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Write with me What do I need to teach? How do I teach it? What can I use?

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2 Write with me What do I need to teach? How do I teach it? What can I use?

3 6+1 writing traits Ideas Organization Voice Word choice Sentence fluency Conventions presentations

4 Ideas Select a topic or idea Narrow the idea Develop the ideas Add details and examples to the ideas

5 Teaching the idea trait Show examples from literature Have the students describe objects Use poetry Write like a good movie on paper

6 organization Develop a beginning or lead and an ending Decide on the organizational structure compare/contrast sequence main idea/detail Use transitions

7 Teaching the organizational trait Read leads from books and have the students guess who the author is Play a game by scrambling a text and having the students put the text in the correct order Give examples of leads and rate them Review transition words

8 voice Show individuality, perspective, and expression in your writing Let your writing sound like you Be sensitive to the audience Show enthusiasm for the topic Show confidence in your writing

9 Teaching the voice trait Read passages from stories, poetry, advertisements, brochures and posters Use literature books Read greeting cards and try and guess the type of message Write letters

10 Word choice Use interesting words in your writing Make sure the reader knows what your words mean Use colorful words and phrases Make sure the writing sounds authentic

11 Teaching the word choice trait Encourage the use of strong verbs. Start a verb wall for the students Review adjectives using a mystery box or describe how an object in a bag feels Use advertisements to identify adjectives Keep a word journal

12 Sentence fluency Make sure your sentences make sense Begin your sentences in different ways Vary the length of your sentences

13 Teaching sentence fluency Manipulate and rewrite sentences in a variety of ways Count the number of words in each sentence Read aloud examples from literature Discuss rhyme and rhythm Combine choppy sentences

14 conventions Make sure you have capitals Make sure you have punctuation Correct grammar and usage Correct spelling

15 Teaching the convention trait Use checklists for capitals and punctuation Read literature that uses different forms of punctuation Teach dictionary and thesaurus use

16 presentation Take a look at how your paper looks Make sure you leave spaces Make sure you used good handwriting Make sure you have some text features Make sure you work is neat

17 Teaching the presentation trait Use checklists Peer correction Give examples of different types of work and have the students discuss how to improve the writing

18 Let your writing show the type of great person you are! Use writing as a tool Enjoy writing, it is a lot of fun Let writing take you places Learn from your writing and others writing Writing is what you make of it! Have fun with it!!

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