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2 Agenda 1.Opening Remarks and approval of the Minutes of the 2005 General Assembly (Lisbon) 2.President's Report 3.Treasurer's Report 4.Approval of Reports 5.ISCA: Goals for 2006-7 6.Announcement of Next ISCA General Assembly 7.Any Other Business

3 1.Opening Remarks and approval of the Minutes of the 2004 General Assembly 2.President's Report 3.Treasurer's Report 4.Approval of Reports 5.Announcements of Changes to the ISCA Board 6.Approval of Proposed Change to the ISCA Statutes 7.ISCA: Goals for 2005-6 8.Announcement of Next ISCA General Assembly 9.Any Other Business 10.Handover to the New President Minutes of the 2005 General Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal, 7 September 2005, 18:00

4 President’s Report Recent Board Meetings Secretariat and Membership Membership Services The ISCA Online Archive Workshops International Affairs Scientific Diversity Industry Liaison Conferences Grants and Awards Student Liaison Publications SIGs Others Julia Hirschberg

5 Recent Board Meetings Mar. 2004:Kyoto Oct. 2004: Jeju May 2005: Lisbon Sept. 2005:Lisbon Dec. 2005:Virtual Mar. 2006: Virtual Jun. 2006: Virtual Sept.2006: Pittsburgh

6 Secretariat and Membership Direct contact with members Membership database Financial transactions Web content coordination Documentation of ISCA board meetings ISCA Statutes and Bylaws Please give us input and suggestions either this week at the ISCA Booth or later: David House ISCA Secretary Manu Foxonet Administrative Assistant

7 Membership Development

8 Membership by Category

9 Membership Services Movement of website and underlying data (such as archive) to public ASP – ModelFX Enhancement of website membership services –Direct production of spreadsheets from database queries –Automatic email notification of membership expiration –Better SPAM protection –Password generation and updating facility –Revalidation of information pages such as ISCA medalist lists –Administrative features (additional membership database queries) Michael Picheny

10 Membership Services Survey: 183 respondents to date –26% familiar with services on ISCA website, 33% frequently use archive, 20% look at website features other than ISCApad and archive –60% access website 4 or more times a year –60% know about SIGs and participate. Majority of others not aware. –67% attend because paper accepted. 90% have attended in past. –83% satisfied with ISCA conferences –Satisfaction somewhat greater with plenaries and special sessions than with tutorials. –60% say conference is expensive –60% say number of papers fine, rest say too many –84% not familiar with student website –65% say main advantage of ISCA conference is that it is focused. –55% say there should be more awards, with best paper at conference and ISCA fellows dominating Michael Picheny

11 Wolfgang Hess The ISCA Online Archive is complete Now contains all former INTERSPEECH (EUROSPEECH and ICSLP) conferences and all ITRWs and ETRWs in machine-readable form Online archive available on website –Abstracts accessible for everybody –Full papers accessible for members only

12 The ISCA Online Archive: Future Plans To create a DVD version To create a plurilingual glossary in speech communication To collect and include old, hard-to-access material Wolfgang Hess

13 Main Page Event Page Abstract/Paper Archive Structure

14 Thanks to Wolfgang Hess and Mathias Zeidler for the construction and maintenance of the ISCA Archive Wolfgang Hess

15 ISCA Tutorial & Research Workshops (ITRWs) 13 ITRWs organized 2005-2006 Publications –Proceedings –CD-ROMs –Special Issues Speech Communication –Archive Contact ISCA for new event proposals Sadaoki Furui

16 2006 Multilingual Speech and Language Processing (1 st ISCA workshop in South Africa) Speech Recognition and Intrinsic Variation Experimental Linguistics Perceptual Quality of Systems SAPA2006 - Statistical and Perceptual Audition Young Researcher's Roundtable on Spoken Dialog Systems 2007 NOLISP07 – Non-Linear Speech Processing SSW-6 – 6 th Speech Synthesis Research Workshop

17 ISCA International Affairs Committee Lin-shan Lee ISCA decided to become an international organization in 1999 in Budapest –Events and participants in them should not be confined to Europe ISCA International Affairs Committee tries to fulfill that mandate –targets regions currently under-represented in ISCA programs Establishing Subcommittees for these regions to initiate region-specific efforts –Sub-committee on Eastern Europe –Sub-committee on West Asia and North Africa –Sub-committee on South Asia –Sub-committee on Sub-Saharan Africa

18 ISCA International Affairs Committee Lin-shan Lee Sample Action Items for the International Affairs Committee –Disseminating information about regional research activities to the global research community through ISCA channels –Distributing ISCA event and service information to researchers in their region –Initiating ISCA-organized or co-sponsored events in their region –Recommending that students and young researchers in their region apply for ISCA grants to attend events sponsored by ISCA –Establishing Regional Branches or Special Interest Groups –Arranging Distinguished Lecturers Tours to give lectures in their region –Developing ISCA relationships with relevant sister associations in their regions

19 ISCA Distinguished Lecturers Program Sending Distinguished Lecturers to different parts of the world when invited by a Regional Subcommittee Up to 3 Distinguished Lecturers to be selected for 2006/7 –First Distinguished Lecturer Tour planned for 2007 –Selection Committee: Sadaoki Furui (chair), Louis Pols, Renato DeMori, Nelson Morgan, Lin-shan Lee (secretary) –Call for Nominations distributed in ISCA PAD and on website Sadaoki Furui Lin-shan Lee

