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(Nazis, Nazis and more Nazis) By: Jimmi Reaza and Mireya Victorio.

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1 (Nazis, Nazis and more Nazis) By: Jimmi Reaza and Mireya Victorio

2  Unemployment rates grew from 8.5% in 1929 29.9% in 1932 (6 million people out of work)  Blue Collar and White Collared works were affected

3  One of the first Nazi party programs  Program appealed mainly to right wingers  They rejected the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles  Nationalist movements  Racist and Anti-Semitic

4  Founded by the Nazi Party in 1920  Was formed to protect the initates of the NSDAP and to constitute street violence  When Nazis came to power the SA gained more privileges to make arrest and to run concentration camps



7  Born in 1889 in the Austrian town Brunau  Joined the NSDAP in 1919  Was imprisoned for being the leader of the Munich Putsch  1932 gained German nationality and the right to become Chancellor


9  Founded in 1925 as Hitler's body guards  First under the command of the SA, but Himmler promoted them as an elite group  In charge of Concentration camps and police work.

10  Born in 1900 in Munich  Took part of the Munich Putsch  Joined the NSDAP in 1925  Became head of the SS in 1925


12  Mother and son

13  Stripped Jews of Citizenship & Civil Liberties  Protective of selective breeding (Lebensborn)  Regarded as the “Law of Safeguard of German blood”

14  Prohibited Jewish-German marriage  Considered a Jew if the person had three Jewish grandparents  If you were married to a Jewish person your marriage would be annulled  Used the star of David to Identify Jews

15  Hitler’s attempt to illegally rise to power was the Munich Putsch  The Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)  Final solution

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