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Maximizing Your Transfer Credits & Tips for Transfers at Buffalo State Trish Dillenbeck Assistant Director, Transfer Admissions SUNY Buffalo State.

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1 Maximizing Your Transfer Credits & Tips for Transfers at Buffalo State Trish Dillenbeck Assistant Director, Transfer Admissions SUNY Buffalo State

2 Important Items for Transfers MyBuffState Credit Transfers “Reverse Transfer” Academic Advisement Offices Your Student Needs to Know

3 MyBuffState


5 BLACKBOARD: Courses, Online Classes BANNER: Admissions/Orientation, Add/Drop classes, View student schedule, Financial Aid, Advising, Housing, Student Accounts, etc. DEGREE WORKS: Degree Audit, Transfer Credits, Track Progress to Graduation STUDENT EMAIL: Official means of communication with the College! BENGAL CONNECT: United Students Government (USG) portal. Info on student clubs, organizations, and events.

6 MyBuffState Advisement & Academics Advisement, Academic Calendar, Undergrad Catalog, Course Listings, General Ed, Schools, Textbooks, Tutoring Billing Pay Your Bill, Deadlines, Scholarships Technology Student Email, Banner/User Name Look Up, Computing Help Desk, Computing Support, Forgot/Change Password, Computer Labs, Equipment Loan, Printing Campus Safety University Police, NY Alert Forms & Passes Registrar Forms, Parking, Transfer Credit Appeal Services Counseling, Dining, Disability, Weigel, Veterans, Parking Headlines News, Updates, Student Announcements & Events

7 Credit Transfer We realize this is most important to you! High School Transcripts (needed upon ENROLLMENT) – Foreign Language (2 years) – AP exams & classes taken for college credit ALL College Transcripts – Study abroad, National Student Exchange, etc. AP/CLEP Scores – Request official transcripts (CEEB: 2533) Realize that not all credits might transfer – If we don’t have a departmental equivalent, the course may not transfer over (example: Occupational Therapy, Nursing) Maximum Transfer Credits Allowed – Community Colleges – 66 – Four Year Institutions – 88 – Proprietary - 15

8 Credit Appeals: “1XX” How to turn some of those electives into requirements 2 scenarios for a “1xx”: – We don’t have an equivalent for that class here at Buffalo State, but we accept the transfer credits – The department / Transfer Articulation Office hasn’t evaluated Your student can appeal a “1xx” with the appropriate academic department chair (attach syllabi or course descriptions)

9 Credit “Swap” This is a great way to maximize credits if you have over the allotted number of credits. If you had over the allotted number of credits, you can “swap” courses on your Degree Works – Regionally-accredited 2 year = 66 – Regionally-accredited 4 year = 88 – Propriety Institution = 15 Example: You had 80 credits from ECC. You want the PSY 100 class you took to show up on your DW instead of the ENG 1XX. To “swap” courses, visit the Admissions Office (Moot 110) for a “Transfer Credit Swap Form” or go online to the Admissions website transfer page, and download the form.

10 High School Transcript Do we really need to send that in? – YES! All incoming students who enroll at Buffalo State (first year and transfer) need to submit their final High School transcript (or GED/TASC scores) upon enrollment to the College. Failure to do so may result in a hold being placed on your student account, preventing future course registration.

11 Reverse Transfer SUNY initiative designed to help you! If you left a SUNY 2 year institution and did NOT get a degree, some 2 year institutions allow you to transfer back a few courses from Buffalo State to complete the Associates Degree. Contact your community college to better understand the process of transferring the credits back (from Buffalo State) to obtain your associates degree.

12 Helpful Offices for Transfer Students “I need…”Where to go Academic AdvisementYour department office Help with internships, part-time jobs, my resume, or interviewing Career Development Center Cleveland Hall 306 To make sure my financial aid is all setFinancial Aid Moot Hall 230 To pay my bill for the semesterStudent Accounts – ONLINE!!!!! Moot Hall 260 A parking permitParking Services – ONLINE!!!!! Chase Hall 126 To connect to Buffalo State; get involved on campus Student Life Campbell Student Union 400 Transfer Credit AppealMyBuffState for the form; the department the course falls under for the appeal

13 Academic Advisement Here is where we might be different from your last school! Get advisement every semester! It is the student’s responsibility to get academic advisement. You are the only one responsible for your academic progress. If you don’t know who your academic advisor, check DegreeWorks (top right hand corner) – If it’s not in DegreeWorks, contact your department If you received advisement from your department, but you still have more questions… – Contact the Associate Dean of your school – Contact University College for general advisement

14 Degree Completion Transfer students are focused on the “next step” – and we realize this! We realize one of your main goals is to complete your degree at Buffalo State and take one step closer to the career of your choice It is important to be aware of your academic progress (and transfer credits) in order to graduate in a timely manner Utilize campus resources to propel you to your career

15 Career Development Center Services Offered: Resume / Cover letter Internship Center Career counseling Mock Interviews Employment (ORCA) Job & Grad School Fairs Website Resources Candid Career Manners Matters (Etiquette Dinner) Volunteer and Service Learning

16 Financial Aid This can be tricky/confusing for transfers! File FAFSA often (every year!) Be sure you accept your financial aid award package in Self-Service Banner Keep up on your scholarship options If you have questions, see Financial Aid (Moot Hall 230) Financial Aid Office does offer 1-1 appointments if necessary for financial counseling

17 Student Accounts The Student Accounts Office is responsible for billing and collection of student tuition, fees, and room & board for each semester. The office is also responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all student financial aid, including processing refunds from financial aid awards. Student must register for a class prior to Sunday, Jan. 25 at 11:59pm or they will receive a “Late Registration Fee” (SUNY Mandate) All bills are electronic (no paper mailed home). Pay your ebills online through QuikPAY (found in Banner). Payment plans are also available through QuikPAY! Sign up to have your refund Direct Deposited (faster & easier!)

18 Welcome to Buffalo State Questions? Trish Dillenbeck Assistant Director, Transfer Admissions SUNY Buffalo State 716.878.5713

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