20 Scientific Diversity –In charge of strengthening and broadening ISCA’s involvement in all areas of scientific and technological disciplines that are related to speech communication, both between humans and between humans and machines 1. Survey on long-term trends of papers presented at INTERSPEECH conferences 2. Re-examine topics to be announced in the call for papers, etc. 3. Identify key areas where ISCA’s involvement and leadership is desired Hiroya Fujisaki

21 Scientific Diversity –ISCA Board’s Recommendation on the list of topics for INTERSPEECH conferences since 2004 –ISCA Board’s Recommendation on strategies for encouraging active exchanges with less well represented fields: a. Composition of the organizing team b. Enlarging the range of contact beyond past attendees and current members c. Organizing special sessions, invited talks, etc. especially aimed at interdisciplinary exchanges Hiroya Fujisaki

22 Industry Liaison Maintains a List of Speech R&D Companies and Speech Technology Vendors –multinational, national and regional companies –provides job advertising service ISCA-Industry Roundtable with Senior R&D Managers of Multinational Speech R&D Companies –September 2005 at INTERSPEECH in Lisbon –September 2006 at INTERSPEECH in Pittsburgh Development of the ISCA-Industry Dialog –information on ISCA‘s role in speech R&D internationally –job market facilitation through ISCA publications and website –emerging issues of evaluation, quality and standards Michael Wagner

23 International Conferences Future INTERSPEECH Conferences –2007, Antwerp –2008, Brisbane –2009, Brighton –Call for Proposals and proposal guidelines available from http://www.isca- (deadline for preliminary bids, December 15th 2006)http://www.isca- Isabel Trancoso

24 Updated INTERSPEECH reviewer list –Please send email to to volunteer No Eurospeech/ICSLP distinction as of 2009 –Location balanced across all regions –Contents balanced between science and technology for all conferences

25 Grants September 2005 -06 Jean-François Bonastre Total expenditure by ISCA: 14355 E Int.06: ~13000 E Total: ~27355 E ~ 21% Increase Grants: 62 (34 events) 36 for ISCA organized events 26 for ISCA supported events Countries: 24

26 New “special situation” grants Electronic only submission New web-based system soon EU By regions

27 Awards ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement 2006 Recipient: John Ohala 3 ISCA Awards for the Best Student Paper of INTERSPEECH 2006 ISCA Award for the best paper published in the Speech Communication Journal 2003-2005 Will be awarded at closing ceremony Jean-François Bonastre

28 Student liaison ISCA Student Advisory Committee Responsible: Murat Akbacak, Christophe Van Bael, Agustín Gravano New student website: http://www.isca-students.org Please sign up! Non-students and non-ISCA members welcome too! Student events at INTERSPEECH 2006 Panel with senior researchers on Sunday; next year: “How to improve your presentation skills” Student reception tonight Jean-François Bonastre

29 Publications  ISCApad monthly E-newspaper (#100 coming soon) ISCA events, notes from the board, job offers, conferences, papers, new books…  Elsevier contacts Speech Communication

30 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) SynSIG Chinese SLP AVISA INSTIL SaLTMIL SIGdial EvaHajicova SIG-IL ISCA SIG-ILSP AFCP AISV

31 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) 13 SIGs: Number increasing –2 new SIGs SIG on Iberian languages SIG-IL Indian Language Speech Processing - SIG-ILSP Main SIG activities: –Organization of workshops SIGs Future: –Goal: to involve SIGs more actively in the international affairs program

32 Treasurer’s Report Excellent result for 2005 Solid financial base for continued Interspeech and ITRW seed funding Savings in Board meeting costs Support for new initiatives: distinguished lecturers, website, grants, young researcher activities Michael Wagner

33 Income20042005 INTERSPEECH DONATIONS 24,870 Jeju 42,280 Lisbon ITRW SHARES 4,040- SALE PROCEEDINGS 919658 MEMBERSHIP 35,99652,576 INTEREST 193210 TOTAL (€)66,01895,724 Note: Loan payments/repayments are not included in the income and expenditure tables

34 Expenditure (1)20042005 SALARIES 31,39134,243 BOARD MEETINGS 13,89513,224 SECRETARIAT 4,5564,771 GRANTS 12,97014,189 M’SHIP SERVICES 2,4602,142 ARCHIVE -4,918 carried forward 65,27273,487

35 Expenditure (2)20042005 brought forward 65,27273,487 STUDENTS 3,1671,000 W’SHOPS & GROUPS 3,2005,033 LIAISON & SIG -1,005 OTHER 6461,932 BANK COSTS 1,0421,014 TOTAL (€)73,32783,471

36 INCOME OVER EXPENDITURE 20042005 Income66,01895,724 Expenditure73,32783,471 Income over Expenditure -7,30912,253

37 Assets 31.12.200431.12.2005 BANK BALANCE 60,353101,609 RECEIVABLES 38,00013,000 TOTAL ASSETS (€) 98,353114,609 Liabilities & Equity PAYABLES -- EQUITY (€) 98,353114,609 For several months each year, ISCA has loans to 2 Interspeech conferences and 1 or 2 workshops outstanding. Assets >€82k are required to maintain a positive cash balance.

38 Conclusions ISCA is financially sound ISCA will continue to provide loans for Inter- speech conferences and ITRW workshops. ISCA is in a position to gradually enhance its support for grants and new initiatives Michael Wagner

39 Approval of Reports President‘s Report Treasurer‘s Report

40 Goals for 2006-7  To expand international participation in ISCA  Distinguished Lecturers program  To understand members’ needs better through surveys  To support student-centered activities  To improve current ISCA web-based services and create new ones

41 Next ISCA General Assembly INTERSPEECH 2007 Antwerp, Belgium, 27-31 August

42 Any Other Business?


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