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MENU mesopeels. MENU Range of chemical peelings for skin renovation and rejuvenation.

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1 MENU mesopeels

2 MENU Range of chemical peelings for skin renovation and rejuvenation

3 MENU mesopeel Introduction Mesopeel hidroxiacids Mesopeel combined Mesopeel trichloroacetic Application protocol Index

4 MENU line of chemical peelings for the treatment and correction of different cutaneous disorders. Based on the used dermopeeling, we can achieve:  Different degrees of exfoliation, and therefore superficial depigmentation and scarring attenuation.  Stimulation and reorganization of the collagen and elastin fibres, improving physiological and mechanical qualities of the skin.  Increased fibroblast activity, that synthetises different macromoléculas on the extracelular matrix and more hydration.  Correct sebaceous secretion and a decrease on the number of imperfections. mesopeel introduction

5 MENU mesopeel introduction Epidermis pH 4.2 – 5.6 (sweat and sebum) + Acid in men + Acid in dry skins Complete renovation in 28 days Dermis pH 6 – 7 (vessels and fibres) Elastin Glycosaminoglycan Collagen

6 MENU mesopeel Mechanism of action A chemical peeling acts on the skin though three mechanisms: TISSUE DESTRUCTION INFLAMMATION MEDIATORS ACTIVATION FORMATION OF NEW COLAGEN

7 MENU mesopeel Mesopeel hydroxide acids mesopeel hydroxide acids lactic_ peel AL mandelic_ peel AM salicylic_ peel AS glycolic_ peel AG mesopeel combinados melanostop_ peel mesopeel_ azelan mesopeel_ jessner

8 MENU mesopeel hydroxide acids lactic_ peel AL mandelic_ peel AM salicylic_ peel AS glycolic_ peel AG mesopeel combinados melanostop_ peel mesopeel_ azelan mesopeel_ jessner piruvex_ peel mesopeel tricloroacético mesopeel_ TCA soft mesopeel_ TCA mesopeel Classification

9 MENU They are organic acids that contain an hydroxide group. Various concentrations (weight and volume). mesopeel mesopeel hydroxide acids: AHA´s BHA´s Salicylic Acid Glycolic Acid Mandelic Acid Lactic Acid Glycolic Acid Mandelic Acid Lactic Acid Mesopeel hydroxide acids

10 MENU Hydroxide acids glycolic_peel AG lactic_peel AL mandelic_peel AM salicylic_peel AS mesopeel mesopeel hydroxide acids

11 MENU Hydroxide acids are organic acids that contain an hydroxide group. Alpha-hydroxide acids (AHA’s) have the hydroxide group next to carboxyl, from which it derives: Glycolic Acid Mandelic Acid Lactic Acid Beta-hydroxide acids (BHA’s) have it further in the molecule, from which it derives: Salicylic Acid General characteristics of the mesopeels hydroxide acids are the following: Various concentrations (weight and volume) pH 1,8 Cosmetic form : fluid transparent gel without preservatives Presentation: 50ml container + measuring glass + neutralizer mesopeel mesopeel hydroxide acids

12 MENU glycolic_peel AG General characteristics: Formulated for intensive skin care for Photo-aging, cutaneous stains, imperfections in skins with tendency to acne or other causes. Stimulate the cellular regeneration and the synthesis of collagen. Mechanism of action: mesopeel Destroys the protein bindings between the corneocytes. Stimulates the production of collagen in the fibroblasts. Indication: Ideal for all types of skins. Reduction of wrinkles depth. Diminishes post acne scarring. Concentractions: 20%, 35%, 50%* and 70%*. (*)Concentrations of 50% and 70% are of exclusive medical use mesopeel hydroxide acids

13 MENU lactic_peel AL General characteristics: Indicated for mild or moderated photo-aged skins Soften contours, improves the texture, tone and aspect of the skin in general. Mechanism of action: mesopeel Destroys the protein bindings between the corneocytes causing the to detach. Stimulates the production of GAG’s in the dermis and increases its hydration. It is less aggressive than Glycolic Acid for the skin. Indication: Ideal for dry and sensitive skins. Stretch marks. Actinic damage. Concentrations: 30%, 40%* and 50%*. (*) the concentration of 50% is for exclusive medical use. mesopeel hydroxide acid

