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Jenn McAninch, Cassandra MacDonald, Adam Bushert, Adam Anger.

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1 Jenn McAninch, Cassandra MacDonald, Adam Bushert, Adam Anger

2  Provide customer’s with quality shoes for reasonable prices  Create incentive to buy through high retailer support and rebates  Increase revenues and meet our investor’s expectations









11 YearEarnings Per Share Return On Equity (ROE) Credit RatingImage Rating Stock Price Targets Year 175.3417.8A+5880.96 Year 184.0010.5A62 Year 194.3011A64

12 Our beginning strategy Our ending strategy

13  Originally, we pursued a lower cost, medium quality strategy in all geographic regions  Exited the private label market when we found we could no longer compete with falling shoe prices  Focused on selling only branded footwear

14  Did not expand production facilities  Utilized plant upgrade options in beginning years to reduce reject rates, improve productivity, and increase S/Q rating  Keep reject rates low/average  Run plants at full capacity (120%)

15  Focused on keeping $ per pair produced low, and productivity high  Labour Cost per Pair  Average investment in TQM/6 Sigma  Total Compensation for workers was average overall N.ALowAverageHighCo. F Year Year 174.495.095.814.55

16  Never acquired unnecessary debt ex; Loans  Maintained solid credit rating ex; Maintained our initial production facilities (in turn not acquiring bad debt and increasing our credit rating)  Repurchased stocks; in order to increase Stock Price, ROE & EPS

17  Continue with High Rebates and Retailer Support  Strive to increase Image Rating by raising S/Q, TQM, Corporate Citizenship

18  Companies Cuddyz & E Athletaworx; Purple: E Athletaworx Green: Cuddyz Red: Footwear INC.


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