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LED LIGHTING WORKSHOP Bangalore May 16, 2013. 2 Industry growth Growth per annum US $ 2 Billion Estimated.

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1 LED LIGHTING WORKSHOP Bangalore May 16, 2013

2 2

3 Industry growth Growth per annum US $ 2 Billion Estimated

4 4 ESTIMATES LED business development in India

5 Electricity Generation – Shortage Vs Growth 5

6 LED Lighting Stimulating LED Lighting in India

7 Down Lighters – Showrooms were using Incandescent Lamps – With government regulation, changed to CFL down lights – CFL not effective on product display – Showrooms changed to halogen down lights – Proposal to initiate central and state governments for regulation to commercial outlets to change to LED down lights – Down Light specifications prepared by ELCOMA

8 Road Street Lights – Presently haphazard installation of streetlights by small and medium municipalities – Industry gearing up for designing LED street lights – Government (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) initiative to provide LED streetlights to > 100 municipalities as per program – ELCOMA prepared streetlight specifications for government procurement and end users – Street lighting guideline prepared by BEE

9 Self Ballasted LED Lamp As an introduction for domestic application, attention provided for self Ballasted LED Lamp Specifications prepared by ELCOMA and government using it for DSM and CDM schemes BIS prepared standards for Self ballasted lamp Product prototypes under tests Price reduced from Rs last year to Rs Likely to further reduce to Rs. 300 to Rs. 400 by the end of this year

10 10 Graphical representation of 103 ULB’s Survey done by BEE

11 Urban Local Bodies Indian Scenario Urban Local Bodies ULBs Municipal Corporations MunicipalitiesTownships Town Panchayats OthersTOTAL Year Year ULB Spent on Street Lighting Cities 5 – 7% of revenue expenditure Towns 16% of revenue expenditure Town Panchayats 20% of revenue expenditure 11 Besides ULBs, there is significant potential in street lighting for Railways, Airports, Highways and public parks etc

12 Street Lights in India Facts sheet Total Street Lights in India (Estimates) – Fluorescent Lamps25,000,000 (25 Million) – HID, Gas Discharge, MV 2,250,000 (2.25 million) Average Street lights per ULB – Fluorescent 5000 – HID 500 Value for this number works out to Rs. 18,000 Crores (US$ 3 Billion) Energy Saving will be > 50% i.e. possible > 1020 MW on grid Cost saving on maintenance > 80% THIS SAVING WILL BE > 30% OF BEEs NATIONAL TARGET OF SAVING 3000 MW

13 Cost saving Assuming an energy saving potential of 25% – Potential for Municipal Energy Savings is 4000 MUs – With this savings – can avoid capacity addition to the tune of 600MW – Considering present Cost of Electricity at Rs. 6 per Unit, this amounts to annual savings of Rs Crores 13

14 LED Standards & Specifications INDIAN STANDARDS ON LED PUBSLISHED Following Indian Standards on LED have been published. Sl No IS NoTitle : 2012 General Lighting - LEDs and LED modules – Terms and Definitions (Part 1) : 2012 Self- Ballasted LED-Lamps for General Lighting Services Part 1 Safety Requirements (Part 2) : 2012 Self-Ballasted LED-Lamps for General Lighting Services Part 2 Performance Requirements (Part 1) : 2012 Led Modules for General Lighting- Safety Requirements (Part 2/Sec 13) : 2012 Lamp Control Gear Part 2 Particular Requirements Section 13 D.C. or A.C. Supplied Electronic Control gear for Led Modules : 2012 D.C. or A.C. Supplied Electronic Control Gear for LED Modules - Performance Requirements : 2012 Method of Measurement of Lumen Maintenance of Solid -State Light (LED) Sources : 2012 Method of Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting (Led) Products : 2012 Photo biological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems A few more standards on Led Modules (IS ) and Luminaires (IS 16107) are going to be published soon.

15 15 Ideal Lamp Lumen out put HPSVL80-90 HPMVL40-50 MAL80-90 Halogen lamp15-20 Fluorescent Tubular Lamps T Fluorescent Tubular Lamps T Fluorescent Tubular Lamps T LED Lamp Guidelines

16 16 Recommended Light Levels for Street Lighting as per IS 1944 (Part I & II) Classification of Lighting Installation Type of RoadAvg Level of Illumi on Road Surface Ratio Min/Avg Generally used convention lamps Suggested LED lamps Group A1 Important traffic routes carrying fast traffic 30 LUX W 80w Group A2 Other main roads carrying mixed traffic, like main city streets, arterial roads, throughways, etc 15 LUX W 40w Group B1 Secondary roads with considerable traffic like principal local traffic routes, shopping streets, etc 8LUX W 25w Group B2 Secondary roads with light traffic 4LUX W 12w 16 Guidelines

17 17

18 18 AWARENESS PROGRAM – Workshops / Seminars – LED Conclaves (Exhibition and Workshops) Delhi done in May 2010 Hyderabad in April 2011 Mumbai on January 5-7, 2012 Exhibition in Delhi in October 2012 – Workshops in 2013 Bangalore – 16 th May 2013 Ahmedabad – 12 th July 2013 Mumbai – 12 th September 2013 Delhi – 14 th October 2013 – In 2014 workshops to be organized in Kolkata, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Chennai – International Lighting exhibition in New Delhi in September 2014 – Publication of LED Street lighting guide for Municipalities and Public Works Departments – Articles and advertisements in special magazines – Media publicity


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