14 MENU mandelic_peel AM General characteristics: Indicated for fight imperfections of skins with tendency to acne that can also combine Photo-ageing and/or hyperpigmentation. Produce a mild and progressive exfoliation. Antiseptic and depigmentation effects. Mechanism of action: mesopeel Breaks the unions between corneocytes of the stratum corneum, as well as the cellules of the epidermis and the dermis. Stimulate the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans. Induce a process of cutaneous rejuvenation. Indication: Ideal for thick, oily and seborreic skins. treatment of hyperchromies. Photo-aging / Dilated pores. concentrations: 30%, 40% and 50%*. (*)concentration of 50% is of eclusive medical use mesopeel hydroxide acids

15 MENU salicylic_peel AL General characteristics: Formulated to reduce or eliminate imperfections in skins with tendency to acne, photo- aging alterations and wrinkles. Controls the proliferation of “propionilbacterium acnes”. Mechanism of action: mesopeel Liposoluble substance that eliminates intercellular lipids. It does not have inflammatory action, and therefore it is safe in skins predisposed to PIH (Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). Indication: Hyperkeratosis skins. Oily / proacneic skins. Acneic skins. Ideal as deep hygiene treatment. Concentrations: 10%, 20% and 30%*. (*) The concentration of 30% is of exclusive medical use mesopeel hydroxide acids

16 MENU mesopeel Lactic peel AL (Lactic Acid) Concentration30%40%50% time10’7’ mandelic_peel AM (Mandelic Acid) Concentration30%40%50% time10’7’5’ salicylic_peel AS (Salicylic Acid ) Concentration10%20%30% time10’7’5’ glycolic_peel AG (Glycolic Acid) Concentration 20%35%50% 70% time10’ 6’3’ * The maximum exposition time will always be subject to the professional criteria. MAXIUM RECOMMENDED EXPOSITION TIMES mesopeel hydroxide acids

17 MENU mesopeel hidroxiácidos lactic_ peel AL mandelic_ peel AM salicylic_ peel AS glycolic_ peel AG mesopeel combined melanostop_ peel mesopeel_ azelan mesopeel_ jessner mesopeel Combined mesopeel

18 MENU mesopeel hidroxiácidos lactic_ peel AL mandelic_ peel AM salicylic_ peel AS glycolic_ peel AG mesopeel combined melanostop_ peel mesopeel_ azelan mesopeel_ jessner piruvex_ peel mesopeel tricloroacético mesopeel_ TCA soft mesopeel_ TCA mesopeel Combined mesopeel

19 MENU Combined melanostop_peel mesopeel_azelan mesopeel_jessner modified

20 MENU Combined melanostop_peel mesopeel_azelan mesopeel_jessner modified piruvex_peel

21 MENU mesopeel melanostop_peel General characteristics: Its effect is based on the synergic action of the three active ingredients that work jointly. Mechanism of action: Inhibition of formation of abnormal melanic pigmentations. Renovation of the epidermis. Whitening effect Indications: Treatment of superficial melasma. epidermal solar lentigo. Body hypercromies (armpits, knees, groin, etc…) Composition: Azelaic Acid 20%: Essentially metabolic activity. Antioxidant properties. Resorcinol 10%: Whitening effect. Fitic Acid 6%: depigmentation. Combined mesopeel

22 MENU mesopeel Apply morning and night post-treatment Depigmentation cream for all types of skins. post-treatment puntual depigmentation treatment. melanogel antispot cream Apply morning and night Depigmentation cream puntual depigmentation treatment melanogel touch // Coadjuvant products

23 MENU mesopeel mesopeel_azelan General characteristics : Especially indicated in oily skins or with acneic tendency. Treatment of acne in all its different manifestations. Indications: Oily proacneic skins. Mild or moderate acne. Comedonal skins. composition: Azelaic Acid 20%: Activity essentially metabolic. Antioxidant properties. Salicylic Acid 20%: Epidermical exfoliation. Antiseborrheic action. Combined mesopeels

