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2 Agenda 1.Opening Remarks - Minutes of the 2004 General Assembly 2.President's Report 3.Treasurer's Report 4.Approval of Reports 5.Announcements of Changes to the ISCA Board 6.Approval of Proposed Change to the ISCA Statutes 7.ISCA: Goals for 2005-6 8.Announcement of Next ISCA General Assembly 9.Any Other Business 10.Handover to the New President

3 1.Opening Remarks and Minutes of the 2003 General Assembly 2.President's Report 3.Treasurer's Report 4.Approval of the Reports 5.ISCA: Goals of 2004-5 6.Demonstration on Online ISCA Proceedings Archive 7.Announcement of Next ISCA General Assembly 8.Any Other Business Minutes of the 2004 General Assembly in Jeju, Korea, October 6, 2004, 18:00

4 President’s Report Recent Board Meetings Membership Secretariat and Membership Services The ISCA Online Archive Workshops Scientific Diversity Industry Liaison Conferences Grants and Awards Publications SIGs Training and Education Others Sadaoki Furui

5 Recent Board Meetings Mar. 2004: Kyoto Oct. 2004: Jeju May 2005: Lisbon Sept. 2005: Lisbon

6 Membership Development

7 Membership by Category

8 Membership by Country

9 Secretariat and Membership Services Improvements to website –From September New online membership database Password-protected section Members’ archive Student Section –In development Weblog Please give us input and suggestions either this week at the ISCA Booth or later:; Valerie Hazan ISCA Secretary Manu Foxonet (Administrative Assistance)

10 Membership structure New joint membership option with AISV (Italian Association for Voice Sciences) Proposal to permit non-member registration at future INTERSPEECH conferences (with no obligatory ISCA membership)

11 Board Structure 2005 Elections –Decision to reduce Board size from 13 to 11 –Second term expired for 4 Board members, first term expired for 3 Board members, one member resigned –Elections held in June/July 2005 –Six new Board members elected Decision to form Committees (e.g. for membership services and international affairs) to support the work of the Board

12 Plans for Regions/International Affairs “International Affairs Committee” will be organized –2 or 3 members from each region (North America, Europe, Asia and all other areas for example) –Chaired by a board member Example functions of the committee –Extending ISCA services to all parts of the world –Distributing information about ISCA services (archives, membership fee structure, web-based services, etc.), establishing SIGs/chapters in different areas, sponsoring local events, organizing distinguished lecturer program, etc. Lin-shan Lee

13 Wolfgang Hess The ISCA Online Archive To contain all former INTERSPEECH (EUROSPEECH and ICSLP) conferences and all ITRWs and ETRWs in machine- readable form Online archive available on website since August 2003 –Abstracts accessible for everybody –Full papers accessible for members only –User name: ISCA_Archive (case sensitive) –Password: mInd_it$ [to be changed in January 2006]

14 Main Page Event Page Abstract/Paper Archive Structure

15 The ISCA Online Archive: Current Contents Eleven INTERSPEECH (EUROSPEECH, ICSLP) Conferences with 7850 papers 55 ITRW‘s and ETRW‘s with 2282 papers Six ISCA-supported events with 604 papers Last Update: August 19, 2005, with EUROSPEECH’95 In total: 72 events, 10736 papers, 3.48 GByte of disk space After leaving the Board, Wolfgang Hess will continue working as archive coordinator. Wolfgang Hess

16 The ISCA Online Archive: Future Plans To complete scanning and editing of all ISCA conferences and I(E)TRW‘s before next INTERSPEECH To create a DVD version once the archive is complete To create a plurilingual glossary in speech communication To collect and include old, hard-to-access material Wolfgang Hess The ISCA Online Archive: Still Under Work INTERSPEECH 2004: full papers will be released soon ICSLP 90, 92, 94; EUROSPEECH 89 and 91: to be edited. Four ETRW‘s from 1992 and earlier

17 ISCA Tutorial & Research Workshops (ITRWs) 12 ITRWs organized 2004-2005 Publications –Proceedings –CD-ROMs –Special Issues Speech Communication –Archive Contact ISCA for new event proposals Rolf Carlson

