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Energy Efficient LED Lights Mohammad Alhasawi Managing Director and partner Green Tech Solutions co w.l.l. 1.

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1 Energy Efficient LED Lights Mohammad Alhasawi Managing Director and partner Green Tech Solutions co w.l.l. 1

2 Energy Efficient LED Lights  What is LED Light  LED light is the most common abbreviation of LED Emitting Diodes, also known as a Solid State Lighting that Emits light When a voltage applied to it.  A high Power,high –efficiency technology created with non-toxic materials  Solid –state, high shock & vibration resistance  Up to 80% energy saving results in major reduction of electricity consumption bills  Long Lifetime up to 50,000 + hrs  No UV radiation 2

3 Energy Efficient LED Lights  Benefits of LED lights  Minimal Power consumption : Saves energy on average 60 to 90 % over conventional lighting depending on type of light.  Average of 40,000 hours of life span :Unlike CFL,halogen,MH and incandescent last a long time with out any bulb changing saving maintenance cost.  Does not contain Mercury : It does not contain harmful gas that affects the ozone  Does not operates at high frequency : Works at low DC voltages and does not harm human body  Increase visual Acuity : Pure white light close to daylight,excellent visual acuity for CCTV  Instant On : Instant lighting within 100ns,perfect for motion sensors/saving energy when not in use  Dimming capability : It can be dimmed with a new patented technology  Perfect color : Allows for full variation of colors  No wastage :Reduce wastage (Long working life )  Reduce air condition load : less heat produced than conventional lighting  Stylish : LED lights are more stylish  CO2 foot print :Reduces indirectly CO2 Emissions  Green : It is absolutely GREEN 3

4 Energy Efficient LED Lights  Why we should Switch to LED lights  Major Saving in Electricity cost  Environmentally friendly 4

5 Energy Efficient LED Lights Incandescent BulbGreen Tech LED Bulb Lamp Consumption60 Watt9 Watt Total (Watt)60 Watt9 Watt 12 hr /day720 Watt108 Watt 365 day /1 Year 262,800 Watt 39,420 Watt Power Cost Per Year Kuwait House Hold Electricity Rate KD 0.002 /KWH 0.524 KD0.078 KD Government Subsidy cost per year KD 0.036 /KWH9.460 KD1.419 KD Service Life1,500 Hours> 30,000 Hours Saving on House hold Bills Saving on Government subsidy 0.446 KD 8.041 KD 85% 5 HOW MUCH DO I SAVE ? LED Bulbs

6 Energy Efficient LED Lights 6 FlorescentGreen Tech LED Tube Lamp Consumption36Watt16 Watt Ballast Consumption4 Watt nil StarterOnly up on start up nil Total (Watt)40 Watt16 Watt 12 hr /day480 Watt192 Watt 365 day /1 year175,200 Watt70,080 Watt Power cost per year Kuwait House hold Electrical Rates KD 0.002 /KWh 0.350 KD0.140 KD Government Subsidy cost per Year KD 0.036 /KWh6.300 KD2.520 KD Saving on House hold Bills Saving on Government Subsidy 0.210 KD 3.780 KD 60% Fluorescent Tube LED Tube HOW MUCH DO I SAVE ? T8 Tube

7 Energy Efficient LED Light Halogen flood Bulb Green Tech High Power Lamp Consumption150 Watt45 Watt Total (Watt)150 Watt45 Watt 12 hr /day1800 Watt540 Watt 365 day /1 year657,000 Watt197,100 Watt Actually Electricity cost KD 0.038 /KWH24.966 KD7.49 KD Saving on Government cost 17.48 KD 70% 7 HOW MUCH DO I SAVE ? Flood /Road LED LIGHT Halogen Flood Bulb High Power LED bulb

8 Energy Efficient LED Light Incandescent BulbCFL BulbGreen Tech LED Bulb Bulb Consumption60 Watt15 Watt9 Watt Initial Purchase cost of one bulb0.275 KD0.990 KD4 KD Service Life of one bulb1000 Hr6000 Hr40,000 Hr Total Power Consumption Per service Life of One Bulb60,000 Watt90,000 Watt360,000 Watt No. of bulbs needed to reach 40,000 Hr40 Bulbs6.66 Bulbs1 Bulbs Cost of bulbs to reach 40,000 Hrs11 KD 6.6 KD4 KD Total Watt Needed for 40,000 Hrs2,400,000600,000 Watt360,000 Watt Power Cost needed for 40,000 Hrs at 0.002 KD/KWH 4.8 KD1.20 KD0.720 KD Ownership Cost for 40,000 Hrs 15.8 KD7.80 KD4.72 KD 8 LED Bulbs Long Term Ownership cost

9 Energy Efficient LED Lights  Saving in Air-conditioning system  Surface heat produced is 20% of conventional Spot light thus saving on air-condition system.  Heat created from LEDS light is in the opposite direction compared to conventional lights. Therefore heat is dispersed with the return air instead of the user environment. 9

10 Energy Efficient LED Lights  Kwh Saving if Kuwait switch to LED lights  Kuwait total Electricity power Consumption is above 13,000 MW  Assuming in Kuwait on yearly average the lighting use is 30 % of Electricity consumption, therefore 3900 mw used for lighting  Assuming Average saving of power consumption about 70% if we use LED  The lighting consumption drops to 1170 MW  Assuming we reach 50% LED and 50% conventional light,therefore lighting Power consumption will drop to only 2535 MW only.  With a saving of 3900 minus 2535 = 1365 MW  This is equivalent to a capacity of one New Mega Power Station 10

11 Energy Efficient LED Lights  Carbon Dioxide Foot Print  The US average is 1.34 lbs. of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour, from the US Department of Energy.  For example: a typical LED 9 watt LED bulb replaces a 60 watt incandescent and lasts 50,000 hours. The savings of 51 watts times 50,000 hours equals 2,550 Kwh. At 1.34 lbs. of carbon dioxide per Kwh the savings is 3417 lbs. of carbon dioxide that is averted from being released into the atmosphere. 11

12 Energy Efficient LED Lights  LED Light usages in The GCC  Dubai is head of all GCC  Others are in between  Kuwait is the lager of the group 12

13 Energy Efficient LED Lights 13  Indoor Light  Outdoor Light  Commercial Light  Industrial Light  Type of LED lights LED Lights ranges now cover a wide range of uses

14 Energy Efficient LED Lights  Incentive to switch to LED  Initial investment in LED lighting is much higher than conventional Incandescent or CFL light  However long term ownership is cheaper to the owner ( household, industrial, commercial )  How to convince people and establishments to switch  Laws and regulations that gradually limit or abandon the use of CFL initially due to environmental hazardous ( it contains mercury ) and Incandescent and other types of lights for certain uses such as large establishments, malls, industrial ( large consumers )  Increase people awareness of environmental, health and energy saving at large both individuals and institutions.  Some sorts of incentives if applicable. 14

15 Energy Efficient LED Lights  LED light represent the future of a new generation if eco- friendly,Long lasting lighting system.  LED lighting is poised to make conventional light bulbs and other type of lights obsolete offering higher energy efficiency,Long service life and much lower environmental impact 15

16 Energy Efficient LED Lights Thank you 16

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