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Retail Meat ITO Acting Chief Executive Martin Eadie 2011 Retail Meat New Zealand Conference.

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1 Retail Meat ITO Acting Chief Executive Martin Eadie 2011 Retail Meat New Zealand Conference

2 Retail Meat ITO Presentation 1.Training investment partners 2.Apprentice statistics 3.New training model 4.What’s next? 5.How can you help the Retail Meat ITO?

3 Retail Meat Industry Training Investment Cash invested by 200920102011 Government$590,000$490,000 Planned $580,000 Industry$350,000$310,000 Planned $340,000 Total$940,000$800,000 Planned $920,000

4 Two Investment Partners Retail Meat ITO Government – Tertiary Education Commission $ Skilled and qualified staff In Retail Meat Industry Industry – employers & employees $

5 Government Wants Improved Training Outcomes Government removed $55 million from industry training in 2011 Partly because $100 million was sitting in the reserves of 38 ITOs Partly because industry cash contribution has been decreasing – now around 25% on total investment And partly because of poor training outcomes - average completion rate in 2009 for all ITOs was 45% And …… government wants fewer ITOs to improve efficiency – currently there are 38 ITOs

6 Retail Meat ITO Performance Retail Meat ITO had a 56% completion rate (7 th best across all ITO) Retail Meat ITO 2009&2010 average completion rate was 85% 38% industry cash contribution 2009 Has appropriate cash reserves - $0.5 million Very good performance but …… government wants fewer ITOs to improve efficiency

7 Apprentice Statistics

8 New Training Model Key features: Apprentices receive a learning booklet and an assessment booklet for every topic The apprentice’s employer receives a Training Plan which helps guide them with the on-job training and assessment All apprentices complete online literacy & numeracy assessment 2 day block course each year

9 New Training Model Key features (Contd) Every apprentice is allocated a Training Advisor 3 to 4 workplace visits a year by Training Advisor Every 3 months the employer and apprentice will receive a report on the trainee’s progress and achievements The employer and the Retail Meat ITO Training Advisor sign off the apprentice’s performance

10 Retail Meat ITO Training Advisors Gerry Hogan, Upper North Island Tui Bradbrook, Lower North Island Corey Winder, South Island Training Coordinator Reuben Berghan



13 What’s Next? Training and assessment resources are being developed for modules 2 & 3 (to be completed by August 2011) Retail Meat Qualifications Advisory Group being established in April to monitor and review progress with new training model Setting up Modern Apprenticeship programme for 2012 – provides additional government funding to provide extra support to employers for young Retail Meat apprentices

14 What’s Next (contd) Retail Meat ITO seeking re-recognition as ITO - by 31 August 2011

15 What can you do - if you want to support your ITO? If you are considering signing up an apprentice this year – then the earlier the better - we need to rebuild apprentice numbers over next 2 months to around 400 We will need to collect evidence of industry support over next month – please respond to our letters/email seeking statements of support And ……. tell us what we can do better

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