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NERT College Disaster Operations Disaster Operations - ICS Command Staff Workshop 300-3 Refer to Field Operations Guide, Chapter 5.

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1 NERT College Disaster Operations Disaster Operations - ICS Command Staff Workshop 300-3 Refer to Field Operations Guide, Chapter 5

2 Field Operations Guide Field Operations Guide or FOG Is NERT’s guide for disaster operations You will see references to it throughout the training

3 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff3 NERT Personal Response Take care of self and family Assess damage to your building Put on safety gear Assist your immediate neighbors Record all the actions you take Record condition of neighbors and buildings FOG-pp. 7-8

4 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff4 Go To the Staging Area Collect your Go Kit Go to your neighborhood staging area Note neighborhood conditions on your way to the staging area  Damage assessment form (or form 100) Walk Slooooooowly FOG-p. 8

5 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff5 At the Staging Area Initiate Incident Command  select ICS section leaders  set up the physical layout of staging area  determine resources and needs  start Neighborhood Emergency Plan if there is one Collect the staging area kit Inform your EDCC when your NERT team is ready to begin operation  Use whatever means available FOG-p. 13

6 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff6 Task Force Leader – The Boss Person in charge; has overall responsibility for team’s response  Sets objectives and priorities  Has overall responsibility at the incident FOG-p. 11

7 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff7 Task Force Leader Checklist Delegate or assign roles as people arrive  ICS Section Chiefs  Staging Area Gatekeeper  Safety Officer  Information Officer Prioritize responses based on available information and resources  creates Task Force Action Plan  follow Neighborhood Emergency Plan (if there is one) Initiate response FOG-p. 14

8 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff8 Collects and assesses information; maintains communications Develops the Task Force Action Plan Tracks situation status, maps incidents  what has happened  how many are injured  what is damaged Planning & Intelligence – The Thinkers FOG-p. 11

9 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff9 P&I Checklist Prioritize and assess reported incidents  map incidents Communicate assessment to Task Force Leader and to EDCC  major injuries, immediate fire, urgent, widespread utility status, impending danger, response capability Set up radio – tune to EAS  find out locations of shelter and mass care facilities and their readiness Coordinate with Logistics to fulfill communications needs FOG-p. 14

10 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff10 Logistics – Hunters & Gatherers Maintains resource status of personnel and material  what resources are committed or available Provides support to meet incident needs  personnel  communications  transportation  shelter, food, and water for incident personnel  tools and equipment  medical for incident personnel only FOG-p. 11

11 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff11 Logistics Checklist Determine neighborhood resources  Personnel and skills – assemble teams  Equipment  Water and food  Sanitation and shelter Priority roles to fill are  Staging area gatekeeper  Runners and communicators Establish treatment area for NERT teams  medical area is for NERTs only FOG-p. 15

12 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff12 Operations - Doers Conducts tactical operations to carry out the Task Force Action Plan Develops the tactical organization and prioritizes response efforts Directs all tactical resources and dispatches teams Communicates with dispatched teams FOG-p. 11

13 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff13 Operations Checklist Establish staging area layout  assign Staging Area Manager  maintain unit log and check in/out Brief response teams on assignments  neighborhood injury and damage assessment  major injury triage and disaster medicine in the field  utility shutoff  search and rescue (S&R) Dispatch teams as instructed  confirm if reporting person is going with the team  receive and debrief returning teams  inform Planning & Intelligence FOG-p. 15

14 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff14 Administration - Bookkeepers Identify and track property loaned or borrowed Collect all documentation – from all sections May support Operations in tracking response teams FOG-p. 12

15 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff15 Administration Checklist Establish procedures for record keeping and collection with section chiefs Set up incident files  Check records for completeness  Track receipt of reimbursable items FOG-p. 16

16 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff16 Safety Officer Monitors safety in the staging area Assesses and corrects hazards Develops safety procedures May stop or prevent unsafe acts on own authority FOG-p. 12

17 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff17 Public Information Officer Assembles information which can be given to media Releases information only as directed or approved by the Task Force Leader Provides local information to neighborhood residents Escorts news media if in staging area FOG-p. 12

18 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff18 Exercise Provide information to the neighbors? Communicate with CCSF Emergency Services? Survey the neighborhood to record damage? Search house by house for gas leaks or other potentially dangerous situations? Confine and care for loose pets? Provide first aid as needed? Care for neighbors whose homes are damaged? Prioritize the actions of neighbors? Organize teams for response in the neighborhood? Keep track of the problems and incidents in the neighborhood? Document all response actions? Oversee the entire neighborhood response?

19 March 2008NERT Disaster Operations #3-Command Staff19 Thank You We would like to thank those who contributed to this presentation:  the SF Fire Department  the Department of Emergency Management  NERT volunteers

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