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Using StrengthsFinder In Your Job Search Crossroads Career Network Monthly Networking Meeting March 5, 2015 Presented by Natalie Ackerman Cornerstone Career.

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1 Using StrengthsFinder In Your Job Search Crossroads Career Network Monthly Networking Meeting March 5, 2015 Presented by Natalie Ackerman Cornerstone Career Consulting

2 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Your Strengths are the “Secret” Ingredient!

3 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting In your Job Search… You’re a Salesperson (whether you like it or not ) YOU are the product! To sell your value to a potential employer you have to… Know Your Product & Believe in it! How well do you “know” your product? How will you “sell” yourself?

4 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting What Makes You Stand Out? All things being equal… Candidate A STRENGTHS Candidate B The difference between A and B is STRENGTHS !!

5 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting What is a strength? You were born w/them They’re how you’re hard-wired They’re easy & effortless They’re so natural you think - ”doesn’t everyone do that? It’s the HOW & the WHY of what you do Strengths are the things you do that make you feel energized and alive when you do them

6 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Talk to people in elevators, airplanes, grocery stores, and wherever you go Have a color-coded/organized closet Keep a list of things to do and stick to it Believe things can always be done better Pick someone to race while driving Ask too many questions Focus more on people than work REPEATEDLY push the elevator button Stand up if you always…

7 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting How Do My Strengths Make a Difference? Behavior patterns that make you effective. Thought patterns that make you efficient. Beliefs that empower you to succeed. Attitudes that sustain your efforts toward achievement and excellence. Motivations that propel you to take action and maintain the energy needed to achieve. © Gallup Organization

8 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Effortlessly and instinctively starting conversations (Woo) Thinking in an orderly or timely manner (Discipline) Easily and naturally influencing others (Command) Seeing patterns in data (Analytical) Consistently having a positive outlook on life (Positivity) Sorting through clutter to get to the heart of matters (Strategic) Naturally organizing people & events for optimal outcomes (Arranger) Examples of Strength… © Gallup Organization

9 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting 40+ years of research 10+Million interviews across the globe 20% - people that are working from their strengths 80% - not engaged, bringing their best to work every day 98.9% accuracy – 1 st time Rank vs. Function 1:33.5 mill. – possibility of anyone having top 5 in the same order Approx. 179 people of 7+ billion on the earth w/your same 5 in the same order! Similar to your fingerprint, your strengths are unique to YOU! StrengthsFinder – FAQ’s

10 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Most/Least Common Strengths The themes most commonly appearing in the top 5 are: Achiever, Responsibility, Learner, Relator, and Strategic. The themes least likely to show up in the top 5 are: Command, Self-Assurance, Significance, Discipline and Context. © Gallup Organization

11 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Clues About Your Strengths… What kinds of activities are you naturally drawn to? What activities energize you? What kind of activities do you seem to pick up quickly? What activities do you seem to automatically know the steps to be taken? What activities give you a kick, and you think, “When can I do that again?” What activities are frustrating or drain you?

12 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Clues About Your Strengths… What did you enjoy doing before you were 18 years old? Teach a classroom Sing to a large audience Organize parties/events for classmates Organize & staff a lemonade stand Top Salesperson for fundraisers - Boy/Girl Scouts Team captain for sports team Settling conflicts between classmates Studying science/history Fixing broken things

13 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Then and Now… Natalie’s career history: Sales & Sales Management Recruiter /Trainer Project manager Program manager Professional Development Coach Entrepreneur Woo – one who is able to easily persuade. Maximizer – one who seeks to take people & projects from great to excellent. Activator – one who acts to start things in motion. Arranger – one who enjoys orchestrating many tasks & variables to a successful outcome. Positivity– one who has a knack for bringing the bright side to any situation. Does what you did “then” look similar to what you do “now”?

