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Get Ready, Set, Test Team 7 Special Services Teachers State Department of Education.

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2 Get Ready, Set, Test Team 7 Special Services Teachers State Department of Education

3 Good Instruction… Good Test Scores? w One would expect that good instruction automatically leads to good test scores. Unfortunately, this deduction is not true. w What do you think?

4 Factors That May Decrease Students’ Performance w Poor curriculum/test match w Uncertainty with test format w Time management w Improper mechanics/item attack strategies

5 w Lack of effort/motivation w Student anxiety w Teacher attitude w Lack of understanding test vocabulary w Inadequate last minute preparation

6 Poor Curriculum/Test Match w Study Compendium Supplement for types and numbers of questions. w Match textbook with what is taught and tested. w Review pacing guide. w Use charts, tables, graphs, analogies, and synonyms in all content areas.

7 Uncertainty with Test Format w Provide opportunities for students to answer in SAT format. w Limit the number of times directions are given. w Utilize some SAT format within classroom evaluations.

8 Time Management w Give timed tests occasionally. w Design tests up to 50 minutes. w Announce and enforce time limits on certain assignments. w Practice time awareness.

9 Improper Mechanics/Item Attack w Multiple choice items w Levels of difficulty w Accuracy w Guessing w Determining the answer w Use of time

10 Motivation/Lack of effort w Discuss reasons and uses of test. w Have pep rallies, theme days, and competitions. w Create bulletin boards, door decorations, and posters. w Provide incentives.

11 Student Anxiety w Provide training in test-taking. w Allow discussion about anxieties. w Explain purposes and uses of test. w Practice positive thinking. w Help students to relax.

12 Teacher Attitude w Model positive attitude and enthusiasm. w Be sure classroom reflects “up beat” view. w Show students a belief in their capabilities. w TEESA

13 Lack of Understanding of Testing Vocabulary w Incorporate testing vocabulary into daily instruction. w Initiate testing vocabulary in kindergarten. w Familiarize students with testing vocabulary…TEACH!

14 Last Minute Preparations

15 w Preparing the classroom w Testing procedures and directions w Timing the test w Distributing and collecting materials w Administering the test

16 Preparing the Classroom w Examine room arrangement. w Conceal subject matter and testing materials. w Complete prior to testing dates.

17 Procedures w Optimal physical conditions w Adequate workspace for students w Quiet surroundings w Familiar testing room w Emergency plan in place

18 Directions w Practice directions beforehand. w Follow instructions exactly. w Enunciate clearly when reading. w Remind students to ask questions when directions are given.

19 Timing the Test w Observe time limits precisely. w Use a stop watch or second hand. w Write out time allocations. w Have a large clock in view.

20 Distributing and Collecting Materials w Assemble materials beforehand. w Devise a plan for distributing and collecting. w Have #2 pencils ready. w Inventory all materials before returning.

21 Administering the Test w Walk quietly among students while testing. w Do not assist students with any answers. w Maintain control of students. w Report any irregularities.

22 w The hardest part of being a good teacher is that you have to do it everyday.

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