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Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney. INTRODUCTION During this presentation you will learn what a “Clique” is. It’s a word that’s spelled funny and that.

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1 Cliques, Phonies & Other Baloney


3 INTRODUCTION During this presentation you will learn what a “Clique” is. It’s a word that’s spelled funny and that sounds funny. But...cliques can make you feel many things....

4 Cliques can make you feel: Lonely Scared Angry Unwelcome Unhappy Unpopular

5 When you feel this way, it’s hard to have fun, pay attention in school, or feel good about yourself.

6 This presentation is about cliques---what they are, what they do, and what you can do about them.

7 It’s also about making friends. You’ll learn that having good friends isn’t always the same as being popular.

8 You’ll also discover that the best way to get along with people—at school or anywhere else– is to be self-confident and friendly.

9 So, let’s get started....

10 CLIQUE (noun): a small, closely knit group of people who share things in common.



13 The #1 Clique Myth Kids in cliques are the most confident, happy and popular kids of all.

14 Four Dorky Things Cliques Do




18 Understanding Cliques

19 To understand cliques, you have to know why they exist. It’s kind of like taking a car engine apart to see how it works, or studying a skeleton to learn about the human body. Figuring out the why can make things easier to understand.




23 Phonies & Fakes

24 Phonies... P retend to be someone they’re not. H ave an image to uphold. O nly care about impressing others. N eed lots of approval. Y UCK! How to Spot a Phony




28 Being Yourself



31 What are “Real” Friends?

32 Friends vs. Cliques* *Cliques aren’t all bad. They really do have some positive benefits.

33 But...... Some cliques also make other kids feel unwelcome. They exclude people, or leave them out.

34 Are you hanging out with the wrong people? Do I feel I have to behave a certain way to be accepted? Do I feel like a fake? Does the group discourage me from making other friends? Does it seem like I always have to meet the approval of others in the group? Do I feel out of place with these people?

35 Do’s and Don’ts for Making Friends DO Talk to People

36 DON’T stay inside by youself all day...

37 DO try to make other people feel good.

38 DON’T walk up to someone and be rude.

39 DO invite people to join you.

40 DON’T invite your whole class over for a pizza party.

41 DO be a good listener.

42 DON’T brag about yourself...

43 DO talk to the “new kid”.

44 DON’T overdo it.

45 DO include people.

46 DON’T walk around calling people names...

47 Here’s a really BIG tip for making friends:

48 Five Ways to be Friendly #1: Smile!

49 #2: Say hi to people even if you don’t know them well.

50 #3: Compliment at least one person each day.

51 #4: Be a good sport about losing....

52 #5: Talk to people before or after class...not during class.

53 Polish your People Skills Smile at people you meet, laugh a lot, show your confidence, be kind to your classmates, listen to your teachers, and don’t be afraid to be you. You’ll attract people like a magnet. Maybe you’ll even become... POPULAR.

54 What’s Popularity?

55 The Truth About Popularity

56 Want to hear some top-secret, surprising, shocking news?

57 Popularity Pop Quiz True or False? The popular kids are always: 1.The best looking.2. The richest. 3. The best dressed.4. The coolest. 5. The most athletic.6. The most talented. 7.The happiest.8. The smartest. 9.The strongest.10. Able to leap tall buildings in a single jump.

58 Think Positive (About Yourself)


60 Two Popularity Myths Myth #1: Popular people are better than everyone else.

61 Myth #2: To be popular, you need to treat some kids badly.

62 A Question for You



65 Uh-oh, you’re dealing with a BAD CLIQUE.

66 Bad cliques are no good.....

67 Helful hint: This is a VERRRRY bad idea.

68 The Four Worst Tricks for Dealing with Bad Cliques #1: Ignoring the clique.

69 #2: Getting back at the clique.

70 #3: Making enemies of the clique.

71 #4: Being a phony to impress the clique.

72 NEVER let a bad clique spoil a perfectly good day.

73 You can...

74 Being Different is OK




78 The Top Ten Ways to Keep Your Friends 1. Show them kindness and respect. 2. Stick up for them. 3. Be supportive when your friends need help or advice. 4.Tell the truth (but be kind about it). 5.If you hurt a friend, say you’re sorry.

79 6. If a friend hurts you and apologizes, accept the apology. 7.If you make a promise, keep it. 8.Put some effort into your friendships; otherwise your friends might feel neglected. 9. Don’t try to change your friends—accept them the way they are. 10. Treat your friends the way you want them to treat you.

80 Always be thankful for your friends! And one more thing....

81 THE END Thanks for your attention!

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