14 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting 4 Theme Domains © 2008 Strength Based Leadership

15 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting “Out of the box” solutions Recognize emerging needs & imagine solutions Masters of “possibility” thinking Like to synthesize ideas, develop theories, research information, and design innovative solutions Challenges the status quo and asks: “What about this idea? Have you thought about trying that?” Envisions a brighter future Encourages everyone to see possibilities and think differently “Strategist” / Thinking Domain

16 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Organize and take charge Drive projects across the finish line – outcome driven Manage, run, and improve core processes & systems Remove barriers to performance Manage the details and ensure results Want to know the goals, deadlines, and what’s expected of them “no-nonsense” – hate inefficiency Ask the tough questions no one else does “ Mobilizer” / Executing Domain

17 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Motivate others and gain commitment Help people work collaboratively and build trust & teamwork The “glue” that makes projects and relationships work Highly intuitive to others needs & concerns Like to connect, communicate & inspire others to do their best Experts at listening, coaching, communicating & facilitating Listen & advise, resolve conflict “Amiable” / Relating Domain

18 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Change agents Champion & launch new ideas and ensure their success Sells the team’s ideas & excels at forging alliances inside and outside the organization Set up projects and change initiatives up for success Know what it takes to create lasting change – big change Put systems and resources in place to achieve the vision Will sell the idea, assemble the resources & design the infrastructure to support the project “Catalyst” / Influencing Domain

19 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Any surprises? Disappointments? Which strength do you appreciate the most? Why? Which 1 or 2 strengths help you succeed the most in your job? How do those 1 or 2 strengths add value to the team you work with every day? Applying Your Strengths…

20 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Can this help me get a job faster? ABSOLUTELY! Self-Confidence – know who you ARE & are NOT Clarity about who you are and the specific value you offer an employer  What cos. need most + what you do best = success! Sell yourself more effectively because you come across with authenticity & conviction Saves wasted time spent on companies or jobs that aren’t a fit with your values/strengths

21 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Additional Resources StandOut – Marcus Buckingham Strengths Based Leadership – Tom Rath & Barrie Conchie Strengths Based Selling – Tony Rutigliano and Brian Brim Discover Your Sales Strengths – Benson Smith & Tony Rutigliano Go Put Your Strengths to Work – Marcus Buckingham Living Your Strengths – Donald Clifton & Albert Winseman StrengthsQuest – (college students) Strengths Explorer – (children ages 10-13) Your Child’s Strengths – Jenifer Fox

22 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Questions? THANK YOU!

23 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Strengths Statement Examples  I help others peer over the horizon to see the potential for the future by asking “did you ever think about…or wouldn’t it be great if…”. When others say “this can’t be done”, I look for options and figure out how it can be done.  If a team needs to be created, I should be involved. I recognize talents, skills, and knowledge in people. I intuitively sense how very different people can work together.  I have a relentless need for achievement - an internal fire that pushes me to set goals and do more. I set the pace for the team and facilitate highly productive work groups.

24 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting  People tell me that I’m genuine and authentic in my approach and I can develop enduring, trusted relationships with virtually anyone. Because of this, I build productive, long-term relationships with internal and external clients at all levels.  I have the ability to quicken the pulse of my surroundings and engage the exchange of ideas. I can take performance up a notch, or several just by engaging others in conversations and bringing talented people together.  Is enthusiasm contagious – I hope so! There are always challenges but I’m the cheerleader and we’ll keep moving forward no matter the obstacles. Strengths Statement Examples

25 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting Clarifying Your Strengths Where do you fit on the project? Catalyst– Gets the project in motion, generates ideas, provides the innovative spark for new initiatives Designer - champions the idea, promotes it, and sets the project up for success Facilitator– Keeps things moving, gets things done, creates structure; follows up to ensure the project crosses the finish line Motivator – builds trust and teamwork necessary to keep things moving; motivates people, rallies support & carries the project over the finish line © 2009 Faith Ralston – Play to your Strengths

26 © 2015 Cornerstone Career Consulting EXECUTINGINFLUENCINGRELATIONSHIP BUILDING STRATEGIC THINKING People with dominant Executing strengths know how to make things happen. People with dominant Influencing strengths know how to take charge, speak up, & make sure the team is heard. People with dominant Relationship Building strengths have the ability to build strong relationships that hold a team together and make the team greater than the sum of its parts. People with dominant Strategic Thinking strengths help teams consider what could be. They absorb & analyze information that can inform better decisions. Achiever Arranger Belief Consistency Deliberative Discipline Focus Responsibility Restorative Activator Command Communication Competition Maximizer Self-Assurance Significance Woo Adaptability Connectedness Developer Empathy Harmony Includer Individualization Positivity Relator Analytical Context Futuristic Ideation Input Intellection Learner Strategic Four Domains of Strengths

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