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Texas Secedes Chapter 14.1.

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1 Texas Secedes Chapter 14.1

2 A Nation Divided By 1860, the U.S. was clearly divided between Northern & Southern states, with both sides willing to fight for what they believed in.

3 Republican Party The Republican Party was formed in 1854 with the goal of stopping the western spread of slavery. Republicans also supported higher tariffs that would benefit American industry. Tariff: A tax placed on imported or exported goods

4 Democratic Party Most Texans were Democrats who feared that Republicans would destroy the Southern economy that depended on slavery & foreign trade.

5 States’ Rights Southern Democrats also argued that the U.S. government should not have the power to decide whether to allow slavery in the states. Northern Republicans argued that U.S. laws, such as those forbidding slavery, applied to all states.

6 Election of 1860 Southern states threatened to secede from the U.S. if a Republican became President in the election.

7 Abraham Lincoln In the 1860 election, most Texans voted for Democrat John Breckinridge. Not 1 Texan voted for Republican Abraham Lincoln. Nevertheless, Abraham Lincoln won the election & became the 16th President of the U.S.

8 Southern States Secede
Soon after the election, South Carolina became the 1st state to secede from the U.S. Within 6 weeks, 5 more Southern states seceded & united to form the Confederate States of America.

9 Secession Convention of Texas
On January 28, 1861, Texas delegates voted 166 to 8 for Secession from the U.S. Very few Texan citizens voted against this move.

10 New Constitution Texas changed its Constitution from that of the U.S. to the “Confederate States of America.” The new Constitution of 1861 defended states’ rights & slavery.

11 Sam Houston Sam Houston stepped down as Governor of Texas as a result of Texas’ vote for secession. He left Austin & settled in his “steamboat house” in Huntsville. He died there on July 26, 1863.

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