24 MENU mesopeel application morning and night continous maintenance Cleansing facial gel for oily and pro- acneic skins. continous maintenance Descaling and purifying facial mask. purifying cleanser // application morning and night Facial gel mask facial exfoliant purifying face mask // application morning and night post-treatment Eases the superficial peeling and prevents pore obstruction. post-treatment purifying cream // Puntual application cosmelan active system spot treatment Productos coadjuvants Sebum regulation puntual treatment Maintenance cream

25 MENU mesopeel mesopeel_jessner modified General characteristics: Ideal for faded skins care, with signs of chronologic aging, superficial scars and epidermal hyperpigmentations. Indications: Photoaging. Antiaging treatments. Post-acne scarring. Composition: Salicylic Acid 14%: Keratolytical exfoliating and comedolytic effect. Lactic Acid 14%: Gives tautness and hydration to the skin. Activates the formation of collagen and elastin. Citric Acid 8%: Lesser keratolytical action due to its heavier molecular weight. Similar properties to Lactic Acid. Combined mesopeel

26 MENU mesopeel continous maintenance post-treatment Cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of marine collagen. continous maintenance post-treatment Cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of Vitamin C. Coadjuvant products

27 MENU mesopeel piruvex_peel General characteristics: Specially indicated to tackle photo-aging, thin and deep wrinkles. Useful in acne and thin seborrheic keratosis. Increases the tone, luminosity and softness. Indication: Chronologic aging. Photo-ageing. Deep wrinkles. Post-acne scarring. Seborrheic and actinic keratosis. Composition: Pyruvic Acid 40%: Tackles chrono- and photo-aging. Lactic Acid 10%: Stimulates new collagen, elastic fibres and glycoproteins production. Combined mesopeel

28 MENU mesopeel Cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of vegetal stem cells. global antiage treatment that includes [meso]recovery complex. continous maintenance post-treatment continous maintenance post-treatment Productos coadjuvants

29 MENU mesopeel * The maximum time of exposition will be subject to professional opinion. FACENECKBODY melanostop_peel5 minutes2 minutes5 minutes mesopeel_azelan10 minutes2 minutes5 minutes mesopeel_jessner10 minutes2 minutes10 minutes piruvex_peel3 minutes2 minutes3 minutes MAXIMUM RECOMMENDED EXPOSITION TIME Exposition time

30 MENU mesopeel mesopeel hidroxiácidos lactic_ peel AL mandelic_ peel AM salicylic_ peel AS glycolic_ peel AG mesopeel combinados melanostop_ peel mesopeel_ azelan mesopeel_ jessner piruvex_ peel mesopeel trichloroacetic mesopeel_ TCA soft mesopeel_ TCA mesopeel trichloroacetic

31 MENU Trichloroacetics mesopeel_TCA soft mesopeel_TCA

32 MENU mesopeel mesopeel_TCA and mesopeel_TCA soft General characteristics: Trichloroacetic Acid is derived from Acetic Acid through by chloration of three hydrogenate ions. Treats superficial and mid lesions. Superficial lesions: superficial hyperchromies, comedonal acne, thin wrinkles. Mid lesions: Acne damage reversion, actinic keratosis, wrinkles, dyschromy. Mechanism of actuación: Acts by floculation pf skin proteins. Produce the precipitation of proteins by hydrofobic interaction. hidrofóbica. Indication: Treatment of photo-aging, wrinkles, actinic and seborrheic keratosis, pigmentary dischromies, acne and acne scars; and lack of facial luminosity. mesopeel tricloroacético

33 MENU mesopeel Complete a clinical record (anamnesis) All the relevant data will be collected such as, habits, personal or technical (skin type, lesion types, associated problems) and any factors related to the disorder. Personalized diagnosis In order to adapt the application protocol based on the needs of each patient Fill out the informed consent form Involving the patient on the treatment process, and also at the same time invite them to continue with the home treatment (fundamental protocol) Photographic register Guaranteing an objetive assessment of the evolution of results Control visits It is important to carry out control visits with an adapted periodicity based on the particular needs of each case. PHASE PRIOR TO TREATMENT: Treatment protocol

34 MENU mesopeel Treatment with retinoid (6 month wash out period). Active herpes lesions. Pregnancy. History of keloids or hypertrophic scars. Solar allergies or photo-sensitization. Hypersensitivity reaction to peeling. Radiotherapy treatment. Previous surgery in the area where the peeling it will applied. CONSIDERATIONS WHEN WE CARRY OUT A CHEMICAL PEELING Treatment protocol