18 2005 Non-linear Speech Processing 05: Nolisp05 Plasticity in Speech perception (PSP2005) Young Researcher's Roundtable on Spoken Dialog Systems 6th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue Biennial on DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems Disfluency in Spontaneous Speech (DISS'05) Spoken Language Interaction in Distributed Environments 2006 First ISCA workshop in South Africa: Multilingual Speech and Language Processing Odyssey 2006 SAPA2006 - Statistical and Perceptual Audition Rolf Carlson

19 Scientific Diversity –In charge of strengthening and broadening ISCA’s involvement in all areas of scientific and technological disciplines that are related to speech communication, both between humans and between humans and machines 1. Survey on long-term trends of papers presented at INTERSPEECH conferences 2. Re-examine topics to be announced in the call for papers, etc. 3. Identify key areas where ISCA’s involvement and leadership is desired Hiroya Fujisaki

20 Scientific Diversity –ISCA Board’s Recommendation on the list of topics for INTERSPEECH 2004, 2005, and 2006 –ISCA Board’s Recommendation on strategies for encouraging active exchanges with less well represented fields: a. Composition of the organizing team b. Enlarging the range of contact beyond past attendees and current members c. Organizing special sessions, invited talks, etc. especially aimed at interdisciplinary exchanges Hiroya Fujisaki

21 Industry Liaison Established a Reference List of Speech R&D Companies –multinational, national and regional companies First ISCA-Industry Roundtable with Senior R&D Managers of Multinational Speech R&D Companies –September 2005 at INTERSPEECH in Lisbon Development of the ISCA-Industry Dialog –ISCA‘s role as an international speech research organisation –development of speech technology standards –independent evaluations and facilitation of quality issues –job market facilitation and many more... Michael Wagner

22 International Conferences Future INTERSPEECH Conferences –2006, Pittsburgh –2007, Antwerp –2008, Brisbane –2009 Call for Proposals and proposal guidelines available from http://www.isca- (deadline for preliminary bids, 12/15/05)http://www.isca- Julia Hirschberg

23 Updated INTERSPEECH reviewer list –Please send email to to volunteer Membership conference survey (Fall 2004) highlights –95% who attended INTERSPEECH 2004 were satisfied with the conference 68% thought balance between science and technology was good or excellent

24 –62% thought ISCA membership should be linked to conference/workshop registration (vs. 30% who thought not) –See www.isca- for more...www.isca- –Fall 2005 survey will be conducted after this conference

25 Grants 2005 (Jan 1 – Aug 31) George Kokkinakis Total expenditure by ISCA and INTERSPEECH: 22,500 EUR Grants: 81 (61 by ISCA and 20 by INTERSPEECH 2005) Countries: 27 18.9% Increase in grants and big increase in applications

26 Awards ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement 2005 Recipient: Graeme Clark, Australia ISCA Award for the Best Student Paper of INTERSPEECH 2005 Recipient(s): To be announced at the closing ceremony ISCA Award for the best paper published in the Speech Communication Journal 2002-2004 Recipient(s): To be announced at the closing ceremony George Kokkinakis

27 Publications  ISCApad monthly E-newspaper (last issue: #86): ISCA life, job offers, conferences, under print papers,…  Elsevier contacts Speech Communication Chris Wellekens

28 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) SynSIG Chinese SLP AVISA INSTIL SaLTMIL SIGdial EvaHajicova

29 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) 11 SIGs The number of SIGs is increasing: –a new SIG established: Italian AISV –one SIG in-creation: SIG on Iberian languages –one SIG being negotiated: regional SIG in India The main activities of SIGs: organization of workshops Plans: to involve SIGs more actively in the programme of INTERSPEECH

30 Training and Education Student Advisory Committee (SAC) (7 PhD students from 6 countries) started its work in 2004 –Aims: Expanding membership services for students and establishing better communication between students –Currently developing the Student Section of the ISCA website, which is planned to be a lively heart of the ISCA student community –Starting version of Student Section of the ISCA website [] launched, new features (e.g., discussion forum) are planned to be added in the near future

31 Treasurer’s Report Gerrit Bloothooft continued financial stability membership fee 50 -> 55 euro in 2006 growth in support new inititiatives (web, student committee, workshops)


33 Income20032004 INTERSPEECH DONATIONS 37.980 Geneva 24.870 Jeju ITRW SHARES 1.3954.040 SALE PROCEEDINGS 613919 MEMBERSHIP 52.13235.996 INTEREST 1.633193 TOTAL (€)93.75366.018

