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How Two Bioethics Networks Can Network Carolyn Ells, PhD Co-coordinator, FAB Associate Professor, Medicine, McGill University.

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1 How Two Bioethics Networks Can Network Carolyn Ells, PhD Co-coordinator, FAB Associate Professor, Medicine, McGill University

2 FAB International network to further feminist bioethics Founded in 1992 (at IAB conference) Members from >25 countries Non-for-profit, supported by members dues and contributions Non-hierarchical, consensus, inclusive

3 FAB Aims Develop feminist theories of bioethics Develop discussion & debate on bioethical issues from feminist perspectives Work towards equity for women & other vulnerable groups Be sensitive to experiences of all marginalized groups Act through scholarship & practice Develop practical solutions to health care inequities Promote meetings with and support for feminist bioethicists around the world.

4 Organizational Structure Advisory Board – 2 Co-Coordinators – 6-8 elected board members – 8 officers Other FAB roles – Congress Coordinators – Grants Coordinator – Nominating Committee Officers Treasurer Membership Secretary Country Representatives Coordinator Listserv Facilitator Liaison with IAB Website Facilitator Archivist IJFAB Editor

5 Members Academics Healthcare professionals Policy makers Grass-root activists People concerned about feminism & bioethics Dues scaled to income

6 Country Representatives Currently 25 Country Representatives Coordinate FAB-related activities in their respective countries. Announce FAB-related events, projects Encourage FAB members to participate in FAB- related activities in their country & elsewhere Country Representative Coordinator is link between Advisory Board and Country Reps.

7 Listserv Share information – e.g, calls for papers, conference announcements, courses, job opportunities Discuss issues related to feminist bioethics >300 members Moderated To Subscribe email In body of message write SUBSCRIBE FABLIST Your Name.

8 Website What is FAB, How to contact FAB, Policies, Membership info, Advisory Board, Country Reps, Conferences, Listserv, Announcements, Link to IJFAB, Publications list Bibliographies of books by FAB members (1991-2011, titles in several languages)

9 Affiliated with IAB International Association of Bioethics IAB Aims: 1.Facilitate contacts & exchange of information among people working in bioethics in different parts of the world 2.Organize international bioethics conferences 3.Encourage research & teaching in bioethics 4.Uphold the value of free, open and reasoned discussion of issues in bioethics

10 Biennial Conference FAB formed at 1992 World Bioethics Congress when no feminist issues on program WBC 1994, FAB organized 1 session Since 1996, FAB organized 2.5 day conference, joint plenary closes FAB and opens WBC Networking, Local bioethics experiences shared internationally, Country Reps reports, FAB general meeting, IJFAB editorial board meeting...

11 Biennial Conference USA 1996: First International Conference on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics Japan 1998: Globalizing Feminist Bioethics England 2000: Feminist Bioethics at the Turn of the Century: Globalizing Gender justice, Women’s Autonomy, & Human Care Brazil 2002: Gender, Power, and (In)Justice Australia 2004: Feminists Explore Public Health, Indigenous Health and the Body China 2006: Gender Justice and Women’s Rights in Healthcare Croatia 2008: Voice, Power, and Responsibility in Health Care Singapore 2010: Mobilities and Inequalities Rotterdam 2012 (June 25-27): Generations: Imagining the Future to Promote Health & Justice

12 Newsletter + Books Journal Newsletters – Mailed 1993-2004 – Online 2005-2007 4 Anthologies – 1996, 1998, 2002, 2004 IJFAB – Since 2008, 2/year

13 The International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics (IJFAB) Sponsored by FAB Forum for feminist thought & debate within bioethics Explore how gender intersects with other social determinants of privilege and discrimination Show necessity & distinctive contributions of feminist scholarship to bioethics. Sustain & expand network of feminist scholars in bioethics

14 Thematic and Open Issues Theme issues: Doing Feminist Bioethics Research Ethics Transnational Dialogues Voice, Power, and Responsibility in Health Care Feminist Disability Studies and/in Feminist Bioethics Feminist Perspectives on Ethics in Psychiatry Forthcoming: » Vulnerability » Aging » Women’s Health Care in the Arab Region?

15 Challenges for FAB Volunteer run No central office, administration Dues low to be inclusive; Little $ to be inclusive Function in English. Rarely afford translation Listserv, Website, newsletters moved many times Organizational memory easily lost Biennial conference depends on IAB Journal depends on Stonybrooke Univ, Indiana University Press (JSTOR for membership)

16 How Can Our 2 Networks Network? 1.Get to know each other Interests, goals, experiences, abilities, people 2.Communicate with each other Share, discuss 3.Joint projects Sessions at conferences IJFAB thematic issue or papers in open issue 4....?

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