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U.S. Presidents Mrs. Guevara’s 3 rd Grade Class. President George Washington 1 st President of America 1789-1797 Xiaomei Dubbs Personal Life Birth: Feb.

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1 U.S. Presidents Mrs. Guevara’s 3 rd Grade Class

2 President George Washington 1 st President of America 1789-1797 Xiaomei Dubbs Personal Life Birth: Feb. 22, 1732 Hometown: Virginia Education : No school Career: He was in war Family: Martha Custis no children Death:1799 Presidential Life Political party: Federalist Nickname in office: Father of his country Major accomplishments or contributions: He was in lots of wars Pets in white house: He had lots of pets on a farm

3 President John Adams 2th President of the United States 1797-1801 Hailie Avalos Personal Life He was born on October.30 1785 He lived in Massachusetts He went to college at Harvard College He was a lawyer before he was a President He married Abigail Smith He died on July,4 Presidential Life He was a Federalist His nickname is Atlas of Independence Minister to France, Britain, the Netherlands Had 1 horse 2 dogs

4 President Thomas Jefferson 3 rd President of the U.S 1801-1809 Caleb Chapman Personal Life Birth: on the 13 th of April Home- Albemarle VA Education: William and Mary Career: lawyer Family:1 wife 5 kids Death:4 th of July,1826 Presidential Life Major accomplishments: the first president voted on the 4 th of July Political Party: Democratic Nickname: man of all People Pets in the White house:1 mockingbird 2 Briards

5 President James Madison 4th President of the United States 1809-1817 Mason Prockup Personal Life He was born on March 16, 1751 He lived in Virginia He went to college at New Jersey He married Dolley Payne Todd He died on June,28 1836 Presidential Life He is a Democratic-Republican Nickname: Father of Constitution Achievement: U.S. Representative from Virginia He had no pets

6 PERSONAL LIFE PRESIDENTIAL LIFE  Born: April 28 1758  Hometown: Westmoreland County Virginia  Education: William and Mary  Career: Lawyer  Family: Elizabeth Kortright) Eliza Kortright+ James Spence Kortright(  Death : July 4 1831 New York City by tuberculosis  Political Party: Democratic- Republican  Nickname in office: The Last Cocked Hat. Era-of- Good- Feelings President.  Major accomplishment or contributions: In his annual address to congress Monroe formally articulates the foreign policy position.  Pets in white House: No pets. ht tp: / / w w w. go og le. co m /i m gr es ?i m gu rl =h tt p: / / w w w. ga rd en of pr ai se. co m /i m ag es / m on ro e.j pg &i m gr ef ur l= ht tp: / / w w w. ga rd en of pr ai se. co m /i c O Q C B Li Ur Q p8 C G Ci G S K TF rO y w 3 M = & h= 48 0 & w =3 82 & sz =2 9 & hl =e n & st ar t= 5 & zo o m =1 &t bn id = C F m 0f R Fc X Lb w z M: &t bn h= 12 9 &t bn w =1 03 & ei =o v G O Tb d m on ro. ht m & us g= __ __ vL 8 m D 0 Q G W 46 3 C D w & pr ev = /s ea rc h % 3F q % 3 D pr esi de nt % 2B ja m es % 2B m on ro e % 26 hl % 3 D en % 26 sa fe % 3 D ac tiv e % 26 gb v % 3 D 2 % 26 tb m % 3 Di sc h &i tb s= 1

7 President john Quincy Adams 6 th president of the USA (1825-1829) Myles Ingram Personal life Born July 11,1767 Hometown: Braintree Massachusetts College: Harvard college Wife: Louisa and 4 kids Death: Had a stroke Adult life Political party: Democrat – Republican Nickname: Old man eloquent He was a European western hemisphere gave use freedom of Seas.

8 President Zachery Taylor 12 TH President of the USA 1849-1850 Celine Personal Life Birth Date :11/24/1784 Hometown-Montebello Education: No College Career is: War Family: Wife Margaret Mackall 6 kids Death:1850 Personal Life Political Party : Whig Nickname : Old Rough and Ready Major accomplishments or contributions :He was known as president because he fought in the war. Pets In The White House : Horse

9 President Franklin Pierce 14 th President of the USA President of USA Xavier English Personal life Birth :Hillsborough, New Hampshire 11/23/1804 Home town: New Hampshire education: Bowdoin Collage Career: Lawyer Family: Jane Pierce, Franklin Frank,, Benjamin Death:1804-1864 Presidential life Political: democrat Name in office : none Major accomplishments: he was nominated a compromise presidential candidate Contributions : none Pets in the white house: none