34 Expenditures20032004 SALARIES 37.08331.391 BOARD MEETINGS 11.04413.895 SECRETARIAT 6.9324.556 GRANTS 9.01112.970 MEMBERSH. SERVICES 7.7362.460 CONTINGENCY 181646 VARIOUS -- BANK COSTS 5331.042 TOTAL (€)72.52066.960

35 Conclusions ISCA is financially sound Don’t hesitate to ask for financial support for your initiatives Gerrit Bloothooft

36 Approval of Reports President‘s Report Treasurer‘s Report

37 Changes to the ISCA Board President: Julia Hirschberg Vice-president: Isabel Trancoso New members: Jean-Francois Bonastre (France) David House (Sweden) Michael Picheny (USA) Isabel Trancoso (Portugal) Continuing members: Hiroya Fujisaki, Sadaoki Furui, Eva Hajicova, Julia Hirschberg, Lin-shan Lee, Michael Wagner, Chris Wellekens Retiring members: Gerrit Bloothooft, Rolf Carlson, Valerie Hazan, Hynek Hermansky, Wolfgang Hess, George Kokkinakis

38 Changes to ISCA Statutes Why? –ISCA is a non-profit association regulated by French law –Need to avoid ambiguities that could make ISCA liable to income tax

39 New Statutes A2.1 ISCA est une association à but non-lucratif. L'objet de l'association est de promouvoir dans un contexte international, à l'échelle mondiale, les activités et les échanges dans tous les domaines des sciences et des technologies de la communication parlée. Elle s'adresse à toutes les personnes (physiques et morales) qui s'intéressent aux recherches fondamentales et aux développements technologiques visant à décrire, à expliquer et à reproduire les différents aspects de la communication humaine par la parole, notamment et sans que cette liste soit limitative, la phonétique, la linguistique, la reconnaissance de la parole par ordinateur et sa synthèse, la compression de la parole, la reconnaissance du locuteur, aides au diagnostic médical de pathologies de la phonation, … A2.1 ISCA is a non-profit organization. The purpose of the association is to promote, in an international world-wide context, activities and exchanges in all fields related to speech communication science and technology. The association is aimed at all persons and institutions interested in fundamental research and technological developments that aim at describing, explaining and reproducing the various aspects of human communication by speech, for example, phonetics, linguistics, computer speech recognition and synthesis, speech compression, speaker recognition, aids to the medical diagnosis of voice pathologies, …

40 New Statutes A2.2 L'association tentera d'atteindre ses objectifs :a) en stimulant l'animation de la communauté scientifique et académique; b) en facilitant la coordination de manifestations scientifiques (conférences, expositions, ateliers, etc..) ; c) en encourageant des actions de diffusion des connaissances et des informations (écoles saisonnières, lettres d'information périodiques, site Internet, etc...) ; d) en soutenant la publication et la diffusion de travaux scientifiques spécialisés ; e) en promouvant la diversité des thèmes de recherche et des langues étudiées ; f) en favorisant les échanges scientifiques ; g) en coopérant avec d'autres organisations ; h) en encourageant les relations entre le monde de la recherche et le secteur industriel ; i) en stimulant et en accompagnant les initiatives locales, régionales et globales ; j) par toute autre action d'intérêt général pour la communauté scientifique et technologique du domaine de la communication parlée. A2.2 The association will try to achieve its goals: a) by stimulating activities by the scientific and academic community ; b) by facilitating the coordination of scientific events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops, etc...) ; c) by encouraging actions for disseminating knowledge and information (summer schools, regular newsletters, website, etc...) ; d) by supporting the publication and the dissemination of specialised scientific work ; e) by promoting the diversity of research themes and languages studied ; f) by facilitating scientific exchanges ; g) by cooperating with other organizations ; h) by encouraging relations between research and industry ; i) by stimulating and collaborating in local, regional and global initiatives ; j) by any other activities of general interest for the scientific and technological community, in the field of speech communication.

41 ISCA: Goals for 2005-6  To expand international participation in ISCA  To expand role of members in ISCA initiatives  To support student-centered activities  To increase cooperation with industry  To introduce new ISCA web-based services  To complete archive of past ISCA proceedings

42 Next ISCA General Assembly INTERSPEECH 2006 – ICSLP Pittsburgh, 17-22 September

43 Any Other Business?

44 Handover to the new ISCA President Julia Hirschberg


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