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Common Assessment/ Lead Professional Kate Hallam Project Worker.

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1 Common Assessment/ Lead Professional Kate Hallam Project Worker

2 Integrated Working Integrated Processes and Tools Lead Professional Service Directory Information Sharing Guidance Information Sharing Index Common Assessment Framework Children Missing Education Integrated Front-Line Service Delivery Childrens Centres Integrated Youth Support Childrens health NSF Extended Schools Safeguarding Youth crime Reduction Multi- agency toolkit Improved outcomes: Be Healthy Stay safe Enjoy and achieve Make a positive contribution Achieve economic well-being

3 Benefits Earlier, holistic identification of needs Earlier, more effective intervention Improved information sharing across agencies Better service experience for children and families Better outcomes will be secured by services working together more effectively on the front-line to meet the needs of children, young people and their families.

4 Key aims and principles of the CAF A standard national approach Assessment to support earlier intervention A process supported by a standard form Holistic CAF cannot guarantee service provision Empowering and a joint process Simple and practical Focuses on needs and strengths Improve joint working and communication Rationalise assessments Support the sharing of information Support better referrals, where appropriate PrinciplesAims

5 CAF/Lead Professional: Derby Model

6 CAF Champions Nominated from the Exec Partnership Bi Monthly meeting Functions Identify critical staff To embed the process

7 CAF/LP Training DfES Training Material Multi Agency Training - 750 Briefing Sessions Training Pool

8 Vision and functions of lead professional Core Functions Vision: All children and young people with additional needs who require support from more than one practitioner should experience a seamless and effective service in which one practitioner takes a lead role to ensure that services are co-ordinated, coherent and achieving intended outcomes Reduce overlap and inconsistency in the services received Act as a single point of contact for the child or family Co-ordinate the delivery of actions agreed by the practitioners involved

9 Lead Professional Trailblazer Osmaston/Allenton SureStart Childrens Centre Time limited 05 – 06 Toolkit developed Training and development to support the role Positive external evaluation Co-ordinators/managers group LP Network group

10 Training course for parents 8 courses delivered OCN accredited 50 parents Facilitator training Citywide roll out Lancaster Evaluation

11 This report has shown how the Child Protection course for parents manages to successfully create a new common language of support in which families and professionals can be equal partners to help meeting childrens needs Antoinette Pas Lancaster University 2006

12 Key Issues Staff Support. Networks, Supervision Capacity and workload issues Deputy Lead Professional- Statutory function Clear lines of accountability Training Managers Practitioners

13 TASK The Potential Impact Group Discussion

14 Parent and practitioner quotes Information is passed to me quickly and meetings have been well attended If I need her she always rings back and explains, she makes it understandable and is always honest Doing the CAF focused the problems and made them easier to address Instead of being passed around we have got one central person We work as a team, everyone knows what everyone elses role is.Communication is good

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