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Discovering your Strengths

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1 Discovering your Strengths
“Individuals gain more when they build on their talents, than when they make comparable efforts to improve their areas of weakness.” --Clifton & Harter

2 What Are Strengths? Talent Knowledge + Skills = Strength

3 Evidence of your Strengths
Intense satisfaction Achievements yearnings Rapid Learnings Flow

4 Building Strengths Identify the natural talent themes
Ways of processing information Ways of interacting with people Ways of seeing the world Habits, behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that can be productively applied

5 What are strengths? Attitudes that sustain efforts toward achievement and excellence Behavior patterns that make a person effective Beliefs that empower a person to succeed Motivations that propel a person to take action and maintain the energy needed to achieve Thought patterns that make a person efficient

6 Why Strengths? Aim for: consistent, near-perfect performance in a given activity. Best of the best Spend most of their time in their areas of strength Use their strengths to overcome obstacles Invent ways of capitalizing on their strengths in new situations Partner with complimentary types

7 Our plan Complete StrengthsFinder Share results with
Counselor 2 friends Your parents Answer two reflection questions and send to your counselor

8 StrengthsFinder Online Create user name
Set aside 40 uninterrupted minutes 180 questions, forced choice 20 seconds per question Report: Top five signature Strengths



11 Next steps Study halls Beginning of January End of January
Week of November 20th Developing Strengths Beginning of January Career building End of January Academic planning

12 Due Date Friday, November 17th

13 Key to Productivity


15 Using Strengthsfinder
Identifies top 5 themes Six-month test-retest reliability across all populations ranges from .60 to .80 Three-month test-retest reliability among college students ranges from .70 to .76 Study from Harvard: Students preferred Strengths over MBTI or the Values Information Assessment

16 Strengths Connect with 4 Key Motivational Drives

17 StrengthsFinder® Achiever Activator Adaptability Analytical Arrange
Belief Command Communication Competition Connectedness Consistency Context Deliberative Developer Discipline Empathy Focus Futuristic Harmony Ideation Includer Individuation Input Intellection Learner Maximizer Positivity Relator Responsibility Restorative Self-Assurance Significance Strategic Woo

18 More info?

19 Shaun’s themes Positivity Includer Adaptability Woo Strategic

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