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Content Area Vocabulary Health II. #1 the main lens of the eye that performs most of the focusing.

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1 Content Area Vocabulary Health II

2 #1 the main lens of the eye that performs most of the focusing

3 #2 the removal of all drugs from the body

4 #3 a group of drugs with breathable fumes that are sniffed and inhaled to give a hallucinogenic or mind-altering high, such as paint, gasoline or permanent markers

5 #4 a medicine that cannot be purchased safely without the written approval of a licensed physician

6 #5 a hard, crust-like substance found on teeth

7 #6 a support program for people ages 12 to 20 whose parents, other family members or friends have drinking problems

8 #7 the dramatic physical or psychological effects of alcohol withdrawal

9 #8 using a medicine in a way other than the one intended

10 #9 a slip from recovery or periodic return to drinking or drug use

11 #10 any unnecessary or improper use of chemical substances for non-medical purposes

12 #11 a condition caused by clogged pores of the skin

13 #12 people in social settings who choose not to drink so that they can safely drive themselves and others home

14 #13 the inner ear

15 #14 structures within the skin that produce an oily secretion called sebum

16 #15 a group of drugs that increases the action of the central nervous system, the heart and other organs

17 #16 a cancer-causing substance

18 #17 the chemical action of yeast on sugars

19 #18 cannabis that is smoked, eaten or drunk for intoxicating effects

20 #19 irrational suspiciousness or distrust of others

21 #20 the interaction of two or more medicines that results in a greater effect than when the medicines are taken indepently

22 #21 another name for a pain reliever

23 #22 the process of pulling back or separating from involvement with someone else’s addiction and refusing to let that addiction rule one’s life any longer

24 #23 the dark brown resin collected from the tops of the cannabis plant

25 #24 the area immediately surrounding the tooth and is comprised of the jawbone, periodontal ligament and gum

26 #25 a preparation containing weakened or dead pathogens that provide immunity by causing the body to produce antibodies to the pathogens

27 #26 a dangerous toxic condition that occurs when a person drinks a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time

28 #27 a condition in which fats build up in the liver and cannot be broken down

29 #28 the addictive drug in cigarettes

30 #29 a hereditary disorder in which an overgrowth of bone causes the ossicles to lose their ability to move

31 #30 a condition in which a ringing, buzzing, whistling, hissing or other noise is heard in the ear in the absence of external sound

32 #31 the middle layer of the eyeball wall

33 #32 a temporary feeling of intense well-being or elation that may be followed by a complete “crash” or letdown

34 #33 a group of drugs that alters moods, thoughts and sense perceptions including vision, hearing, smell and touch

35 #34 on-site medical and psychological care for a person trying to become alcohol- or drug-free

36 #35 a condition in which the body becomes used to the effect of a medicine

37 #36 when medicines work together in a positive way

38 #37 a passageway in the ear about 1 inch long

39 #38 substances that are illegal or otherwise not permitted

40 #39 a strong or even fatal reaction to taking a large amount of a drug

41 #40 residential treatment centers

42 #41 periodic excessive drinking

43 #42 tiny pits in the skin from which hair grows

44 #43 physical and mental impairment resulting from the use of alcohol

45 #44 the living tissue inside the tooth

46 #45 structures within the skin that secrete perspiration through ducts to pores on the skin’s surface

47 #46 a physiological or psychological dependence on a substance or activity

48 #47 a condition in which the outer layer of dead skin cells is shed from the scalp

49 #48 a drug derived from the opium plant which has a sedative effect

50 #49 the three tiny, linked, movable bones behind the eardrum

51 #50 chemical substances produced artificially in a laboratory

52 #51 a worldwide self-help organization for people who are close to alcoholics

53 #52 a condition in which a fetus has been adversely affected mentally and physically by its mother’s heavy alcohol use during pregnancy

54 #53 a substance that, when taken internally or applied to the body, helps prevent or cure a disease or other medical problem

55 #54 a sticky, colorless film that acts on sugar to form acids that destroy tooth enamel and irritate gums

56 #55 tobacco that is sniffed through the nose or chewed

57 #56 the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood expressed as a percentage

58 #57 synthetic substances meant to imitate the effects of narcotics and hallucinogens

59 #58 continuing-care facilities that offer people housing, counseling and support meetings as they recover from severe addiction

60 #59 the tough outer coat of the eye

61 #60 a thick, sticky dark fluid produced when tobacco burns

62 #61 a condition in which the liver tissue is destroyed and then replaced with useless scar tissue

63 #62 a type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages

64 #63 manufacturered forms of nicotine that deliver small amounts of the drug into the user’s system while he/she is trying to give up the tobacco habit

65 #64 the inflammation of the periodontal structures

66 #65 the process that occurs when a person stops using a medicine or other substance to which he/she has a physiological dependence

67 #66 when the effect of the medicine is cancelled or reduced when taken in conjunction with another medicine

68 #67 a group of drugs that tend to slow down the central nervous system

69 #68 the gland responsible for producing tears

70 #69 a medicine you are able to purchase without a doctor’s prescription

71 #70 chemicals that affect the central nervous system and interfere with the normal functioning of the brain

72 #71 a drug, such as marijuana, that often leads to more dangerous drugs

73 #72 a physical or psychological dependence on the drug ethanol

74 #73 street drugs

75 #74 the light-sensitive membrane on which images are cast by the cornea and lens

76 #75 medical and psychological care during which a person stays at a medical or rehabilitation facility

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