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Republican Leadership in the 1920’s

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1 Republican Leadership in the 1920’s
Complete RSG 12.3 The Business of America NO TALKING AFTER THE BELL! Due in 10 minutes!!!

2 CA Standard Discuss the policies of Presidents Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover.

3 Objective Students will be able to discuss the policies of Presidents Warren Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover by analyzing political cartoons.

4 Video Clip: Three Republican Presidents

5 List all that you see What is this a map of? Who were the candidates? What do each of the numbers in the state represent? Who won?

6 Warren G. Harding Americans wanted to return to the “good old days” before WWI Republican Warren G. Harding VS. Democrat James M. Cox Harding’s campaign slogan: “return to normalcy” Warren G. Harding wins in a landslide and becomes president

7 Key Domestic Policies Limited role of government:
Remove government regulations of businesses Return to laissez faire policies Limited immigration The Emergency Quota Act Limited immigration from Europe

8 Key Foreign Policies Isolationism Keep U.S. out of League of Nations
Washington Naval Conference Nations agreed to disarm Protect U.S. Businesses Fordney–McCumber Tariff Raised taxes on imports to 60% Protected American businesses

9 Key Event: Scandal Plagues Harding
“The Ohio Gang” Corrupt friends of Harding’s cabinet who used their offices to become wealthy through graft “The Teapot Dome” Scandal Albert Fall secretly leased government land to private oil companies. He received $400,000.

10 Legacy Died suddenly in 1923 A good-natured President who’s administration was plagued with corruption. “I have no trouble with my enemies…But my…friends, they’re the ones that keep me walking the floor nights!”

11 Calvin Coolidge

12 Calvin Coolidge Became President after Harding’s death
1924 won presidency – “Keep Cool with Coolidge”

13 Key Domestic Policies Weed out the “Ohio Gang” Pro-business policies
Kept most of Harding’s cabinet except “Ohio Gang” Pro-business policies Keep taxes down & business profits up Give businesses credit to expand Laissez-faire

14 Key Event: Support of Big Business
His pro-business policies helped the nation enjoy a period of prosperity. Between the output of industry nearly doubled “The Roaring ’20’s”

15 Key Foreign Policies “Coolidge arrived in the presidency without experience in foreign affairs,...he came to office with less preparation to handle matters of foreign policy than any of his presidential predecessors in the twentieth century.” Prevent War Kellogg-Briand Pact Renounces war as a national policy and parties agree to peaceful means of international differences The Dawes Plan Loaned Germany $2.5 billion to pay back France & Britain

16 Legacy Demands of the Presidency was so great he refused the Republican nomination in 1928 Helped restore peoples faith in their government and the Republican party.

17 Herbert Hoover Won election of 1928 against Alfred E. Smith (Democrat) Believed in “rugged individualism”; the idea that people should succeed through their own efforts. “We in America are nearer the final triumph over poverty than ever before.”

18 Key Domestic Policies Pro-business, conservative, belief in the individual, advocate of small federal government Glass-Steagall Act (February 1932). This measure changed Federal Reserve and gold reserve policies as a means to loosen credit. Reconstruction Finance Corporation Lent up to $2 billion to large businesses and companies. "pump-priming" was created on the idea that by giving money to the businesses, the businesses would then give the money to their employees and would then end the Great Depression.

19 Key Foreign Policies Hawley-Smoot Tariff: (June 1930).
highest protective tariff measure in U.S. history. "Good Neighbor" Policy reduce American political and military interference in Latin American affairs. In sum, he pledged that the United States would act as a "good neighbor."

20 Key Event: Stock Market Crashes
6 months after election the stock market crashed = worst depression in American History

21 Legacy At the end of his administration, the formerly confident Hoover was a beaten man. He had been overwhelmingly defeated at the polls, unemployment continued to soar and the nation was stilled by a major bank crisis. As he waited for Franklin Roosevelt to take office, Hoover was tired, bitter and out of ideas.

22 Political Cartoon Activity

23 What is the opinion of the cartoon?
What President does it relate to?

24 What is the opinion of the cartoon?
What President does it relate

25 What is the opinion of the cartoon?
What President does it relate

26 What is the opinion of the cartoon?
What President does it relate





31 Presidential Speeches Harding, Coolidge, Hoover
: My Fellow Americans #16(Harding, Coolidge, Hoover)

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