for cabin treatment in subsequent sessions Cosmoceutic line with high concentrations in vegetal stem cells. Contents of pack: Stem Cell serum re-structuractive Stem Cell crystal fibre mask Stem Cell active growth factor dermamelan

18 MENU melanogel touch All types of skins post-procedure fast skin repair All types of skins Post-treatment Repairing cream with anti-oedema and anti-erythematous properties. Continous maintenance post-treatment Occasional depigmentation treatmentof stains of melanic origin. Continous maintenance post-treatment anti-stress face mask All types of skins Calming and repairing mask. Continous maintenance post-treatment proteoglycans ampoules Dry and normal skins Nutritive solution. continuous maintenance post-treatment moisturising sun protection Dry and norma skins Solar facial cream. Very high protection | SPF50 + dermamelan Coadjuvant products of home treatment

19 MENU Cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of vegetal stem cells. Cosmeceutical line of whitening and perfectioning action formulated with [meso]white complex®. Continous maintenance Post-treatment Cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of Vitamin C. Continous maintenance Post-treatment Continous maintenance Post-treatment dermamelan Coadjuvant products of home treatment

20 MENU 1.What is the mechanism of action of dermamelan? Works in non cytotoxic way, inhibiting the production and the transference of the melanin pigments. It produces a chemical superficial exfoliation, allowing the attenuation and /or elimination of the superficial hyperpigmentation on various depths. 2. What feelings is the patient likely to experience during the eight hours of exposition to the dermamelan mask? The symptoms may vary between individuals, however a light sensation of itchiness or burning and tightness may be felt. 3.What changes may the skin experience the days after the application of the dermamelan mask? The symptoms may vary between individuals, however a light sensation of itchiness or burning and tightness may be felt. dermamelan FAQ’s - dermamelan

21 MENU 4.Is it necessary to take any precautions during the treatment? Besides of being an imperative requirement to avoid post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations, it is essential to use continually a sun protector with high filters, at the light exposition of any nature, because natural and artificial light may stimulate the synthesis of melanin. If by any work activities you are exposed to direct spotlights, it is necessary to repeat the application of solar protection regularly. During the first post-treatment week, it is recommended to avoid the following activities: swimming in pools, sauna, exposition to sources of direct heat and outdoors sports. 5.How long is the home treatment recommended to be for? It is recommended for a minimum of application of 4 months and can be extended to 9 months based on the evolution of each case. dermamelan FAQ’s - dermamelan

22 MENU 6.In which cases is it recommended to supplement dermamelan and depigmentation treatment with tmt system no 7? Once the treatment with dermamelan is finished, the PROFESSIONAL will assess the possibility of supplementing the depigmentation effect with tmt system No. 7 treatment for those hyperpigmentations which by their deeper location deeper still persist. 7.How long does it take to see the result of the treatment? As of one month of the application of dermamelan treatment we can see the attenuation of the hyperpigmentation and the eradication of the most superficial ; besides of a visible improvement of the skin, unifying the tone 8.During the 4 months of home dermamelan treatment, ¿Can a technique such as bio- stimulation be used? Once the once a night application phase is reached, the skin can be treated with any therapy as long it is not photodynamic. dermamelan FAQ’s - dermamelan

23 MENU 9.Can dermamelan treatment be used indefinately after a dermamelan treatment has been conducted? With the aim of extending the benefits associated with the skin embellishment, it is common to maintain dermamelan treatment indefinitely spacing out its application. 10.Can certain medicines and/or nutritional supllements affect the treatment results? Many medicines have photo-sensitising effects on the skin; nutritional supplements contain components that may interfere with the metabolism of the Melanin synthesis. The use of either must be considered to predict the efficacy of any depigmentation treatment. Therefore, it essential to collect the all the information through the anamnesis. dermamelan FAQ’s - dermamelan


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