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Satchel Paige A biography is a selection about a real person's life that is written by another person.

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1 Satchel Paige A biography is a selection about a real person's life that is written by another person.

2 Satchel Paige Satchel Paige was one of the greatest baseball
pitchers that ever lived. Because baseball was segregated, he played in the Negro Leagues. Paige liked traveling the country almost as much as he liked baseball. He could strikeout the best hitters with his crazy pitches and long legged wind-up. Even when he settled down and started a family, he could not keep away from his first love—baseball.

3 Sequence Sequence is the order that events happen in a selection. When you read, think about what comes first, next, and last. Several events can occur at the same time. Words such as meanwhile and during give clues that two events are happening at the same time. You can remember sequence by making a time line.

4 Strategy: Ask Questions
Good readers ask themselves good questions about important information, such as the sequence of events. Asking questions before you read helps you connect what you will read to what you already know. Asking questions as you read helps you understand what you are reading. Asking questions after you read helps you remember important information.

5 Vocabulary: Context Clues
When you read, you may come to a word you do not know. You may find a clue about the word’s meaning in the words near the unknown word. For example, you may find an antonym, or a word with the opposite meaning of the unknown word. You can use the antonym to figure out the unknown word’s meaning.

6 Words to Know confidence firm belief in yourself; self-confidence
fastball a pitch thrown at high speed with very little curve mocking laughing at; making fun of outfield the three players in the outfield of a baseball field

7 Words to Know unique having no like or equal; being
the only one of its kind weakness a weak point; slight fault windup a swinging movement of the arms while twisting the body just before pitching the ball

8 Guided Reading Questions
Did Leroy Paige get the nickname "Satchel" after he became a ball player? Explain. In 1923, baseball was a segregated sport. An antonym for segregated is integrated. What does integrated mean? The author talks about Satchel's grin. What is she trying to tell you about him?

9 Guided Reading Questions
Use context clues to determine the meaning of the word squint on p. 98. What was the effect of having large crowds at the games? What would be the effect if fewer fans came? Compare a player's life in the Negro Leagues to a player's life in the Major Leagues.

10 Guided Reading Questions
Have students use context clues to determine the meaning of on the road on p. 101. What context clues could you use to determine the meaning of comforts on p. 102? What caused Satchel to get married and start a family?

11 Guided Reading Questions
What questions could you ask to determine the sequence of events so far in the selection? Explain how Satchel raised the stakes toward the end of the big game. Which of these events from the World Series took place first: Josh Gibson came up to bat or Satchel walked two players?

12 Guided Reading Questions
On p. 106, in describing Satchel's final pitch to Josh, the author says he "exhaled the breath he'd been holding since the windup." What is an antonym for exhaled? Have students identify a time when they or someone they know "raised the stakes" like Satchel did with Josh. Ask them to describe the situation and results.

13 Daily Fix-It Wich sport do you like best. I love baseball but Im not a good baseball player.

14 Daily Fix-It For years black player were denyed the right to play in the white major leagues. The league beginned admiting them in 1947.

15 Daily Fix-It Jackie Robinson becomed the first African American player in the white major leagues. His many talents showed that him was more than qualifid.

16 Daily Fix-It Nobody culd hit you're curve ball. Touch the runer with the ball and tag she out.

17 Daily Fix-It The Umpire said that pitch was an strike. After we play a game Dan and me ride our bikes home.

18 Resources (Please review before sharing with your class.)
Negro League Baseball Museum Negro League Museum Lesson Plan Black Diamond National Baseball Hall of Fame Satchel Paige

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