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The Conservative Revolution Ch. 26, Sec. 1, 2. Roots of Revolution Conservative Republican movement grew dramatically with Reagan’s election. – Movement.

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1 The Conservative Revolution Ch. 26, Sec. 1, 2

2 Roots of Revolution Conservative Republican movement grew dramatically with Reagan’s election. – Movement saw beginnings during ___________________. Conservatives opposed much New Deal regulation, as it increased size, scope, & power of gov’t. – Said US couldn’t afford huge federal spending & budget deficits. 1934-conservatives formed _____________________. – Pushed respect for _______________________________, importance of _______________________ (do it yourself). – FDR’s Court Packing Plan helped form coalition to oppose New Deal legislation. Under FDR & Truman, Democrats controlled White House for ______________-.

3 1952-Ike elected, practiced “________________ ____________________________”. – Accepted basic outline of New Deal, did not cut down size of gov’t. – Grew size of gov’t with creation of _______________ ___________________________________. 1964-Republican ________________________ ran against LBJ. – Opposed gov’t activism (including social security), federal civil rights laws, antipoverty program; promoted military buildup to oppose USSR. – Many NE Republicans felt Goldwater _____________. – Lost by huge margin to LBJ. – Goldwater strongly supported by Southerners. Showed that conservative Southern Democrats might cross over to Republican Party.

4 Conservatives shut down during LBJ’s Great Society programs. 1968-Nixon elected, bringing Republicans back. – Opposed most _______________________________, billions in spending, wanted to cut. Failed, Congress opposed cuts. – Again, gov’t grew with creation of _______________. Many felt (rightly) that new programs interfered with private lives, property, business. Conservatives didn’t like ___________________. – Sex- and drug-promoting rock music, use of illegal drugs, violent protests & riots (lack of law & order). – Opposed birth control pills, hated Roe v. Wade. – Many opposed women’s rights movement.

5 Most conservatives were fine with civil rights movement. – Opposed _________________________________ ____________________ (reverse discrimination). – Many Democrats also opposed affirmative action, busing programs; helped Republicans win elections in 1980s.

6 Reagan Revolution __________________ was a New Deal Democrat during Great Depression, saw FDR as a hero. 1930s-40s-While in Hollywood, RR was active in ___________________________, movie union. – Was also active in exposing Communists in Hollywood; earned him death threats, shot at. By 1950s, RR was conservative Republican. – Felt Democrats letting gov’t get too big, too soft on Communism. 1950s-joined _______________, hosted tv show, gave speeches across US praising ____________ ____________________________, attacked gov’t regulation, Communism.

7 1966-RR elected _______________________, later reelected. – Cut back social programs, limited state spending, slight tax increase eliminated CA budget deficits. – Strongly opposed to ________________________ ___________ on college campuses; used National Guard to keep order at UC Berkeley. 1976-RR ran against _____________________ for Republican nomination, barely lost. – Speeches energized Republicans, made RR household name.

8 Late 1970s-conservative groups formed _____ __________ coalition. – Wanted _________________, less regulation & taxes, cutting social programs, return to more traditional _______________________. – New right strongly backed RR in 1980. 1980-RR ran against Carter. – RR very funny, witty, had simple message, “____ _______________________________________”. – Made fun of Carter’s ideas, policies. “A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, A depression is when you lose yours. A recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.” When Carter started in on US’ problems-”There you go again.”

9 RR won 51% of popular vote to Carter’s 41%, RR carried 44 states to Carter’s 6. – RR had 489 electoral votes, Carter had 49. Republicans also gained control of Senate for first time since Ike. RR and Republican party had clear _________ to carry out their ideas. – Support of the people.

10 Reagan’s First Term Three main goals: ______________________ _____________________________________ _______________________________________ – When sworn in, went right to work. Economic program called “_________________”. – Focused on “_____________________________”. Cutting taxes, especially on job-creators, would encourage business growth, more money in pockets. 1981-passed 5% tax cut. 1982-1983-2 10% tax cuts. 1986-Huge tax reform bill cut taxes at all levels, closed loopholes so all had to pay their share.

11 RR also began major program of _____________. – Continued & expanded Carter’s energy & transportation deregulation. – Cut budgets of most gov’t regulatory agencies (ex- EPA). RR argued that the more businesses had to spend to meet ________________, the less money they could spend to grow their businesses, hire employees. RR also challenged _______________. – 1981-______________________________________ __________________________ struck for higher pay. – RR gave the 13,000 strikers 2 days to return to work. Most didn’t, RR fired them; unions don’t have right to disrupt vital services.

12 RR believed that success came from _______ _________________________. – Opposite of welfare system beliefs-gov’t should help those who can’t help themselves. Felt gov’t was too ______________________ _______________, began cutting size of gov’t. – Cut public service jobs, reduced unemployment benefits, welfare benefits, reduced spending on food stamps. Created ______________________ program. – Gov’t would not tell states how to use federal aid.

13 RR called USSR the “________________”, was determined to roll back Communism. Spent $_____________ on military in 5 years. – Bought new missile systems, new bombers, new missile subs (boomers). – 1983-announced __________________________ ____________, known as ___________________. Space-based missile defense shield to destroy incoming nukes. Gov’t would began funding research. USSR complained that US was being aggressive, called RR a “______________”.

14 US involved in other areas besides USSR under RR. ___________________ was in a civil war. – 1982-RR sent Marines into capital ___________ to keep peace. – October 1983-Truck bomb blew up Marine barracks, killed __________________________. Americans demanded we pull out, did in Feb 1984. Libya, run by ___________________, financed terror attacks on US & Israeli targets in Europe. – RR ordered airstrikes on Qadaffi in 1986, no more problems.

15 US also fought Communism in Americas. – Paid ___________________ $1 million/day to help resist takeover by Communist guerrillas. 1983-Military coup in ___________________ installed Communist-friendly gov’t. – RR sent in troops to protect medical school with US students, overthrew gov’t, oversaw free elections.

16 Right after he took office, US experienced worst recession since Great Depression. – Very brief, only lasted 1.5 years. – RR’s tax cuts quickly stimulated economy, ended recession, economy grew dramatically. Even though RR promised reduced spending, balanced budget, no deficit, deficit grew during 1980s. – Due mainly to military spending, aid to countries resisting Communism.

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