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1 Implementing the Integrated Family Support Service Transforming services for complex families Phill ChickIFSS Implementation Director, WAG Matt LewisConsultant Social Worker, Newport IFSS Jay GouldingConsultant Social Worker – Merthyr & RCT IFSS Beth ReesIFSS Practitioner, Merthyr & RCT IFSS

2 “The Integrated Family Support Service is a major step towards our goal of integrating services to deliver for the needs of the whole family. It places greater accountability and shared responsibility within and across children and adult services and breaks down boundaries between local government and health to better support the family as a unit.” Integrated Family Support

3 “Substance misuse destroys families and it is often the children who bear the brunt of its consequences. If we are to break the cycle of disadvantage that blights these families…our approach must be to adapt our workforce and integrate our services so that parents are given the support to care for their children and also better care for themselves.” Integrated Family Support

4 “Our aim through the IFSS is to keep the family together by empowering them to take positive steps to change and improve their lives and this can only be good for our society. “ Gwenda Thomas AM National Launch event 15th September 2010 Integrated Family Support

5 Statutory platform Evidence based Integrated three dimensional approach Requires professional and organisational change Accredited IFSS training Highly strategic approach to establishment Strengths based-motivational approach Outward looking- embedded within the service system Adds capacity and builds & draws on the family’s capacity to change Why is it different?

6 A ‘One Wales’ Commitment “We will seek further powers to legislate in the fields of vulnerable children, looked-after children and child poverty.” Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 Regulations and Statutory Guidance 2010 Statutory Platform

7 Learning from Pioneers in operation Training the wider workforce through accredited IFSS training Learning from National & Local evaluation Workforce development Wider Health & Social Care engagement and dissemination of findings Expansion within Pioneer Areas i.e Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Learning Difficulties Pan-Wales roll out from 2013 onwards The Future : Learning and Expansion

8 The model in operation Transforming services for complex families

9 A child protection and substance misuse crisis intervention service. We work with families where there are serious child protection concerns related to parental substance misuse. Integrated Family Support

10 Our Aim We aim to create a positive change in the way families function enabling children to: Remain home safely Return home safely Or develop an alternative plan

11 We can’t tell if it’s hopeless -We don’t know which families will be successful until we try. Families are our partners -We share resources and accept families as experts in problem solving on their own situation. It is our job to motivate families and instil hope -We work to instil by building on strengths, people do not resolve problems by drawing on their deficits. Underpinning Principles

12 Evidence-based Practice Bringing together some intensively researched & well evidenced interventions of proven efficacy to focus on the families values, beliefs & highlight their strengths & resources: Crisis Theory Motivational Interviewing Solution Focused Brief Therapy Systems Theory Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

13 Referral Criteria One or both parents/carers have a dependence upon drugs or alcohol and as a result of their substance misuse; Children are in need in of protection, at risk of accommodation or Looked after children who cannot return home. Expectant parents where one or both parents has a substance misuse problem that is likely to give rise to the child being in need of protection The family must be at a point of crisis The family must know a referral is being made

14 Inappropriate Referral Family does not feel the urgent need to make changes (no sense of crisis) There is no real threat of accommodation or C.P. registration We do not feel the children can be made safe during the intervention

15 IFS Model: Practice Initial meeting/consultation with S.W. Phase 1: 4 – 6 week crisis led intervention Phase 2: Family plan Follow up 1, 3 6, 12month intervals 24/7 family friendly timescales Transparency Establishing safety Delivering the IFSI Planning the next phase Address practical problems and barriers

16 Goal setting and measurement Phase one Explore & reflect values & beliefs  enabling families to clarify what they want & how this might conflict with current behaviour Explore & reflect strengths & skills  building on hope, confidence & motivation to make changes Set clear & measurable goals  provision of expected outcomes with measurable behaviour change

17 The Kinds of Goals Set Phase 1 Managing children’s behaviour Communicating with a partner Stopping/controlling drink/drug use Planning school return Learning new parenting skills Establishing routines Managing adult behaviour Improving home environment Building healthy relationships

18 Maintaining Change PHASE 2 The Family Plan Multi agency planning meeting Held at end of intensive phase 1 Detailed report shared with the family & the referrer Family plan for phase 2 Shared multi agency plan to maintain progress Follow up at 1,3,6, and 12 months Booster Sessions

19 Maintained Change The average progress of families passing through the Option 2 intervention in Cardiff & The Vale between inception in May 2000 – March 2010 Families maintain positive progress in relation to their goals throughout the year after our intervention

20 Consultation in the IFSS A Resource for practitioners Reflective time Ongoing support Sign posting Information

21 Champions of IFSS Belief in a new way of working Support Disseminate to colleagues Joined up working

22 Champions of IFSS What we can offer… Accredited training Secondments to IFST Shared learning Practice in action

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