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Miss. Drake’s Class Student’s Facts of Different Presidents Cover by Elizabeth Rodriguez-Valencia.

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1 Miss. Drake’s Class Student’s Facts of Different Presidents Cover by Elizabeth Rodriguez-Valencia

2 President Thomas Jefferson 3 rd president of U.S.A 1801-1809 Ashton Bunn Personal Life birth: April 13,1743 hometown: Virginia Education: college of William and Mary Career: lawyer and farmer Family: (wife) Martha wayles Skelton and 4 children Death: July 4,1826 of old age Presidential life Political party: democratic- republican Nickname: red fox Major accomplishments: his face was carved in Mount Rushmore

3 President John Quincy Adams 6 th PRESIDENT of USA 1825-1829 Shawn Davisson Personal life birth : July 11,1767 Hometown-Massachusetts education: Harvard college career: lawyer family: Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams death: February 23,1848 Presidential life Political party: Federalist, Democrat-Republican, Whig Nickname in office: Old Man Eloquent Major accomplishments / contributions: as secretary of state wrote the Monroe Doctrine Pet: alligator

4 President Martin Van Buren 8 th President 1831-1837 Nicolas Trull Childhood life Birth:Dec.5.1782 Hometown : Hinder Hook, NY Education: He did not go to collage. Career : Lawyer Family : Wife Hannah Hoes 4 kids Death : Hinder Hook, NY, July 24 1819. President life Political Party : democrat Nickname : the Red Fox of Hinder Hook. Accomplishments : He help problems with Canada. Pets in white house : 2 tiger cubs.

5 President Zachary Taylor 12 th of U.S.A 1849-1850 Zachary Blount Childhood and Adult life Birth: November,24,1784. Hometown-Orange County. Education: didn’t go. Career : Warier. Family: Margaret,6 kids. Death: July,1850. President’s life Political party : Whig. Nickname in office : Old Rough and Ready. Major accomplishment & contributions : He estate more than one hundred slaves. Pets in white house : Only a horse

6 President James Buchanan 15 th of the U.S.A 1857-1861 By-Shelby Mills Personal Life He was born April 23 rd 1791 Hometown Cove Gap, PA Education Dickson Collage Career Lawyer Family No wife or children Death June 1 st 1868 Presidential Life Political Party : Democrat Nickname The Sage Of The Wetland Major accomplishments Buchanan was the last pre-civil war president. He did not take an aggressive stance at all against states that seceded and instead attempted reconciliation without war Pets In The White House: Herd of Elephants and Bald Eagles

7 President James Abram Garfield 20 th President of U.S. 1881-1881 Mackenzie LANE Personal Life Birth: November 19, 1831 Hometown : Township Ohio Education: Hiram College and William College Career: Teacher, Minister and Soldier Family: Lucretia Garfield and had 7 kids Death : September 19, 1881 Presidential Life Political Party : Republican Nickname : “The Preacher President” Major contributions: He died early Pets in the White House : A dog named Vet0!

8 President Grover Cleveland 24 th OF U.S.A 1885-1889 by –Chase Rogers PERSONAL LIFE Birth march 18 1837 Hometown New York Education no schooling Career lawyer Family wife Frances Folsom Cleveland and 5 kids Death June 24 1908 PRESIDENTIAL LIFE Political party Democrat Nickname Big Steve Major accomplishments he made money safer and went with his own conscience Pets dogs and birds

9 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35 th president 1961-1963 Justin Alexander Personal Life Birth: May29,1917 Hometown: Massachusetts Education: Harvard and Stanford University Career: Journalist, Author, and in the Navy Family: (wife) Jacqueline Lee Bouvier and 3 children Death: Nov 22, 1963 Presidential Life Political party: Democratic Nickname in office: JFK and Jack Pets in White House: dogs, cats, birds, ponies & hamsters

10 President Johnson 36 th President of the USA 1963-1969 Cameron King personal life Birth August 27 th 1908 Hometown Stonewell Texas Education Southwest State Career rancher, teacher Family: Claudia Death heart attack and he died on 1973 on August presidential life His political party is a Democrat LBJ was his nickname He helped with the civil rights He had dogs

