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Welcome to Middle School. The use of Knowledge is wisdom… “ Wisdom is supreme: therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Esteem.

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1 Welcome to Middle School

2 The use of Knowledge is wisdom… “ Wisdom is supreme: therefore get wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. Esteem her (wisdom), and she will exalt you: embrace her, and she will honor you ”

3 My Teaching Philosophy I believe that each day is what we make it. I believe stumbling blocks can become stepping-stones allowing us to step above our circumstances. History is filled with many that accomplished the impossible only because they believed in themselves. Each person, each student, YOU are worth my time and effort in helping YOU be successful.

4 Classroom Rules: Recap Bring all of your materials to class Respect yourself and others Have a positive attitude Be willing and ready to learn

5 Classroom Procedures Mr. Capo Rm. 205

6 Entering the classroom before the bell Greet the teacher by name Enter the room quietly Deposit homework assignment in the proper bin located next to the entrance door Go directly to your seat Get your materials ready Begin work immediately once the bell rings

7 Entering the classroom during class Knock on the door Wait to be “waved” into the classroom Enter quietly Go directly to your seat Get your materials ready Get to work immediately

8 Getting to work immediately Have all your materials ready Read the assignment on the board Begin working on assignment If you don’t understand and need help raise your hand

9 Seating Chart You must sit in your assigned seat We will change seating arrangements every grading period Seating arrangements will be adjusted for group discussions and class projects

10 Coming to attention : Hand Signal Look at the teacher Stop talking Listen for instructions Continue working when instructed

11 Listen To/Responding To a question or participating in class discussions Raise your hand Wait to be called on Ask your question or give your comment succinctly Do not speak when others are talking Specific roles will be assigned for group discussions and assignments

12 Getting materials without disturbing others Quietly walk directly to where the materials are located Get your materials Return directly to your seat Continue work NOTE : Do not move around the room during a class discussion or explanation

13 When you need a writing utensil or paper Ask at the beginning of the class prior to bell Bring collateral to exchange for your supplies

14 Exchanging papers Exchange papers with the person to your left. If you don’t have a partner, or none is to your left exchange with the person to your right. If groups of 3 or more, exchange your paper so each one has a different paper During the collection of papers be sure to pass all papers to the left ending at the last row

15 If you finish early Work ahead on other assignments Finish any missing assignments Create study questions or topics associated with the daily assignment. Read a book Work on an assignment from another class

16 When given an assignment Write the assignment in your agenda Review the required task Ask questions if you have any Accept the homework assignment Complete the assignment on time

17 When you are absent You are responsible for any missed work Be sure to check the website for work You have 2 days to complete the missing work If you are planning on being absent, notify the teacher ASAP to get the assignments beforehand You must present written reason for your absence upon return

18 End of class dismissal The teacher dismisses the class, not the clock or the bell From time to time you will have an exit assignment Put your materials away As you exit quietly be sure to drop off the exit assignment in the proper bin Say goodbye to the teacher and other students

19 When a school-wide announcement or class page is made Stop talking Listen to the announcement Then continue working quietly

20 When visitors are in the classroom Continue with your work Be polite to the guest, answer questions if asked Maintain work if the teacher is called away

21 Classroom Language Only appropriate language can be used Do not use negative words Speak only positively about others Respect your classmates, your teacher and yourself

22 If the teacher is out of the classroom Continue with your work Maintain the classroom guideline and procedures

23 Walking in the hallway during class time Line-up single-file in the classroom Be quiet Proceed out the door, without talking, in a single-file line Listen for instructions while walking in the hallway Walk on the right side of the hallway Wait outside the destination until you have permission to enter

24 Restroom and Hall Passes You are not allowed to use the restroom during class explanations and presentations. Make every effort to use the restroom before or after class Raise you hand and wait to be called. Only one student will be allow at any given time

25 If you are suddenly ill If time, ask the teacher for a pass If no time, go directly to the restroom If you cannot make it to the restroom, please grab the waste basket on your way out Report back when you are done to get a pass to the nurse’s office

26 Responding to a fire drill Line-up at the door, no talking Listen for the teacher’s instructions Exit the room to the left Go down the hallway, past the water fountain and proceed down the stairs to the first floor When you get outside, go towards teacher parking lot and wait for further instructions from the teacher

27 It is going to be a great year ! It is important that you respect and follow the classroom rules and procedures on a daily basis. ANY QUESTIONS ?

28 Instructional Time Structure Bell work to be done daily Bell work reviewed Instructional period Closing remarks Exit work and home learning

29 Bell Work and Review 1.Work will be related to class topic and FCAT 2.Assignment will be located on the right hand upper corner of front board 3.It will include, handouts, board assignment, textbook, and discussion questions 4.These must be place in the second section of your class binder and will be graded 5.Reviewed in class and discussion questions on the website

30 Instructional Period Class lecture and lesson including textbook, power points, video, interactive activities, student lead presentations, guess speakers, and similar methods It will include a question and answer period related to subject matter including peer to peer teaching and grouping

31 Closing remarks and exit strategies A summary of daily and weekly topic Real life application of subject Question of the day: BE READY Exit quiz, discussion, and home learning

32 Class Participation and Discussions Participation in class and web discussion are mandatory. Be prepared each day to answer questions and bring new ideas to the subject matter. Teach the Teacher periods will occur from time to time. Web discussion will be posted and extended into classroom.

33 Home Learning Textbook assignments from 1.SCEINCE: Earth Space and Science 2.MATH: Springboard, Bridge to Algebra and Math Course 2 Handouts: In class and web based Research & Projects In class & web Carnegie Due dates critical and assignments must be dropped off when entering class

34 Binder Requirements Front cover needs to include your name, subject, class period and teacher name Section One: First page needs to be your syllabus followed by textbook pages and reading handouts Section Two: Dated and completed "Bell Work (POD), class notes and activities Section Three: Returned test and work

35 Taking Notes Taking notes is a critical part of the learning process. Note taking Strategies Vocabulary Strategies SEE HANDOUT

36 I Believe in YOU ! Mr. Capo

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