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Bullying is NOT an Option Hillcrest Middle School.

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1 Bullying is NOT an Option Hillcrest Middle School

2 I shall remember forever and will never forget Monday: my money was taken. Tuesday: names called. Wednesday: my uniform torn. Thursday: my body pouring with blood. Friday: it’s ended. Saturday: freedom A poem...

3 This poem was written by a 13 year old boy.

4 It was the last entry in Vijay’s diary. Vijay was 13 years old when he was found hanging from the banister rail at home one Sunday. He committed suicide as a result of ongoing bullying. Vijay is not the first and only child to commit suicide because of bullying.

5 Ryan Halligan – 13 years old

6 Dawn Marie Wesley – 14 years old

7 Phoebe Prince – 15 Years old

8 There are many students all around the world who could be listed here. They took their lives because they experienced one of the following:  Name calling, put downs, teasing  Threats, beatings  Relentless tauntings  Constant ridicule  Shunning, excluding, rumours, gossip  Intimidating, tormenting

9 Physical Bullying  pushing  kicking  hitting  spitting  destroying someone’s property

10 Verbal Bullying  putdowns  name-calling  “dissing”  taunting  belittling

11 Social Bullying  excluding  ignoring  manipulating or use of body posturing  facial expressions  eye contact

12 Social Bullying When one or more of these are used to embarrass, humiliate or reject another person, they represent social bullying.

13 Cyberbullying emails instant messaging cell phones web pages blogs chatrooms

14 When these are used to intimidate, harm, exclude or ruin a person’s reputation – they are forms of cyber bullying.

15 Healthy Relationships Friendship Skills

16 In order to have friends… You must first be a friend

17 There are basic principles involved in a healthy friendship

18 You control only 50% of the relationship You can ask your friend to do something – but never make them do what they do not want to do. True friends give their friends choices and not ultimatums.

19 You can influence 100% of the friendship You can choose to be polite, respectful, share, compliment and encourage others. Your friends will likely want to spend time with you when you treat them well.

20 If you yell, use putdowns, embarrass or intimidate others, they are less likely to want to spend time with you.

21 When someone says “no”, respect their decision. Honour their request and leave them alone.

22 Remember You always have a choice about friendships Everyone wants to feel that they belong Be thankful for your friends

23 Ten ways to keep your friends  Show them kindness and respect  Stick up for them  Be supportive when your friends need help or advice  Tell the truth  If you hurt someone, say you are sorry

24  If a friend hurts you and apologizes, accept the apology  If you make a promise, keep it  Put an effort into your friendships otherwise your friends might feel neglected  Don’t try to change your friends. Accept them the way they are  Treat your friends the way that you would like to be treated

25 Empathy the ability to feel another person’s concerns True friends know how to empathize with one another

26 People with Empathy say…..  You look upset.  I understand how you feel.  I am sad that you are hurt.  I am happy for you.

27 People with Empathy ….  Notice when people are hurting, and feel for them.  Walk up and console them.  Comfort others when they are hurt or upset.  Feel happy for others when they win or succeed at something.

28 Taunting  Involves an imbalance of power  Is intended to harm and be hurtful  Involves humiliating, cruel, demeaning comments or jokes  Includes laughing at the person and not with them  Is meant to diminish a person’s self-worth  Induces fear of further taunting  Continues even when the person is upset

29 When a bully says they were teasing… They were really taunting. They meant to be cruel, to demean the other person, as well as intimidate, embarrass, humiliate and shame the person.

30 That’s what bullies do. They must be stopped!


32 Jonah... GHOQA

33 Become a Change Agent

34 Break the Habit!

35 You can choose to Shun Diversity or Tolerate Diversity or CELEBRATE Diversity

36 uuqIQI3dww to be kind to be positive to celebrate and support others to CARE It is your choice! You CAN choose...

37 Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of kindness: kindness in your face, your eyes and in your smile. Mother Teresa

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