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L-13 Part III Pre-reform Russia (4) 6. Nationalities.

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1 L-13 Part III Pre-reform Russia (4) 6. Nationalities

2 A. Themes 1.Age of nationalism & revolution 2.Ethnicity and religion intertwined 3.Territorial expansion, growing menace 4.Regime hypersensitivity 5.Mixed policy: targeted intervention

3 Russian Territorial Expansion, 1801-15

4 B. Congress Poland 1.Kingdom of Poland: creation and expectations 2.Constitution of 1815 3.Problems 4.1830-31 Rebellion 5.Repression

5 Congress Poland

6 Polish Uprising 1830-1

7 Warsaw: Seizing the Arsenal

8 Warsaw: Crowds Overrun the Prison (1830)

9 Battle of Grochow 5 February 1831

10 C. Ukraine 1.Eighteenth-century background 2.Religious question 3.Ukrainian nationalism

11 Taras Shevchenko, “Tale of the Gypsy” (1841)

12 Taras Shevchenko: Self-Portrait as Soldier (1847)

13 Taras Shevchenko, “Self-Portrait” 1861

14 1911 Shevchenko Postcard: “Don’t Forget our Country, Ukraine!”

15 D. Jews 1.Eighteenth-century background 2.Pale of Settlement 3.Nikolaevan: integration

16 Pale of Settlement

17 Popular Print of Jewish Seder Mid-19 th Century

18 Jewish Travel Permit (1850)

19 E. Baltics 1.Eighteenth-century background 2.Serf emancipation in the Baltics, 1816-19 3.Conversion crisis of 1840s

20 F. Finland 1.18 th Century Background 2.Annexation and autonomy 3.Rise of Finnish nationalism

21 Alexander I at the Diet of Porvoo (1809)

22 Alexander I: Pledge on Finnish Autonomy (in Finnish) 1809

23 Lonnrot: Finnish National Leader

24 Snellman: Finnish National Leader

25 H. Caucasus 1.18 th Century Background 2.Georgia: Administrative russification 3.Pacification and resistance


27 Russian-Georgian Military Road

28 General Aleksei Petrovich Ermolov

29 Military Conflict in the Caucasus

30 Imam Shamil Caucasus Rebel Leader

31 Capture of Shamil (1859)

32 Medal for Victory in Caucasus and Daghestan (1859)

33 I. Central Asia 1.Eighteenth-century background 2.Regional turmoil

34 Russia and Central Asia

35 Model for Mosque construction 1844

36 J. Conclusions 1.Perils of expansion: new territories but also new ethnic, religious groups 2.Multinational: Growing complexity and danger of nationality question 3.Multiconfessional: role of religion 4.Regime: supra-cultural, but administratively invasive

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