10 president Abraham Lincoln 16 th President of United States of America 1861 - 1865 By Avery G. Brown Real world for him Born 1809 February 12th Kentucky is his hometown He was self taught He was a lawyer Mary Todd Lincoln is his spouse along with Robert, Edward, William, and Thomas his kids He died April, 15 th 1865 Life in the white house He was Republican Nickname was Honest Abe Civil war started when he was President He had a dog, cat,sheep, horse, 2 rabbits, and 2 pigs

11 President James Abram Garfield 20 th President of the United States of America 1881-1881 by Tyson Clawson Life of James A. Garfield birth Date: November 19,1831 Hometown: Cleveland Ohio Education : Williams college Career: teacher, public officer Spouse: Ella Death: 1881 Life in office Nick name: none Major accomplishments: he was not president long enough for any major accomplishments. Pets : none in white house: none Political party: Republican

12 PERSONAL LIFEPRESIDENTIAL LIFE  Born October 27 1858  New York - hometown  Harvard University-school  Author, lawyer, public official-job before president  Alice lee Theodore Kermit Ethel Carow, Archidbald Quentin-family  Died January 6 1919  Republican  Trusty buster-his nickname  He help the navy  He has no pets

13 President William Taft 27 th President of the USA He was in office from 1909-1913 Grey Kelley Childhood Birth date: 9/15/1857 Hometown: Ohio Education: Yale University Career: lawyer Family: wife Helen Heron kids Helen, Robert, and Charles Death: 3/8/1930 Adult life Political party: Republican Nickname: none Major accomplishments: Solving the problems of church lands, pacifying the Philippines, and improving economic conditions Pets in the White House: cow

14 Personal LifePersonal Life Birth date: January 30 1882 Home town- New York Education: Harvard College, Columbia Law school Career: lawyer SPOUSE: Anna Roosevelt Death: April 12,1945 Presidential LifePresidential Life Political party: Democratic – in office: FDR, the – Nickname new dealer Facts and Achievements: Fifth cousin to Theodore Roosevelt Paralyzed by polio at age 39 Governor of New York Portrait on the dime President Franklin Roosevelt 32 nd President 1882-1945 By Kristin Smith

15 President Harry Truman 33 rd President of the US 1945-1953 Zachary Snyder Personal Life Birthplace: Lamar Missouri May 8, 1884 Hometown: Missouri Schooling: Kansas City school of law Career: Farmer business man Family Mary Margaret Elizabeth He died December29 1972 Presidential Life He was a Democrat Nickname: Give him hell Harry Ordered troops into Korean war No pets in the White House

16 President John Kennedy 35th President of the USA 1961-1963 Jada Adams Personal Life Birth: May 29 th 1917 Hometown: Massachusetts Education: Harvard University Career : Author, US Navy officer, journalist, and public officer. Family: (wife), (3 kids) Death: November 22 1963 Dallas,Texas In Office Political Party: Democrat Nickname in office: JFK Major accomplishments: youngest elected President Pets in White House: horse, dog, cat

17 President Gerald Ford 38 th President of the USA 1974-1977 Kenzie Wheeler Personal Life Birth- July 14,1913 Hometown-Nebraska Education-University Michigan and Yale university Law School Career- Family-Elizabeth wife, Michel, John, Steven Death-December 26,2006, Presidential Life Political party-Writing Nickname-Jerry Major accomplishments-Longest lived President,at 93 years 165 days. Pets in the White House-Pups and cats.

18 President Ronald Reagan 40 th President of the US 1981-1989 Personal life Birth: Feb. 6,1931 Hometown- California Education: Eureka college Career- actor, public official Family: Jane Wyman & Nancy (wives), 4 kids Death:1989 Presidential life Political party: republican Nickname in office the great communicator Pets in office: lucky replaced by rex Major accomplishments Governor of California

19 President George H Bush 41 st President of the USA 1989-1993 Aiden Bondi Personal life June 12 th 1924 Miltion town Phillips academy university He was an animal helper He was a cop A wife and 2 children Still alive Presidential life Republican Poppy is his nick name Accomplishments father of the 43 rd president 4 dogs

20 President Bill Clinton 42 nd President of the U.S.A 1993-2001 jacob franknli Personal life Birth Date:8/19/46 Hometown : Hope, Arkansas Education : Yale Law School & Georgetown Career : Lawyer Family : Hillary / Child Chelsea Death : still alive Presidential Life Political party : Democrat Nickname : the throw back kid Major accomplishment or contribution : stopped murderous wars in Bosnia and Kosovo Pet in the white house : cat, dog

21 President Barack Obama 44 th President of the us 2009-current President Haley Mcintyre Personal life Birth: August 4 1961 Hometown- Honolulu Education: Columbia University Harvard law school Career- Community organizer, Public official Family: Michelle robinson, Malia Ann, Natasha Death- still alive Presidential life Political party: Democrat Nickname in office-Barry Major accomplishments or contributions: A Grammy Pets in the White House- The dog Bo

22 The End

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