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LED Technology for efficient Illumination Team Element.

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1 LED Technology for efficient Illumination Team Element

2 Project Scope Increase the adoption of the LED lights with businesses and consumers. Recruit from Indiana’s school for R&D to drive down costs of LED technology. Create jobs in manufacturing and installation of LEDs. Minimize impact of conversion to LED by evaluating the viability of converting at a single point.

3 Current Applications Home Applications – Light bulbs and fixtures. Business Applications – Light bulbs and fixtures. – External signs. – Traffic lights. – Street lights. – Product display lights. Source: Lighting Research Center (

4 Challenges of LED Adoption The use of LED lighting has a high initial capital cost when compared to conventional lighting. The LED functioning is dependent on the surrounding temperature. Source: Wikipedia (

5 Five Forces Analysis: LED Lighting Industry in Indiana (Who & What) External: - Incandescent lighting - CFL Lighting providers - Foreign LED producers - Other US states Internal: - Indiana’s non-LED business Related Service Providers: - Incandescent bulbs - CFL lighting providers Foreign Players: - Chinese LED Companies - Manufacturers in other US states Direct: - CFL Indirect: - Alternative energy lighting - Building/engineering re-design for natural light use - Light innovation labs - Current LED producers (GE, Sylvania etc) - Lighting installers - Engineering institutions - Maintenance and Services Customers - Institutions, Corporations - Families - Other state agencies Channels - State agencies - Green groups Supplies/Suppliers CustomersCompetitors Substitutes Possible Entrants Current Lighting Industry Clout Installation cost Economy Gov’t Initiatives Technology adoption Weather impact

6 Proposed Solution Allocation of state funds to further research at universities in Indiana to reduce the cost of LEDs ??? Partner with Light Research Institute ( Provide incentives (tax credits etc) to businesses and home owners to switch to LED lighting.  create installation jobs. Allocate state funds to change signs and street lights  creates installation jobs. Retool existing factories to manufacture LEDs?

7 Assignments for project Challenges / opportunities, uncertainties, action plan 5 forces in IN - Kailash LED technology – jason H Energy usage, future impact, laws, costs, tax credits – Jason B New home, business, and government construction standards allowing for single point of AC to DC conversion - Todd Consulting company – schools, government, business, homes – cost benefits different lighting solutions - Prashant Partner with major light producers to start highly specialized tech talent in Indiana - Kailash

8 Recommendation - Consulting Company Setup a consulting company in Indiana to promote the use of LED technology within the state. The company will focus on education, consulting and implementation. Education – Promote the benefits of using LED technology via seminars, workshops, advertisements etc.

9 Recommendation - Consulting Company Consulting – Assess the current energy costs. – Recommend areas for the implementation of LEDs. – Provide a cost benefit analysis. – Provide information on government funding programs for the installation of LEDs. – Legal implications due to safety??? Implementation – Own and execute the implementation of project.

10 Recommendation - Consulting Company Target Customers: – Government agencies. – Universities. – Home Builders. Key Partnerships: – National organizations like Light Research to leverage existing research and expertise. – Partnership with vendors to offer competitive prices. – Partnership with installation services

11 Recommendation - Consulting Company Key Success Factors for consulting company – Ability to hire credible and talented resources. – Funding and support from the state government.

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