11 President Milhous Nixon 37 th President 1968 -1974 Lexie Carroll Personal life Birth: Jan 9, 1913 Hometown: California Education: Whittier College Career : Lawyer navle officer. Family: 2 Kids Death: April 22 1994 Presidential Life Political Part: Republican Nickname in Office Major accomplishments/ Contributions: none Pets in white house: poodle, terrier, Irish shelter

12 President Ford 38 th President of the US 1974-1977 By : Andrew Wisely Personal life he was born on JULY 14/ 1913 His hometown is MICHIGAN His education was the University of MICHIGAN he was a lawyer before president He had 4 children and a wife ANNE BLOOMER FORD He passed away on DEC.26/2006 Presidential life Political party-republican Nickname-MR. nice guy ACCOMPLISHMENTS-singed the Helsinki accords Pets-DOG AND CAT

13 President James Earl Carter Jr. 39 th president of U.S.A 1977-1981 Michael ojaniit Personal life Birth: Oct.1 st 1924. Hometown: Archery,Georgia. Education: United States Naval Academy. Career: Naval Officer,peanut farmer, warehouser. family: wife is Rosalynn Smith children are: John william, James Earl 111, Donnel Jeffrey, Amy Lynn. Death: (not dead) Presidential life Political party: Democrat Nickname: Jimmy, the Peanut President. Major accomplishments/ Contributions: Govenor of Georgia, ran the family Business peanut farming. pets in White House: dog and Cat.

14 President Ronald Wilson Reagan 40 th of the U.S.A 1981-1989 by-Megan Jones Personal life He was born Feb.6,1991 His hometown was in California His education is Eureka College His careers before president was he worked as an actor, and a public official He had 4 kids and his wife was Nancy Davis He died June 5 2004 Presidential life His political party was Republican His nicknames were the Dutch, the Gipper, and the Great Communicator that needed help He had 2 dogs in the White House

15 President George Herbert Walker Bush 41 st President of the U.S.A. 1989-1993 By: Matt Gusev Personal Life birth : June 12 1924 Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut Education : Yale University Career : Businessman Family : Wife : Barbra Pierce children 4 Death : not dead yet Presidential Life Political Party : Republican Nickname : “Poppy” Accomplishments : Director of the CIA/U.S. Ambassador Pets : two dogs

16 Bill Clinton as a child! birth:August,19,1946 Hometown: Hope Arkansas Education : Georgetown University, Oxford University,Yale University Career: professor and lawyer Family: Hillary Rodham and 1 child Bill Clinton as President! Political Party: Democrat Nickname: Bill the comeback kid Major Accomplishments: was a saxophone player which was considered a career in music Pet: cat Bill Clinton’s life 42 nd President 1993-2001 Kendall Kennedy

17 President George W. Bush 43 rd of the U.S. 2001-2009 Alexander Joles Personal Life Birth: July 6,1946 Hometown: New Haven, CT Education: Yale and Harvard University Career: Businessman Family: 2 kids Laura Bush Presidential Life Political Party: Republican Nickname: “ Dubya” Accomplishments: He gave money to schools and education Pets in White House: Mss Beazley, Spot, Barney, India, Ofelia

18 President Barak Obama 44 th of USA 2009- by Taylor Clawson Personal life Birth: August 4th 1961 Hometown-Honolulu Hawaii Education: Columbia University Career: lawyer Family: Michelle Obama 2 daughters Presidential life Political party: Democrat Nickname in office: Barry Major accomplishment/ Contribution: asked people to build Martin Luther King Jr. monument

19 President Barak Obama 44 th of USA 2009-present Eve Gerdes Personal Life Hometown Hawaii Honolulu Education Columbia University Harvard Law Career community organizer attorney author 2 kids Michelle Obama August 4 1961 Hawaii Honolulu Presidential Life Political party was democrat Nickname in office Barry Accomplishments won Nobel peace prize for peace in 2009 Pets dog name Bo

20 The end Angelo Marks

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