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Symbol: Cross Followers: Christians Adherents: 33.4% of the world population.

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2 Symbol: Cross Followers: Christians Adherents: 33.4% of the world population

3 Lent – 40 days prior to Easter – rededication to God. Easter – Resurrection of Christ. Advent – 4 weeks prior to Christmas – preparation for coming of Christ. Christmas – birth of Christ Observance Days:

4 God of Abraham - Yahweh Monotheism - 1 God Covenant between God and Abraham - descendants would be the chosen people through Isaac (Hebrews). Trinity - God in 3 parts: God - the Father God the Son - Jesus Christ God the Holy Spirit - God’s Presence

5 Bible - No sacred language Old Testament - History of the Hebrews, law, prophets, and psalms New Testament - 4 Gospels - stories of Jesus. Letters and stories about early Christians

6 10 Commandments Jesus is human and divine Trinity Resurrection Heaven and Hell

7 Goal - Salvation (Eternal life with God) Jerusalem is a holy city – City of David. Where Jesus was crucified & buried.

8 2 Sacraments: 1. Baptism – Remembrance of Jesus’ blessing in the River Jordan. 2. Communion - Last Supper of Christ - Body and Blood of Christ - bread and wine Some sects have 7 sacraments (Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Priesthood, Marriage, Confession, and Last Rites) Tithing - giving Evangelism - declaration of faith Prayer Repentance - Ask forgiveness for sins.

9 Building - Church Service is on Sunday Leader - Ordained (trained) ministry Service includes: prayer, Bible readings, sermon, Sacraments, and creed

10 Roman Catholic Protestant Orthodox


12 Symbol: Crescent Moon & Star Followers: Muslims Adherents - 17.7% of the world population

13 Eid Al-Fitr – Holy feast to end Ramadan Eid Al-Adha – Festival of Sacrifice - End of the Hajj. Commemorates Abraham’s loyalty to God Birth of the Prophet – commemorates Muhammad’s birth. Ramadan – time of rededication to Islam Hajj – pilgrimage to Mecca. Observance Days:

14 God of Abraham - Allah Monotheism - 1 God Covenant between God and Abraham - descendants would be the chosen people through Ishmael (Arabs)

15 Koran (Qur’an) - Arabic is the sacred language Includes history of the Hebrews, laws, prophets, and Jesus' life Outlines the goal of Islam - Reward of Salvation Hallal - Allowed acts Haram - Forbidden acts

16 Angel Gabriel dictated Koran to Muhammad Moses and Jesus are prophets, but Muhammad is the FINAL prophet. Heaven and Hell Lead a moral life as taught by Muhammad

17 Goal - Reach Salvation Jerusalem is a Holy City - where Muhammad ascended to Heaven. City of Prophets

18 5 Pillars of Islam 1. Public declaration of faith 2. Pray 5 times a day facing Mecca 3. Giving of alms 4. Fasting during Ramadan - no food, drink, or sex from sun up to sun down 5. Hajj - Pilgrimage to Mecca (site of the Ka’ba) Dietary laws - no pork or alcohol

19 Kabah cornerstone. Given to Abraham by God. The door to the Kabah The Kabah at Makkah - believed to have been built by Adam and then Abraham. Makkah - only people who practice Islam are allowed inside. Heraa Cave where Gabriel came to Muhammad

20 Building - Mosque (Masjid) Service is Friday Noon Leader - Imam (prayer leader). A good person of character and religious knowledge Service includes sermon, Koran readings, and prayer

21 Sunni - 90% Shi’i or Shi’a - 10% Differ over leadership. Sunnis believe succession through Caliphs(Custom of all Muslims) Shiite believe leaders must come from the 12 perfect teachers.

22 Symbol: Star of David Followers: Jews Adherents -. 3% of the world population

23 Rosh Hashanah – New Year Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement Sukkot – Biblical pilgrimage Hanukkah – Festival of lights (rededication of the Temple) Pesach - Passover Shavuot – Commemorates the day God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses Observance Days:

24 God of Abraham - Adonai Monotheism - 1 God Covenant between God and Abraham - descendants would be the chosen people through Isaac - (Hebrews)

25 TeNaKh - Hebrew is sacred Language T - Torah - God’s Law - Stories about Hebrews and laws N - Nevi’im - History of Hebrew prophets K - Ketuvim - Writings and Psalms Given to Moses

26 613 Commandments (many dietary laws) Chosen People - given Canaan Holy Day - Shabbat Talmud - God’s teachings are continuing revelation (oral tradition) - can change over time.

27 Goal - to live a good (moral) life and to carry on Jewish Traditions Jerusalem is Holy City - Remains of the Temple - Wailing / Western Wall. City of Prophets.

28 Kashrut - Laws about being Kosher - No shellfish, No pork, and also No dairy and red meat prepared together. Shabbat - Friday night. Eat Challah (bread) and drink wine. Fasting during Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) - Sorry for bad deeds. Males are circumcised (usually on the 8th day) No work on the Sabbath Day

29 Shabbat meal of Challah and wine. Time of prayer and family The Wailing Wall - Western Wall of the Temple Mount - Solomon’s Temple

30 Building - Synagogue Service - Friday night and Saturday morning Leader - Rabbi (Teacher) Torah Scholar, but can have other jobs. Service includes - Torah readings, a sermon, and prayer

31 Orthodox Conservative Reformed (Differ over varying degrees of Kashrut)

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