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Satchel Paige Day 3.

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1 Satchel Paige Day 3

2 How do we face personal challenges?
Concept talk How do we face personal challenges?

3 Concept talk Lets add the word ambition to our concept map under important traits. Lets add the word strive under how people overcome challenges. What did they strive for? Strive for change Strive to improve

4 Amazing Words vigor- someone with vigor has a lot of physical and mental energy Yesterday we learned that Satchel Paige had real vigor, going from town to town and playing game after game. devotion- a strong feeling or loyalty and affection My parents show their devotion toward me in the way that they take care of me.

5 Teach your partners what the amazing words mean

6 Let’s Read Find two facts on page Share with your partner. Dates and numbers are often clues that a statement is a fact. Let’s read the story…

7 Vocabulary Confidence- firm belief in yourself
Fastball- a pitch thrown at high speed with very little curve Teach your partner what these words mean.

8 Vocabulary Mocking- describes something done in a way that laughs at or makes fun of someone Outfield-part of the baseball field beyond the bases Teach your partner what these words mean

9 Vocabulary Unique- something that is only one of a kind or is rare or remarkable Weakness- a weak point or slight fault Windup- a swinging movement of the arms while twisting the body just before pitching the ball Teach your partner what these words mean.

10 Conventions Combine these phrases: I wore my Cubs hat I carried a pennant (and) Fans rose to their feet The team took the field (when)

11 Spelling Adding –ed, -ing Add –ing to get Spell it: Getting
Add –ed to decide Spell it: Decided Add –ed to stop Spell it: stopped

12 Lets take a look at our Daily Fix it

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