35 MENU mesopeel Remove make up and tone up with hydra milk cleanser and hydratonic. Phase 2: degrease Apply professional degreasing lotion with a gauze and rubbing. Phase 1: preparation Mesopeel application protocol Treatment protocol

36 MENU mesopeel Protect with mesolips protector areas that due to their sensitivity must not be in contact with the peeling. Phase 4: treat Apply with a brush or gauze the selected peeling according the type of skin and estetopathy that will be treated. Control the exposition time. Phase 3: protect Mesopeel application protocol Treatment protocol

37 MENU mesopeel Remove with abundant water and spray the area treated with post-peel neutralizing spray. Phase 6: enhacing the result Apply the mask post-peel crystal fibre mask or anti-stress face mask and leave in exposition for 20 minutes. Phase 5: remove and neutralise Mesopeel application protocol Treatment protocol

38 MENU mesopeel After removing the mask apply post-procedure fast skin repair cream. Apply moisturising sun protection. Phase 7: complete and protect Mesopeel application protocol Treatment protocol

39 MENU Sensation of tightness This sensation is relieved through the repeated application of products that encourage reepitelization and hydration. PEELING It is an expected evolution after carrying out an Acid based treatment. mesopeel Treatment protocol CHANGES IN THE SKIN DURING THE TREATMENT Frost The frosty areas must be moisturised repeatedly on subsequent days. Burning Typical treatment manifestation; Cool air may relieve this sensation. Erythema According to skin sensitivity, erythema may appear, being a temporary manifestation.

40 MENU Peeling as previous treatment Before another more specific type of treatment, it is advisable to prepare the skin with the peeling application. For this reason, it is advisable to carry out a session 10 days before applying treatment with mesohyal, treatment antiaging, photogen system, tmt system, amongst others. Peeling as como specific treatment When an estetopathy is treated with peelings, cycles of 6 to 8 sessions are recommended. Peeling as maintenance Peeling as maintenance It is advisable to carry out a peeling in every season of the year, once every 3 months approximately. mesopeel Treatment protocol APPLICATION OF CHEMICAL PEELINGS| CYCLES OF TREATMENT

41 MENU Before After mesopeel Results | Clinical cases

42 MENU Before After mesopeel Results | Clinical cases

43 MENU mesopeel Before After Firstsession: salicylic_peel 10 % + 3 sessions peeling combined Results | Clinical cases

44 MENU mesopeel Before After 6 sessions mesopeel glycolic_peel AG 20% and 35% Results | Clinical cases

45 MENU mesopeel Results | Clinical cases


47 MENU mesopeel mesoestetic glycolic_peel AG 20% / 318-PE mesoestetic glycolic_peel AG 35% / 316-PE mesoestetic glycolic_peel AG 50% / 326-PE mesoestetic glycolic_peel AG 70% / 325-PE mesoestetic lactic_peel AL 30% / 315-PE mesoestetic lactic_peel AL 40% / 322-PE mesoestetic lactic_peel AL 50% / 321-PE Peelings registered at Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios

48 MENU mesopeel mesoestetic salicylic_peel AS 10% / 314-PE mesoestetic salicylic_peel AS 20% / 324-PE mesoestetic salicylic_peel AS 30% / 323-PE mesoestetic mandelic_peel AM 30% / 317-PE mesoestetic mandelic_peel AM 40% / 320-PE mesoestetic mandelic_peel AM 50% / 319-PE Peelings registered at Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios

49 MENU mesopeel mesoestetic melanostop_peel / 370-PE mesoestetic mesopeel_azelan / 368-PE mesoestetic mesopeel_TCA / 364-PE mesoestetic mesopeel_TCA Soft / 365-PE mesoestetic piruvex_peel / 366-PE Peelings registered at Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios

50 MENU mesopeel FAQ’s – mesopeel 1.How does a chemical peeling work? Besides of smoothing the skin, it unleashes series physiological reactions and increases cutaneous permeability, stimulating the synthesis of collagen through a controlled aggression of the skin (decrease of pH). 2.What performance can I get in sessions with a bottle of peelings? Each bottle of peeling contains enough product for approximately 10 facial applications (5 ml. per session). 3.Hoy do I ken te peeling once oponed? It can be perfectly kept at room temperature, closing it properly to avoid that it vaporises and the gel base solidifies. In case that it adopts a very viscose consistence, it can be rinsed with abundant hot water and shake it well until it reaches gain the right texture to apply it.

