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2 Incident Free Elections in Heavily Mined LWE Hotbed Gaya Innovations & Strategies Nishant Tiwary, IPS, SSP Gaya


4 LS Elections 2014 : A Success Story ! Path-breaking elections : Not just Casualty free but Injury free and incident free as well !! YearDeathInjuredTotal 2004030205 2005120517 2009060208 2010091120 2014Zero Moreover, more than 60 deadly IEDs were recovered, a record in itself.

5 What actually made the difference? What apart from the following ?  Area Domination  Border Sealing  Operations/ROP  Ambush  Interstate/ Inter District co-ordination Meetings  Arrests/ Seizures  Following SOPs  CASO/SADO Let’s look into the innovations on ground.

6 Ten Commandments that actually made the difference on ground! 1. Ploughing the mined field : Ops Demining  Operation ‘Demining’  Plough road sides with pronged tractor  Intensive use of prodders  Intensive training and briefing of civilian staff  Do’s and Don’ts / Sensitization of whole area  Use of trusted SPOs/Chaukidars/Local representatives to sanitize side routes after successful demining. Result: Injury free elections


8 Revisiting Human Intelligence More than 60 IEDs were recovered en route measuring each upto 100 kgs at times and many of which were planted in series up to kilometers months ago. No other way, We could have found and unearthed them, preventing huge loss to the forces and polling personnel.  Resulted from camping of senior officers in remote areas  Reward distribution  Reaching out to them rather than relying on them to provide information  Cross check by technical inputs  Sensitization of PS about this strategy  Picking up supporters a day before the elections (very imp) 2.


10 3. Rather than trying to diffuse IEDs with limited numbers of BDD teams available on ground, We as a strategy blasted them off in situ using TNT slabs. Blasting of IEDs in-situ Result: No casualty while negotiating an IED unlike that happened at many other places, where many jawans and senior officers lost their lives after having successfully discovered the IED.




14 4. 1. No withdrawal of CAPF and temporary camps the very next day of Elections. 2. Instead, an operation was planned very next day focusing de-induction on foot. 3. Operation de-induction was planned meticulously with help of already existing companies of CAPF. 4. Arrangement of light refreshment: A must to avoid fatigue and dehydration at camps and police stations. Result : No casualty while return journey, in fact many IEDs were recovered. After successful Elections, extremists were desperate to cause an incident, that way it offered bigger challenge. Tech inputs combined with human int helped save IED blasts in Dumaria area, while Cobra/BSF teams were returning. Strategic Delayed De-Induction

15 5. Very important to have a place at dist headquarters where all the agencies sit together to collect, process and disseminate intelligence, such as : 1. SIB 2. DIU/Technical cell of the District 3. Rep from different type of forces e.g. CRPF/Cobra /ITBP/BSF/CISF/SSB with their communication channel set at their frequencies 4. Special Branch 5. STF SIG A detailed booth level map (plotted on topographical sheet ) and a detailed communication plan up to village level including contacts of common people help provide input to forces instantly and accurately. We kept SIMs of all service providers ready besides wireless & satellite phone communication. Unified Intelligence & Command Centre Result : We saved lives of many men by instantly updating them regarding dangers/inputs. Bet it an IED underneath the booth in Kothi PS, or an IED in Dumaria where Cobra/BSF teams were returning. Reaction time available was not more than a minute.


17 6. Mobike Teams: Extremely useful given the terrain and topography of Gaya 1. Fast response 2. Fills resource gap 3. Cover more area 4. Extremely useful for strengthening a post 5. Restricted Night movement of Naxals Night Ops: 1. On foot 2. Surprises and deters enemy as they mostly plant IEDs in night. Creation of CAPF/Cobra/STF mobike teams&Utility of Night Ops


19 1. CAPF camps were used as cluster centers 2. Similar type of CAPFs were deployed in one adjacent area to have better co- ordination 3. CAPFs deployed as per their capability ( Diff of BSF and CISF) 4. Droplet Method : Forces deployed in one direction move out cross country together on foot and then keep separating as water droplets to their respective polling booths. While returning re-joining of booth level parties happen strengthening the group. It reduces the possibility of them getting out numbered especially in remote border locations or in hinterland. Droplet Method of Deployment & De-induction 7.



22 8. Deployment Plan Meeting the Resource Gap 1. Planning up to Booth level was done operationally on topographical sheet rather than on list received from junior officers. Mere categorization into Hard Naxal/ Soft Naxal and General not enough. Tedious exercise ! But most important one. Forces at booth can act as cordon/ stop etc. 2. At times, dominating the area is more logical than strengthening each individual booth ( mobile teams) 3. PCCP can be made static 4. Low productivity of Super Zonal/Zonal patrolling parties in Naxal areas. In fact, it can be counter-productive. 5. Forces at booth at and near to fortified camps and PS can be mixed with state armed police for better utilization



25 9. Huge number of home guards and State Police Personnel arrive from other districts. One Mini police line for each AC was created. It was pre decided which district force will go in which constituency and it should be properly announced and displayed at their place of stay. Dedicated men to distribute command, Arms and ammunition for each AC. Proper facilities created beforehand with dedicated transport Vehicles pre-filled with fuel and drivers were paid before-hand to avoid congestion and long queues at petrol pumps Announcement at all the places where forces are staying Movement and briefing should be done as early as possible so that the forces move during day time with ROP still in place. In night, ROP virtually become ineffective. Effective Police line Management : Creating Mini Police Lines for each Assembly Constituency








33 Election Observers inaugurating the new command generating system at police lines Gaya

34 10.10. A Welcome co-ordination meeting was arranged with all of them with lunch. Briefing of the area by DM/SSP. Must be treated with lot of respect & warmth. Informal interactions a must, even though the pressure on time is heavy. Fax/ SIM Cards/ Communication Plan/All facilities of better accommodation/ List of warrantees /Maps/ etc given at their camp only so that there is no unnecessary movement of personnel to district headquarters avoiding incidents. CAPF Management Heavy Decentralization





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