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A Better Start A Better Future for the Children of Blackpool.

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1 A Better Start A Better Future for the Children of Blackpool

2 “Our pledge… …is to make a generational shift, ensuring today’s babies enjoy the early care and nurture they need for healthy development and to be ready for school. And that in turn, as they grow up and become parents themselves, they will pass on the Better Start legacy to the next generation”

3 A developmental approach Social & Emotional Development Communication & Language Diet & Nutrition Key Developmental Outcome 1: Healthy gestation and birth Key Developmental Outcome 1: Healthy gestation and birth Key Developmental Outcome 2: Readiness for school Key Developmental Outcome 2: Readiness for school

4 Framework for action Reducing critical pressures and barriers (tackling risk) Empowering parents and communities (building capabilities) Drugs and alcohol Mental ill-health Relationships and domestic abuse Isolation Parenting (knowledge and skills) Parent-child relationship (attachment) Self-efficacy Social cohesion Underpinned by policy and intervention on physical space, housing, jobs, poverty, transport

5 Our distinctive approach 2. Evidence Based Intervention Change for those with additional needs 1. Public Health Change for a population 4. Centre for Early Child Development Building and sharing learning 3. Reframing & System Transformation Building shared understanding and shared action

6 1. Public health – change for a population Universal Partnership Plus Universal Plus Universal Community OUR APPROACH: Focus on needs of the whole population Changing social context and social norms Shifting the curve; and bringing the tail Universal health promotion resources Series of focussed campaigns

7 2. Evidence based intervention Universal Partnership Plus Universal Plus Universal Community Intervention at Universal Partnership Plus level Family Nurse Partnership Parents Under Pressure Parent-Infant Psychotherapy Safecare Survivor Mums* Domestic Abuse* Pre-birth risk assessment* Alcohol in pregnancy Intervention at Universal Plus level Baby Steps Video Interaction Guidance Hanen & REAL Triple P for toddlers Early Learning with Families Intervention at Universal level Health Promotion resources and 4 new public health campaigns Maternity and Community Health Children’s Centres Community programmes Beach School Food Dudes FNP graduate mentors Safe space and play fund

8 3. Systems transformation: engaging families and communities KEY CHALLENGES: Our parents say they want to be more in control Many families are poorly connected to their communities Service access is often poor and trust is low Parents want safe space to meet Parents want more say in the design and delivery of services OUR APPROACH: Real projects with budgets and impact Targeting known weaknesses Delivering pledges on service accessibility Community champions FNP Mentoring service Real power to ‘Community Voice’

9 3. Systems transformation: workforce development KEY CHALLENGES: Professionals want tools and approaches for better engaging families They want access to evidence based methods of practice and opportunities for sharing learning Some practitioners need specialist training in evidence based programmes There are opportunities for increasing multi-agency working Professionals want more opportunities for reflective practice and to build their confidence in decision making OUR APPROACH: ‘Frameworks’ approach – continuous development Better Start Workforce Development Group Core values, competency framework and skills audit ‘Core’ training programme Specialist training for specific professionals Specialist training in evidence based programmes Video Enhanced Reflective Practice

10 3. Systems transformation: investment, leadership and accountability KEY CHALLENGES: Early intervention and prevention require a long-term and sustained commitment There is a need to redirect investment towards early years interventions and prevention Competing priorities and policy silos can hinder integrated working We need to ensure commissioning decisions are made on the basis of ‘what works’ as well as ensuring good value for money We need to ensure the local people have real power and influence over decision making OUR APPROACH: £30m of local investment Creation of the ‘Bank of Blackpool’ Integrated commissioning framework Effective and inclusive governance The ‘Better Start Policy Test’ Clear Accountability

11 4. Blackpool Centre for Early Child Development

12 Our ambition for change Focus Better Start funding on identified wards Use leveraged funding to improve the lives of babies across the town Research and development in the Centre to tell us what works and what might be replicated in other areas. Work with the NSPCC and others to share learning and allow more families to benefit from Blackpool Better Start.

13 Reflections on our learning Never underestimate parents’ ambition to 'make things better‘ No hidden agendas – parents have been honest and transparent When communities come together with professionals, the experience can break down boundaries and what results is a shared vision and drive which will not easily be broken. Relationships are key - really understanding where each org is coming from; what matters to individuals; letting different people lead at different times. Shared problem solving as a way to build collective understanding and common purpose - which may mean putting your own organisational priority to one side. Hearing difficult messages - we've all had to do it at different times. Focus on doing the key things really well

14 Hopes and fears

15 Hopes and fears for the future Fears Changes in public services will disrupt the current alignment of local policies and agendas to Better Start. The huge financial pressure on public services Hopes Transformational change – across whole workforce That the impact is seen for 10, 20, 30+ years. Our children will be proud of where they come from...they will succeed in school…. and those who go on to University and want to come back That the Better Start legacy is passed on to the next generation That this will not only change the way we work with 0-3s but it will change/challenge the way we deliver ALL services That we can help other places learn from our experience and that Better Start will be replicated elsewhere

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