51 MENU mesopeel FAQ’s 4.How long must we leave between from the solar exposition solar until the application of treatments with chemical peelings? We must always assess the type and condition of the skin and absence of photo-sensitizing factors. As a general rule, it is advisable to leave 10 days from the extended solar exposition until the application in cabin of chemical peelings. 5.Is it advisable to combine peelings with electro-aesthetic techniques? Chemical peeling is a quite complete treatment, however, it can be combined with topical treatments that act as coadjuvants in the same session, and it is important not to combine it with techniques that involve thermic or light stimulation in the same session, because it may cause photosensitivity reactions.

52 MENU mesopeel FAQ’s 6.What products can recommended for home care after a treatment with chemical peelings? According the type of peeling used and the skin conditions, certain specific patterns of treatment will be established. However, there are recommendable products for all cases: post-procedure fast skin repair: during the 72 hours after the peeling application in cabin (only if there is peeling). hydra vital factor K: Moisturises. anti-stress face mask or hydra-vital face mask: once a week at home. The use of a moisturising sun protection is essential.

53 MENU mesopeel FAQ’s 7.Is it necessary that the skin peels to produce a result? The reactions of the skin are unique and unpredictable, but we can have an expectation of results more or less standard for our treatments, but the way every individual reacts is unique, and therefore, it can be expected that some skins peel, while others do not, and logically, some people have a faster response than others. The peeling, does not involve a better result, and probably in cases where there is no distinctive peeling, the result will take slightly longer to be evident, but internally the same dermal stimulation occurs. In terms of the dryness and tightness sensation, it indicates that the skin is recovering after the application of peeling, and the only thing that can be done to balance it is to moisturise it continuously, and we must also keep in mind that external factors make this sensation more pronounced (cold and heating).

54 MENU mesopeel FAQ’s 8.What special precautions should be taken in consideration when performing treatments with chemical peelings in high phototypes? It should be considered that the darker the skin, it gets more inflamed and, therefore, it has greater risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation unless extreme solar care. In these cases, the best way of proceeding is to avoid aggressive peels and use discrete concentrations, performing a increased number of sessions. Do not perform other exfoliating techniques for 3 weeks prior to treatment. In male skins, shaving is not recommended 24 hours prior to treatment. 9. Is there here is a minimum of preset exposition time? No, once peeling is applied, it is the normal reaction of the skin itself, that determines the exposition time, the times indicated in the tables are the maximum recommended.

55 MENU mesopeel FAQ’s 10.Can a chemical peeling be applied on a skin that it is still peeling? No, in that case, you should wait until the skin fully recovers before a new session. 11.What is the minimum time recommended intersession? 10 days recommended. 12.In body treatments, what are the peelings used for and how are they applied? They are used as phase of preparation of the skin for body treatments in anya rea, and they are applied in the same way in the face and the exposition times will vary according ot the skin conditions (specially folded skin thickness). The most common applications in body are: treatments of pigmentation in arms and hands, necklines, stretch marks in abdomen and buttocks; acne in back, as keratolytic in elbows, knees and feet, and finally as general maintenance of the condition of the skin.

56 MENU mesopeel FAQ’s 13.It is mandatory the use of professional degreasing lotion before of the application of chemical peelings? It is not mandatory but highly recommended to obtain a uniform penetration of the chemical peeling, as it prepares the skin, evaporating the hydrolipidic layer and eliminating impurities of the cornea layer. 14.What peeling is more effective to treat facial acne : salicylic peel_AL or mesopeel_azelan? Is it one stronger than the other? Are they complementary or do they need to be substituted? They are actually complementary options: −salicylic peel_AL indicated to treat keratinized skins in the first sessions of treatment. −mesopeel_azelan specífic for cases of acne in active phase, when there is an infection present or inflamamation, and for treating post-acne scarring.

57 MENU Chemical peelings

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