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The Malcam Charitable Trust Making the Difference.

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1 The Malcam Charitable Trust Making the Difference

2 Youth Service Corps Conservation Corps Logan Park Academy Choice initiative 4Trades Apprenticeship initiative Youth First Rangatahi Tuatahi







9 OUTCOMES 80% Plus to further work or education Instil a ‘work ethic’ Instil ‘self belief and confidence’ Add to life skills Instil awareness of consequences of ‘at risk’ lifestyles.

10 4Trades

11 An underskilled nation? Skill shortages historically high Unemployment historically low Staff recruiting difficulties @ 25yr high 74% building firms report chronic skill shortages 69% vehicle repair firms report same 58% engineering firms report same Source; Sunday Times/Dept Labour. 21 Mar 2004.

12 Apprenticeship Decline Compliance Costs – $3,500 pa plus Red Tape – OSH,ACC,IRD,ITO’s Commitment to supply work Commitment to teach & mentor ITO difficulties Just too bloody hard!

13 The 4Trades initiative A MTFFJ & W&I initiative 4Trades employs the apprentice The apprentice ‘loaned’ to a host to Train 4Trades takes over ACC, OSH, ITO, IRD Compliance costs A negotiated fee charged to the host

14 4Trades today 23 Apprentices Employed Trades include; Plumbing, Painting, Horticulture,Joinery, Building, Upholstery, Glazing. Hosts include; DCC Botanic Gardens, Otago University, Aburns glass, Gasco, Joinery Specialists,Big River Homes Balclutha to Timaru


16 Earn as you learn NZ Average $38,000 Doctor$45-90k Lawyer$42k Electrician$43k Plumber$35-45k Builder$45-$55k Mechanic$45 - 105 Source: NZ Listener

17 Student Loan Debt NZ Average $38,000 Doctor$45-90k 50-100k Lawyer$42k 40-80k Electrician$43k nil Plumber$35-45k nil Builder$45-$55k nil Mechanic$45-$105 nil

18 Apprenticeship reality Over 40 different ITO structures = different quality standards & structures Emphasis on distance learning & assessment has BIG pitfalls Modern Apprenticeship system better but… Co-ordinators per apprentice issues

19 Apprenticeship Reality #2 TEC Funds ‘MA’ Co-ordinators per Apprentice – a number; not a quality driven incentive TEC “ratio should not exceed 1:50” (but not a performance measure in contracts.) Reality; Industry A ; 1 : 400 plus Industry B; 1 : 250 Believe average exceeds 1:50 4Trades 1:12 & Not TEC funded.

20 “4Trades organizes all the block courses and takes all the extra organisation away from us, keeps track of his learning and skills and also takes on the risk factor if work dries up tomorrow……… it’s GOOD!” Neil Rutherford Step Up Joinery

21 Apprenticeship Reality #3 Over 70% apprenticeships fail in the first 3 months. ( Source W & I.) Work Trials ! Partnership required Mentoring required Advocacy required 4Trades meets these needs

22 Apprenticeship Reality #3 Skill shortage will hold back economic growth Importation of Skills one option Commitment to training another

23 The Future NZ needs more apprentices Councils should take a lead role ( e.g. DCC Gardens initiative.)

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